Teasmade comes back to life with Raspberry Pi

It hurts our aged soul to think how many of you won’t know what a teasmade is. So here is a quick overview of this classic 20th-century technology. Now we will tell you how VEEB brought such a contraption back to life with Raspberry Pi.

Yeah, we love the project video as much as you do. The clattering trolley rolling in with this ancient tea-making machine on top. Then loudly making a Google calendar note to brew the tea for you while you do something more useful. Genius.

Parts list

teasmade with raspberry pi attached
Look how cute we look stuck on the side of a Teasmade

How does it work?

Raspberry Pi reads your Google calendar and automatically activates the kettle ten minutes before the time when you’ve said you want a coffee.

Then it gets super noisy. Teasmades are like that. But it’s worth it, trust me. To cover the sound of the janky old machine, VEEB has added a speaker that plays God save the Queen as the water heats up and pours into the clever dripper with the coffee filter in it. I’m not sure there is anything more English than that, other than if this project actually made tea and not coffee. I think coffee belongs to Seattle, but I’m not sure Seattle has a national anthem of its own. Correct me in the comments. Maybe Nirvana?

teasmade working with google calendar
You have to log that brew time

Anywho, then you sprinkle your coffee grounds into the hot water, give it a stir with a spoon, and hey presto, you have [kind of automatically brewed] coffee!

File this in the list of projects we love because engineers like to spend several hours building something to automate an activity that takes one second. In this case, switching on a kettle to boil water for your coffee.

For more of VEEBs wonderful projects, check out their YouTube channel.

Public Service Announcement

A quick PSA to share with those not in the know the wonder that is the limited television series Father Ted. The Mrs Doyle character was infamous for her fervent insistence on making everyone a cup of tea and she was crushed when her parochial employer, Father Ted, gave her a Teasmade for Christmas to take the “misery” out of making tea. It is not a miserable task. It is a calming, soothing ritual. Stupid Father Ted.

If you want to watch the whole episode, it’s the 1996 Christmas special


Tim avatar

The irony of this project is that it’s open source. Sharing information with strangers when you’re absolutely trying your level best to avoid human interaction. 😄

Brendan Walsh avatar

Quite the project but no water temperature regulator control device?

jay Hammond avatar

I’m a Briton and European. I drink more tea than coffee. Working Teasmades brew tea. There are (or were) automatic filter coffee makers that use loose ground coffee & a filter to brew coffee. Is the project to convert a Teasmade into a coffee maker? Or to revive a Teasmade? Is the aesthetic relevant to the makers goal(s)?

Aab Market avatar

I support well-brewed coffee over tea.

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