Unlock your PC with a pushup or two

For those of you who have spent the last few years working from home, you may have found yourself less active than you were pre-pan. ML Maker’s Victor Sonck is no exception. To increase his activity levels while logging in from the home office, Victor decided to design a timed physical lock for his computer, that can only be released with a pushup or two…or five.

Victor’s PC locks every hour, thanks to a Raspberry Pi in the corner of his office. The same Raspberry Pi then counts Victors pushups via a connected OAK-1 AI camera running Google’s MediaPipe Pose model, until the required number is achieved. The PC is then unlocked, and he can get back to work.

Alongside his video, Victor has published a comprehensive writeup of the project, as well as providing the code on GitHub, so watch the video, have a read, do a pushup and reward yourself with a cookie. You earned it.


Steve avatar

Link to the writeup returns 404 on Medium…

Alex Bate avatar

How odd. I’ll look into it. Thanks

Steve avatar

All is well now. What an amazing project, made even better by his detailed writeup.

Solomon Adedokun avatar

Awesome!! Yeah, I need to get rid of the Covid weight too. 😫 😩 😅

Luca avatar

How many insights, really inspiring, thank you.
Now I also know that Windows Notepad can be used for something.

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