Student Raspberry Pi inventors compete in tech competition

We came across three teams of inventors from Trinity School in Surrey, England on Twitter. They were gearing up to compete in the PA Pi Awards 2022, which celebrate innovation, technology, and invention in young people aged 8-18. Here is what Team Pi Face, Team SubZero, and Team Variable_ created for the competition.

Team Pi Face

Team Pi Face (Charlie, Mattia, Asher, and Daniil) aims to help people monitor the safety of water for swimming with their invention. They got a real lifeguard to test their device. They were able to use it to check swimming pools and lakes were at the right pH level for people to enter the water safely.

This is our favourite team name. No reason…

In the future, Team Pi Face hopes to create a global map where they can display recorded pH levels of different bodies of water and allow people to submit their own readings. Then they can identify trends, such as areas of high acidity, in order to protect humans, animals, and the environment.

Team SubZero

Team SubZero (Lyam, Bhumit, and Arihant) uses Raspberry Pi in a water splitter that generates hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. A scaled-up version of a device like this could be used to power hydrogen-based vehicles easily, safely, and efficiently.

Team Variable_

Team Variable_ (Aaron, Ali Naqi, Aarian, and Ethan) invented BikeIt, an app that encourages people to cycle more, as well as offering extra features to improve the cycling experience. A touchscreen allows the user to interact with built-in widgets such as maps, music, and activities.

Dynamos driven by the movement of the bike chain power the front and rear lights using an AC/DC converter. The device can also sync to the rider’s phone and can use any phone data for which you give permission. This means you can use maps, playlists, and exercise trackers seamlessly while you cycle.

Neat little invention from Team Variable_

All three teams came up with great ideas, right? Now go and show the whole computing department at Trinity School some Twitter love: @TrinitySchComp.


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Excellent, fellas.

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We have had great results in computer science related competitions at Trinity this year. Our popular Pi club has offered members from across all year groups the opportunity to work together to demonstrate ingenuity, producing some of the most brilliant ideas. Competitions like the PAPiAwards, provides an environment for innovation, and allows our students to explore practical experiences to solving real-world problems such as sustainability, climate change, recycling, and tackling food waste.

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