What’s inside the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit?

The Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit is the perfect gift for any budding maker, coder, or Raspberry Pi fanatic. Get yours today from Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers across the globe, and the Raspberry Pi Store, Cambridge.

What’s inside?

The Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit includes all you need to hook up your Raspberry Pi to an HDMI monitor or TV and get started.

Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit

Raspberry Pi 4 4GB

Released earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest development from the Raspberry Pi team. Available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB variants, the Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit is powerful enough to replace your humble desktop computer.

Official Raspberry Pi keyboard

Snazzy Raspberry Pi keyboard

Designed with Raspberry Pi users in mind, the new official keyboard is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Available in various language layouts, the keyboard also contains a USB hub, allowing for better cable management on the go.

Official Raspberry Pi mouse

Natty Raspberry Pi mouse

Light-weight and comfortable to use, the official mouse is the perfect pairing for our keyboard.

Official Raspberry Pi case

Or this side?

Protect your Raspberry Pi from dust and tea spills with the newly-designed Raspberry Pi 4 case. How did we design it? Find out more here.

Official Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide

Updated for the new Raspberry Pi 4, our Official Beginners Guide contains all the information needed to get up and running with your new computer and provides several projects to introduce you to the world of coding. It’s great, but don’t take our word for it; Wired said “The beginners guide that comes with the Desktop Kit is the nicest documentation I’ve seen with any hardware, possibly ever. ”

Official Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Adapter

We’ve updated the Raspberry Pis power supply to USB-C, allowing your new computer to receive all the juice it needs to run while supporting add-ons like HATs and other components.

16GB micro SD Card with NOOBS

Plugin and get started. With the NOOBS pre-loaded on a micro SD card, you can get up and running straight away, without the need to spend time installing your OS.

2x Raspberry Pi Micro HDMI leads

Two?! The Raspberry Pi 4 includes two micro HDMI connectors, which means you can run two monitors from one device.

The immense feeling of joy that you’re making a difference in the world

We’re a charity. 100% of the profit we make when you purchase official Raspberry Pi products goes to support the work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and its mission to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. Thank you!

Get your Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit

To find your nearest Raspberry Pi Approved reseller, visit our products page or the Raspberry Pi Store, Cambridge. We’re constantly working with new suppliers to ensure more availability of Raspberry Pi products across the world.

BONUS: Un-unboxing video for Christmas



ukscone avatar

the colour of the sd card adapter for the noobs microsd sort of irks me. surely you’ve sold enough of them that you’d got the buying power to force a manufacturer to make them in Pi brand colours of white&red

Chris avatar

This is just about the silliest request I’ve heard. You will spend next to no time looking at that card since it will ideally be inside your pi. It makes sense to retain the contrast for the bit that *does* stick out anyhow, since it allows you to easily identify if the card is seated properly during projects.

And really, complaining about the color of a memory card on a system you’ve clearly bought previous generations of? A) Why haven’t *you* gotten your own matching card and B) Why are you still using NOOBS?

I smell a troll.

nope avatar

chill cuh

Peter avatar

Received my Raspberry Pi 4 (2 of them) here in the USA with the kit accessories in black. very pleased with the quality of everything. the Microsofts, Apples, Googles and Amazons of the world should just be throwing money at you guys. you are doing what they do not have the will to do!

Eben Upton avatar

Thanks! Really glad you like it. Even once we had Raspberry Pi 4, lots of things (peripheral sourcing, injection moulding, publishing) had to come together to make the kit.

scruss avatar

I got one of the 4GB kits when they were about the only way to get a Raspberry Pi 4. It’s really nice!

The keyboard is pleasingly compact while still having a decent feel and the extra USB ports on the back are very handy. The mouse is incredible. I like it so much that it’s my daily driver mouse on my main desktop machine. I’m really picky about mice, and this one’s just about perfect.

In a complete kit with everything you need except the TV, it really feels like unboxing a home computer back in the 1980s. Well done!

Eben Upton avatar

Thanks. Definitely agree on the mouse – they’re pretty much ubiquitous on Windows PCs in the Raspberry Pi office now.

Mike Wong avatar

Nice kit to start it off, now my most expensive accessory is a 4K monitor ?

Tiago avatar

Nice! It would be a wonderful gift for my 7y old daughter. Any option to ship it to Brazil?

Eben Upton avatar

Maybe try one of the UK resellers (Pi Hut or Pimoroni). They are often able to ship internationally.

solar3000 avatar

Occupy Mars?

Eben Upton avatar

Beats Wall St, right?

Mulder avatar

It’s a great kit, I bought one for my son’s school projects.

Watch out however with removing the PI from the official case: REMOVE THE SD CARD FIRST!. My son accidentally broke the SD card socket on the PI, as the sd card blocks removing the PI from the case.

We now have to find out to repair this. Melting glue does not work, as the PI gets too hot, so any other suggestion is appreciated. It’s a bit disappointing for him after just having the Pi kit a few days :-(

Joseph Alway avatar

You either need to learn how to solder and fix it yourself, if that’s possible or buy a new one.

Depending on what you need for the project. There’s also, the Raspberry Pi Zero, the base unit costs $5, but the connectors will run you a few more dollars.

It’d likely be much simpler to just get a new Raspberry Pi 4.

Mulder avatar

A bit sad to buy a new one, it is it the cover of the scoket. I will try to solder it….

Mike Wong avatar

Hi, Sorry to hear about your Pi4’s SD socket!
May be you can just run your Pi from USB3 reader/flash drive!

Mulder avatar

I haven’t found the instructions for PI4 yet. All I could find was a workaround that needs a bootconfig.txt on the sdcard (!).

Any suggestion is welcome.

StevenP avatar

Great T-shirt Eben, that’s definitely going on my Christmas list!

Eben Upton avatar

It’s a favourite…

Andrew avatar

I’ve got the official keyboard and mouse, as well as the Pi 4B. The mouse is really good, and the built-in hub in the keyboard is quite handy as well. I can see the kit being a popular present this christmas, raising some well-earned profit to support the Pi Foundation.

Sam Vimes avatar

Sorry to abuse this post for this kind of question,

but is there any news if or when to expect a board revision of the Pi4 addressing the USB resistor issue?

William Karlsson avatar

Can it boot from anything besides the sdcard ?
I’m hoping to get one that can be used for OpenCL on GPU and/or ASIC. I presume some hat is required for adding a ssd drive for the os. Would i still have to use the sdcard for /boot ?

Eben Upton avatar

Currently it can boot from SD card and network (PXE). In the near future we’ll add USB mass storage device boot (as with previous products); for now you’ll need to bootstrap via an SD card, with the rootfs on USB.

Mulder avatar

Hi Eben, when will this be available please? See my post about the broken SD card socket a bit up here…. My son cannot continue his CO2 metering project :-(

Tony Goodhew avatar

Just tried the updated OS (Buster) on my new Pi 4. Wonderful!
Using the Chromium Browser I can use iPlayer for catchup on BBC but ITV, All4 (error 3307) and FIVE hubs will not play catchups. Seems to be a Digital Rights problem. Any chance of this getting fixed?

Chuck avatar

The “desktop” kit will throttle the CPU to a dismal clock speed within 5 minutes in the “official” case. Might take 10 minutes in bare-board configuration. A heatsink gains little advantage, the Pi4 requires a fan! Plenty of $10 fan cases are available. Too bad one isn’t “official.” But maybe that’s part of the fun with this lil’ board. I have 4 of them all in cases with fans. Official case is in a drawer (somewhere).

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