Video: about the upcoming Fedora Remix for Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Chris Tyler and the team at Seneca College for all their work on getting Fedora onto the Raspberry Pi. This will be the distribution we’ll be recommending to users; we expect it to be ready for download on Wednesday. Here, Chris and friends talk about what they’ve been working on.

(Video link updated 22/02/12.)

Meanwhile, the manufacturing cogs continue to turn. We hope the Raspberry Pis from the first batch will be out of testing by the end of Thursday, and on their way to freight.


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First comment!

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First knob end.

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Give him a break James, he’s an 11 year old kid who has set up 5 servers on old discarded computers and written some little C# programs, available on his website. He’s precisely who the Pi is aimed at, and should be forgiven for a ‘first comment’ comment :)

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I agree with David R! Stephen, keep up the good work!

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James I assume your referring to yourself…. Nothing like encouraging the younger generation, what a asset you are to the community. Well done.

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I’m 12 (for another two months), just so everyone knows.
Stephen has a great website, though mine may be a bit sleeker visually. I’ve never made a website that’s public, I’ve kept it php protected to be safe. Also, I haven’t used C… It seems a bit complicated, and I’m putting it off till this summer. The point is that he looks like he’s just what the Pi’s being made for (like was said previously), and so don’t call him a male reproductive organ.

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I would give first comment people a big *Raspberry* for the lack of content within the comment. *Whoo hoo* first comment but you didn’t give anything to the discussion.
As for me I’m looking forward to getting a Raspberry Pi and I bet the team are electric with stress and excited about if everything will hold up on launch day. Good Luck

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I came

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Second knob end

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Yes. Yes you are.

In all seriousness, however, please stop, especially after saying that to Stephen.

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Absolutely amazing work guys! keep it up :)

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Woo can’t wait to try this out ^_^

Rick avatar

Sweet, great work going on there!

Dont suppose they want to share a decent copy of Fedora that they must be using on all those guruplus? :p I’ve got the Sheeva and the Fedora build for it was next to useless and discontinued :(

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Excellent .. can’t wait for it to have native graphics drivers.

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If it does, it will be a miracle…a beefy miracle.

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I’ve been eagerly following you guys since the first announcement. First off, wanted to congratulate and thank the entire team for working so hard to bring this little guy to market. Despite its intended target as an educational device, it’s a complete game changer for software developers who want to enter the embedded market without having an mechanical/electrical engineering degree.

I was curious if you guys have heard from or been contacted by the guys from the Linux From Scratch (LFS – project.

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I am looking very forward to this product. Amazing work! It should be a great new platform to work with.

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The most imporant piece of information is at the end of the post. We can stop reloading the store page until Friday.

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Haha! I was thinking the same thing.

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Great job — and it’s a remix, rather than a spin!
I first heard about Raspberry Pi from Chris, during a POSSE last June. He showed us a Panda board, a $100 compter on a board. I thought that was pretty cool. Then he showed us a photo of a stack of Beagle boards used to build and test Fedora for the Beagle board. I thought that was cool, too. Saving the most mind-blowing for last, he showed us the Raspberry Pi website. Half the size. A quarter the cost. Wow!
Super to see this coming to fruition!

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hahaha fruit

root@ avatar

Okay, would have “glad to see this ripening” worked better for you? ;~)

[…] der Gelegenheit hat Liz vom RPi-Team auch bekannt gegeben, dass man hofft, dass am Donnerstag die Qualitätssicherung der ersten gefertigten Raspberry Pi […]

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Great video, very interesting!

Tom avatar


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Hm.. anyone knows how long shipping’s gonna take? And I guess you’ll do some QA yourself once the boards arrive in the UK?

liz avatar

It’s actually us doing the QA at the moment, just remotely (and it’s mostly automated – but again, by us).

Oliver avatar

Cool! That’s how it should be done. *impressed*

P.S. Can’t wait to get rid of my $35! :)

Paul O avatar

Thanks for all your great work! Just one thought, though: while you’re giving your various milestones, it might save a lot of questions and confusion if it were put into context for us outsiders. For example, is Thursday close to opening the store or are there a few additional milestones to achieve which could take another week or so? E.g. if SD cards might take a few more days to become available.

Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

liz avatar

SD cards won’t be available at launch because there isn’t the time to get that set up, given we only get our hands on our preferred distro on Wednesday this week (as well as time, getting them bought and written takes a lot of capital which we’ve sunk into getting RPs made and legal fees – you’d be amazed at the amount of contracting, indemnification and god knows what else we have to organise and pay for). You’ll just have to be patient for now; I can’t give you any firmer dates than saying that we should be selling before the end of the month.

Paul Obeda avatar

No prob! Thanks again for all you’re doing. The communication is valued: understanding what to expect, and when, is helpful.
I believe I saw a link on one of the pages to a video showing how to set up an SD card; if someone else digs it up before I do I’d be grateful (once I find it, I’ll link it here, too).
Looking forward to Order Day, and then Delivery Day! Exciting times!

[…] to users; we expect it to be ready for download on Wednesday. Here, Chris and … More here: Video: about the upcoming Fedora Remix for Raspberry Pi … This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged chris, chris-tyler, distribution, […]

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Great video, looking forward to getting my hands on this distro =)

liz avatar

Have to say – I really can’t wait to get my sticky hands on it either.

Peter avatar

Interesting video– really looking forward to getting one. One thing that caught my attention was when someone said that they had a policy of compiling code only on the target processor, and hence the farm of GuruPlugs. That sort of makes sense and it doesn’t– are there instances where or reasons why code compiled on the target processor is better than cross-compiling?

David Zielinski avatar

The main reason is to avoid unnecessary issues due to configuration problems, improper libraries, etc. Native compiling tends to have fewer problems and is easier. While they *could* potentially cross-compile, the practice of native compiling makes the quality assurance process easier. A minor update in a cross compiler could make a much more significant difference than in a native compiler, even in perfectly proper, portable code.

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Fedora is Open Soruce! In order to ensure the community will grow, they want you to be able to build Fedora on the system it is intended for. The alternative would require you to have a develop environment, which usually cost much more than the target product.

ridge avatar

Raspberry Pi farm building will be an enticing project once the hardware spigots are fully open.
At this price point, scalable parallel processing for the masses seems to be right around the corner.

A follow up with Prof. Furber on this article about the RasP would be a good read.

Stuart Lea avatar

Can anyone provide a link to amazon for a “known good” SD card so we can all get one or two lined up ready to go?

liz avatar

There’s a list of known good cards somewhere on the Wiki – you’re probably best off starting there.

Tozzi avatar

Any Sandisk should be fine. But you can compare the write/read speed and go for a more expensive if you wan’t your system to run a little faster. (Like booting etc.) :)

Stuart Lea avatar

Thought there was an issue with class 10’s

dbh937 avatar

Think i heard that too…

Derek avatar

I know from the xda-developers forum, that many of the class 10’s are actually extremely slow writing small blocks — they are only fast on large transfers. Thus, a class 2 Sandisk seems to be about optimal for a Linux distribution. At least, that was the conclusion for Cyanogenmod on the Nook Color (and I can vouch for that personally — both on the Nook, and my Nokia N900). I’ll have to look for it, but I believe there was a table on a wiki somewhere that showed the write speed for small files on various SD cards.

Tozzi avatar

Great news to hear!!

Ron avatar

Oh .. Really great Video. Cannot wait to get my hands on! It would also be my first contact with Fedora. Only used RedHat,SuSe and Debian (at the moment on my two hacked Dockstars ;-) . Great what these little puppies are capable of.). Really curious about Fedora on the RPi although the GPU X Accelleration does not work at the moment but lokking positive into the future!

Greetings from germany.

MRX avatar

Can anyone tell me, please, if the Broadcom Nexus driver interface is implemented on the RasPi 2835?

liz avatar

Do you mean the set-top box stuff? If so, the answer’s no, I’m afraid.

MRX avatar

Thanks Liz. I’m definitely coming from the STB end – I would like to make a “RaspberrySky” :). Not using Nexus isn’t a showstopper as we were really just curious why RasPi went Fedora and not the free Broadcom stack. Lots to learn!

Alex Buell avatar

How many are being produced in this batch? 10,000?

austincurr avatar


austincurr avatar

I’m curious as to when larger batches will be produced- 120k per year is only enough to make one for all 6 billion people after 50,000 years.

Roger Wolff avatar

Well, besides that, if you order enough for everybody on the first run, how many dollars will you have to pay for having that manufactured?

alex avatar

I want two, though. And so does my wife. Those numbers are way out.

Alex Buell avatar

I’ll also be porting to the RasPi as soon as I ge my mitts on one!!!!

liz avatar

Fantastic – please let me know when you’re done so we can get the image hosted on our downloads page.

Jannis avatar

I actually planned the same here. Is there some kind of homepage/repository so we can combine forces?

Piotr avatar

Best regards to everyone in the RP team from teachers and students in Poland ! We can hardly wait to see the RP in action ! Looking forward to the premiere !
Hugs and wishing u all lots of health and constantly growing popularity !

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Pies freshly baked still warm from the oven

Get them while they’re hot!

Jaseman avatar

I really like your orange CAT5 cables

Brandon Trebitowski avatar

I was under the impression orders began today. Is this true, if so, where is the order page?


liz avatar

Afraid your impression was wrong. Today has always been the day we were expecting the factory to produce finished Raspberry Pis, not the sales day. Have a read through some of the older posts and the FAQ to read more about it.

Brandon Trebitowski avatar

Ahh, well thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll be hitting refresh constantly every day until the end of the month. ;)

Can’t wait!

Jason Ozolins avatar

If you join the mailing list then you’ll have as much advance notice as anyone as to when the store will be open for orders.

Given the number of people who are very keen to buy one of the first production run boards, you’ll have a better chance of being in the first 10,000 if you switch from polling to event-driven. :-)

Ray Depew avatar

Crap. There’s not a “like” button on this forum.

Mads avatar

Sad to see that this doesn’t come with Ubuntu

liz avatar

We agree.

Eric Beyer avatar

Does come with Debian, though. So I can apt-get to my heart’s content.

gregd99 avatar

So is Ubuntu infeasible or just not a first priority?

JamesH avatar

They don’t support the Arm processor on the Raspi.

Roger Wolff avatar

My guess is that it’s entirely possible to port Ubuntu to the Raspberry pi.

With everything being open source, you can “compare notes” with fedora and debian to see what patches they applied.

The amount of work involved could vary from “a week” to a “few months” for a single talented developer.

A guy I know ported Windows to ARM in 6 weeks (he was in the news about this a few weeks ago). Trust me: that’s a whole lot more difficult than porting Ubuntu.

Viorel Nicolae Sitoianu avatar

Ubuntu IS debian based distro AFAIK, so what’s to port ? And for windows port to ARM in 6 weeks, dunno, hard to believe

liz avatar

See the FAQ for the reasons we can’t have supported Ubuntu on the device.

JamesH avatar

It’s not really a porting problem. It’s the fact that the Ubuntu repositories do not support Armv6, so you also need to recompile the entire respository. And that is a LOT of recompiling.

liz avatar

Ubuntu have also said that they don’t want to offer support for old versions (which is what we’d have to use because of the ARMv6 issue). This is perfectly understandable; they’ve only got so much resource, and want to point it at their bleeding-edge stuff.

limey0 avatar

So excited! Will those that have signed up for the mailing list be emailed before the store goes live? I currently refresh the store far too often, I’m US based and hoping to get a first run Pi (mostly because I’m impatient and don’t want to wait even a few more weeks to get my hands on a Pi) but I realize that all of the (great) publicity is really piquing peoples interest and I envision them selling out very quickly, which of course is still a very a good thing!

liz avatar

Yes, we’ll be making sure people on the mailing list get plenty of warning.

Mika avatar


And may God help you if we don’t get a prior (perhaps one day) notification on the store opening! ;)

Oh and may God help your servers because we do!

Feakster avatar

Out of interest, I joined the mailing list a couple of months back but haven’t received any mail at all yet. Has it been quiet on the mailing front or do I have a problem?

liz avatar

The mailing list is there for one reason and one reason only: to give you notice a few days before sales become available. We aren’t using it for anything else to stop people dropping off it because they feel spammed.

Feakster avatar

Ah, I see now. Thank you for clarifying. I was beginning to get a tad bit worried.

Many thanks.

Mika avatar

I’m so very very glad to hear this!

Just can’t wait, hope everything goes well with QC. Any word on that?

Will Godfrey avatar

Just had a thought. One of these would make the ultimate alarm clock. Play soft chill-out music at bedtime along with some slinky hypnotic video, then in the morning a blast of heavy metal and strobe lights :)

Tom avatar

That Is precisely what I have done for my AS DT coursework! I suppose great minds think alike…………. maybe. I have a 7 inch resistive touchscreen and alpine speakers to go in it. It looks a little like those old iMacs, that have the LCD on an arm and the actual computer built into the base. The base of mine consists of a concave shape with curved sides….. i’ll see if I can upload a photo or one of the Showcase renderings. It is actually almost finished – I am two weeks away from finishing the manufacture. I just hope I can get a Rpi in time, becasue otherwise I will have to use a pico, or nano itx board running Android x86.

James avatar

I’m a bit new to the ol’ electronics side, but with regards to this alarm clock idea, is there a signal you can send over HDMI to turn the TV on and off standby. We wouldn’t want to be leaving the TV on all night :P.

Gord Goebel avatar
Paul Johnson avatar

As this starts to come together, I’m not sure what I’m more amazed by, the fact that you have made a $25 computer, or the fact that we buy $2500+ computers?

I’m sat writing this on a Macbook Pro, which for the most part I do e-mail, documents, presentations etc. on, and from time to time use to do some random forest creation using Weca. What that means is, I’ve got a computer that spends probably 99% of it’s time doing basically nothing.

I guess what’s needed in the long term is an easy way to connect to a “processing farm”, then we can use things like a $25 computer the rest of the time. What I’m getting at is, I could easily do with a $25 computer almost all of the time, as long as there is something available to do number crunching for me when I need it.

All in all, I’m excited seeing this come together. It’s genuinely amazing how cheap computing can be, but how expensive we have let it become.

Jason Ozolins avatar

Great idea… you could call it a mainframe service bureau, or the Grid, or Thin Clients, or Cloud Computing, depending on how old you feel, and whether you want the user interface to be a 3270 terminal, a virtual desktop, or a web browser. :-)

If you are happy with your ISP’s service, and you don’t need to ship a lot of data around, and you are comfortable with the SLA of your chosen computation provider, then you may find that one of these approaches works fine for you. I happen to live 50km south of the capital of Australia, in a place where the choice is dialup, 3G modem, or a works-when-it-works wireless ISP with limited upstream bandwidth. Australian ISPs also put in place monthly transfer limits so low as to make even online backup services unattractive to their subscribers.

For dialup, the bandwidth limits are irrelevant, because it’s so slow. For 3G, the bandwidth limits are really pretty brutal ($39/month for 10GB of transfers is a good plan on the cheaper, more congested one of our national 3G networks), and for the wireless ISP, the service is down more often than most people would be happy with. So, given the choice between flinging all my data up at a Cloud in order to work with it, or having some local processing and storage, I’m sticking with the local approach, despite the opportunity costs that you point out. You may find that the balance tips the other way… but be sure to think it through!

Roger Wolff avatar

The problem with remote computing power is that you sometimes need a high bandwidth path from the computing power to “where ever you are”.

The obvious example is: “video playback”. It’s quite CPU intensive, and produces about 180 Mbyte per second of data that needs to be fed to your monitor.

Now, modern GPUs (like on the raspberry pi) will help with that, so that they can decode that “on site” from a 10Mbyte per second video-stream.

However, when it isn’t a video stream for which GPUs have been developed and optimised, what are you going to do? Say: if you’re interactively visualising a scientific dataset? (if it’s just a 3D-model that is being displayed again the GPU can help alot. If just small things change from frame to frame the GPU can help.) But if there is a lot of scientific calculations that need to be done to generate the data to show, then you’ll need some “horsepower” near the screen.

THAT is what killed “thin clients” and “mainframes”.

Paul Johnson avatar

Yeah, that’s really my problem. When I’m using Weca, I’m typically feeding it with multiple Gb of data, and that can take forever across the internet.

What would be cool would be a simple way for all available computing horsepower on a LAN to be easily available though. Ultimately, the majority of people in my office have computers that are mostly doing nothing, and if I could harness that easily, given the LAN here is blisteringly fast, we could all have less powerful computers, that would still sum together to give me enough to work with.

Jason Ozolins avatar

A lot of different approaches exist for this problem, sometimes termed “cycle scavenging”; one of the more venerable projects still undergoing active development and enhancement is aptly named Condor:

One of the goals embraced early on was to build the system in such a way that distributed ownership of compute resources was respected; each computer owner could set the conditions under which cycle scavenging took place to fit their own needs and wishes; this approach shows a nice balance between public spirit and practicality, IMHO.

One thing that has changed over the years though is that the difference in noise and heat produced by a desktop machine running at full throttle versus idle is much greater than in the past. When I worked at the Australian National University department of Computer Science a few years back, the cycle scavenging workloads run on staff desktops only ran out of office hours, as well as only when machines were not being used, owing to the noise that the CPU and power supply fans made when the Dell desktops were being pushed hard, and the extra heat generated in offices. It also kept the air conditioning from having to work harder during the day when temperatures were higher and more people were in the building. Not so much of a problem in a Canberra winter, of course… :-)

raffy avatar

If remote QA is possible, then can’t the sending out be done in China, too? has the facilities for it, you’ll just have to choose your preferred company to do it (Just my 0.01c).

liz avatar

You’ll see why we’re doing it the way we are when we start shipping. I promise we’ve thought this through!

austincurr avatar

@Liz Is it cost or speed or something? Or are you going to put something extra in the packages before shipping? @”Raffy” Isn’t it usually $0.02?

raffy avatar

Thankz, Liz.

@austincurr, ha ha, there’s the fun in guessing – and I really valued my comment as lower than 0.02 :)

Helgi W avatar

It was probably € cent…

bobricius avatar

@Liz please add any limit … max 2 boards for one order. I saw on some forums group orders for 500 or more…

liz avatar

There’s a limit of one per order at first; we want to get the boards to as many different people as possible, and there’s no way for us to differentiate between the 500 orders for real, genuine people in a computing group, and the 500 orders for an eBay scalper pretending to be 500 different people. There are also *a lot* of groups asking for the rules to be bent; it’s just not possible for us to administer.

The limit will be relaxed pretty quickly.

Philip Ashmore avatar

I’d love it if you could make a programme/YouTube video detailing all those hairy details – I’m sure others would too.
You could cast Nicholas Cage as Eben Upton and Selma Blair as yourself, in the style of National Treasure.
The soundtrack could be from one of Peter Gabriels albums – I’ll let you guess which one!

Roger Wolff avatar

FYI, HongKong post has a backlog of about 9 days right now. Orders that get shipped today are likely to become trackable a week and a half from now, and shipped to your country in about two weeks.

chris evans avatar

I ordered something from Hong Kong on the 13th Feb, I received it in the UK yesterday 20th Feb. So no problem with Hong Kong post!

Joshua avatar

Will cases be available separately after the first-run of Pi’s are made so we’ll have a chance to put a case on it?

Roger Wolff avatar

No, cases will be available around august.

If you want one with a case, you can wait until august, or make one yourself.

liz avatar

Cases will be available MUCH sooner than that.

Joshua avatar

That’s what I figured, but I phrased my question incorrectly. They will be available as a separate, independent purchase once the Pi with case is released, correct?

liz avatar

Yes, that’s right.

Eric Beyer avatar

Will any of the supported distros work with USB wifi devices out of the box?

Eric Beyer avatar

Sorry. Nevermind. Found it on the wiki.

MarkJ avatar

Great news. This thing will have a revolutionary impact in so many ways…

Jonathan Ho avatar

I really can’t wait for this enough! Please! Please! Please! Please let me be able to buy one of the first batch. XD

Helgi W avatar

So “the end of Thursday” is coming up in Chinese local time.. :D

Rennie Birch avatar

I want one now, damnit!
Take one of my kidneys or something!

Mamadou Diallo Iam avatar

Hope to be among the first 10 thousands who will receive mail from the RPi Foundation next Thursday! Early in the morning, Yours, Diallo iam.

tawalker avatar

Couldn’t help noticing that the login manager in the video was SLiM – I use that on my Eee netbook (Arch Linux), and thought it would be ideal for a graphical login manager for the RasPi.
I know Arch/ARM is going to be supported too, so I look forward to the release of that distro :-)

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[…] 256 Mbytes de memoria y puerto Ethernet) sigue dando grandes noticias, y una de las últimas es el anuncio de la disponibilidad de una versión específica de Fedora para los Raspberry […]

Stefan Stefanov avatar

Is RPi able to play for example .mkv or Bluray movies?
Any GPU, video hardware accelerator available on-board?

JamesH avatar

Have you read any of the information on the Wiki, the forums? I suggest starting on the Wiki where the full spec of the device is available.

Not Relevant avatar

That’s a very nice SD card!

The_Monkey_King avatar

do have a few questions about the Remix spin and I don’t think I can make it to Toronto in time for the presentation (it being Mardi Gras and all).

– Will it allow for USB webcam (Cheese Webcam Booth)?
– With the B Model, can I use remote desktop mgmt?
– Can I install VLC? (Assuming that I am able to access RPM Fusion?)

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gazz avatar

getting very desperate now

[…] and the Raspberry Pi itself. Check it out, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed! Source: Raspberry Pi VIA: Engadget Tweet (function() { var li = […]

TerpCS avatar

The GuruPlug devices featured in the video look interesting. Seneca appear to have loads of them and used them as a compiler farm . Obviously not as cheap as the RasPi will be and various reviews suggest overheating problems with them. But me buying a packaged solution like that might make a RasPi available to someone else. Having a RasPi would be nice though.

Eric P Smith avatar

This really looks interesting. Can not wait until I get my hands to use on home networks to stream all kings of websites and media.

Eryk avatar

I am looking forward to the release of Raspberry Pi on so many levels.

One of those levels:

I know Fedora has the capability to link to Microsoft Active Directory through “Open System -> Administration -> Authentication”. Will this feature set be available with this release or will it be made available in future releases?

TerpCS avatar

Isn’t Microsoft’s Active Directory nothing more than an proprietary implementation of LDAP? Last time I was involved with Windows systems it was — but that was back in the days of Windows 2000 Server. If it is still the case then building yourself one of the existing open source LDAP client/server products would give you access. Maybe not quite as pretty (a user interface) as full-blown Fedora provides but should still be workable.

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Hamish avatar


Im confused as to what ports the Model B will have.
Will it come with 2 HDMI?


JamesH avatar

No. The Wiki has a full spec, but basically, 1 HDMI, 1 composite, 2 USB, 1 ethernet, 1 SD card slot. There are also other ports brought out on headers.

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[…] zum Originalartikel gehts hier Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in News und verschlagwortet mit Distributionen, Fedora von h4wk. Permanenter Link zum Eintrag. […]

[…] up for the release. On their blog, they shared a video by Chis Tyler that I […]

[…] não abrem o Raspberry Pi para venda, nem liberam a imagem do Fedora Remix, vamos brincando com o que […]

dbh937 avatar

It’s friday… not for sale yet…

paul b avatar

I am really hopeing the raspberrypi sell soon. me and my son hopeing to get one as there is so much you can do with it. can anyone tell me how soon or how long any new wood be great thank

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