Slashdot video interview with Eben

Eben was working on the Broadcom stand at CES as part of his day job last week, when Slashdot came over and grabbed a few minutes with him to talk about Raspberry Pi. Broadcom had asked him to wear a tie while he was on the stand; as you may be able to tell, neckwear is not something that comes very naturally to him…

Thanks to Slashdot – you can read their original post here.


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+1 to all concerned

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/.? I wonder what the Trolls will make of it!

Great interview, well worth watching. (And I can appreciate how Eben feels about ties… :-) )

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Cool! It is also good publicity for broadcom I think

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Just made a run for the shop after seeing the video title XD

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I did exactly the same thing. ;-)

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me too, i was overexcited and then watched whole video to understand that it will actually be available in couple weeks :)

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what everyone else said

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I wonder if there’s been a spike in the page hits on the shop. :)

(Yes, me too!)

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reminds me of Kevin McCloud…..
pi boards may be small but they are still a Grand Design!

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Relevant Avatar.

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“Raspberri Pi $25 Computers are Finally Shipping”

Did anyone elses heart start thumping while they quickly open the store page??? I am disappoint.

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Yep :(

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As was I, I want to be the first Canadian to own one or three of these puppies!!

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Any chance of a countdown before you release it?

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Any chance of watching this video without Flash-crap? Even youtube does HTML5 nowadays …

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Hrrmm, interested in tiny computers Apple-snob is?

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missa thinks flash is not berry nice to this computer tingy

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Your at the mercy of the content provider on this one, the raspi team are only linking it to their website from slashdot..

thats why there is no html5 player..

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And: yes, I tried to comment on their page but it didn’t work at that time. Now it worked.

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No, not interested in Apple at all, using Gentoo here.
I know that the video is provided by slashdot and the question behind was if anyone knows how to watch this video from slashdot w/o Flash. I visited their blog and studied the page’s source but can’t find the video file directly..

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The video is hosted by “”, who see themselves as a “video technology, analytics and monetization leader”. There’s probably some wicked DRM going on; after all they can’t have you copy Eben’s likeness, lest their monetization and analyticizing strategy totally fails. No MP4 for you! (It’s probably streamed through Adobe’s proprietary RTMPE. The video doesn’t play even if Flash is available but restricted to HTTP connections.) Hello, meet my browser’s black list of annoying, useless, web site slowing stuff…

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I don’t like it any more than you do, but it was all that Slashdot provided us with. At least it was actually embeddable; we’ve had video interviews with other sites which we’ve only been able to link to because of DRM and daft formats.

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Now I’m genuinely puzzled, having watched the video on my iPad soon after the post went up here…

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@Bob probably serves up an HTML5 version, but is doing it via user-agent detection instead of as a Flash fallback (or fall-forward!). Too bad, but it’s not 2014 yet and we do still have to deal with Flash in cases where websites are slow up take up new technology in exchange for giving up their DRM scheme.

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So, we’re looking at about a week and a half from now then, huh? SWEET!

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Damn, my heart crushed when I saw: shipping now, and nothing was on the shop :( Trolls! :'(

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Great work guys, it’s hard enough doing the things each and everyone of us needs to do day to day, to design, produce and promote something of this quality and desirability in your spare time in a non-profit way is outstanding, keep up the fantastic work and I really hope it more than exceeds your hopes.

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Wow, you really need to Uhm, stop saying Uh and Uhm. It’s crazy how many times you said it… wtf dude :)

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You say Dude too much. And wtf.

It’s so easy to criticise from under a bridge.

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As someone who works in TV, I can tell you that talking to camera is a hell of a lot more difficult than you think.

Unless you’ve got a well-rehearsed script then you will “um”, “erm”, pause and stare off into space rather a lot.

I thought he did pretty well for a beginner.

Even if you do know your script up down and sideways it’s still not easy – among many other things, it’s suprisingly difficult to talk to the camera instead of the cameraman, and corpsing* is always a possibility…

As this was an an-hoc interview, there was little chance for a script – even if there really was an army of elves to write one.

I presume this post means you are volunteering to write Eben’s script for next time, so I look forward to seeing the results.

*Look it up.

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Broadcom kept Eben really busy at CES (Thursday at least) we had to wait for someone to find him… which did take some time. Then again, Broadcom’s “meeting rooms” o n the floor were slammed.

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I believe the new apps processor chips were very popular. along with video over wifi stuff (lots of dev work for these done in the Cambridge office)

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I’m one of the many that just love what you guys are doing. Just one little thing though: would it be possible to use open standards for video? I think Vimeo currently only uses flash and h.264, but Youtube will play fine with Theora or WebM. It would make a lot of us Linux users very happy!

Thanks for what you all are doing.j

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This isn’t our video – it’s the only one that Slashdot provided for embedding, so we’re stuck with it. We prefer HTML5 vid where possible; on this occasion I’m afraid we had to work with what we were given!

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How about an RSS for this site?
Btw, thanks for Raspberry Pi guys, I’m not a rich dude(I’m a student), I use about 50 euros to live 1 month and I think it’s a lot but I anyway will spend to buy a Raspberry Pi, I was hoping for long time to buy some hardware to develop on, found a 7$ touchscreen from Texas Instruments but it has to ship from US, maybe some day I will get that too :)

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Eben Upton I see knighthood in your future. Education in any country should always be a prioirty.

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I run a small non-profit in East Los Angeles and would like to teach kids in this disadvantaged area how to program with the Raspberry Pi device/computer…
visiti us:

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What all you people in the UK don’t just walk around (sleep, shower) with neckties on?

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You’re getting neckties confused with Bow Ties. That’s what we normally wear in good old Blighty.

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Heheh, its funny how other countries see ours (and how we see others), actually we all wear bowler hats too !

[…] jQuery("#errors*").hide(); window.location= data.themeInternalUrl; } }); } – Today, 5:19 […]

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I would have told Broadcom to f**k off. Wear a tie? It’s 2012. He’s not a heart surgeon.

JamesH avatar

That’ll be why you don’t work for Broadcom then. In fact, do you work at all? With an attitude to an employer like that, I would be surprised. Heart surgeons don’t where ties, they drop in to the chest cavity at inopportune moments.

Irish Al avatar

Yes, happily employed thanks for asking! I wouldn’t work for Broadcom or anyone else if they wanted to make me wear a tie.

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Happily for us all, this is the only time since he’s been working there that he’s had to…

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I’m gonna have to agree with the “it’s 2012” notion.. ties have zero function and will be gone in the future. Broadcom should be trying to look futuristic.. they should have required that he wear a Starfleet uniform.

JamesH avatar

1) Dress smart with a tie for your customers – get contract for $250M worth of chips
2) Dress down for customers – don’t get contract for $250M worth of chips.

I’m pretty sure which one I would go for. You don’t need to look futuristic – you need to look smart. And that means wearing a tie.

PJ avatar

Anyone with $250 to spend isn’t going to care if you’re wearing a tie or not.

JamesH avatar

$250Million. And yes, they do mind. That’s why you wear ties on a stand at CES.

Who would you buy from – a smartly dressed person, or a not-smartly dressed person. I would think to myself – if he cannot be bothered to look smart, I wonder what he didn’t bother to tell me about the product. Like it or not, these things matter.

Stewart avatar

No disrespect to the speaker. It’s interesting how times seem to have changed. When I was buying parts in the 80s and 90s the aim was to get past the guy in the suit, to the guy in the tee shirt and jeans who had actually designed the product and could answer the detailed questions we had concerning the system integration issues.

liz avatar

The guy in the suit in this particular instance is the guy who actually designed the product, but I see what you mean. It’s partly a cultural thing; there are a lot of people at CES from business cultures (Japan, Korea, China, India) who would be downright insulted to be presented with a guy in a tee shirt and jeans. If I was doing business in one a country with a similar culture – and I do – I would dress to reflect that. Wearing a suit in this instance is just polite.

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Looking at this from an Occupy perspective, if Raspberry is merely a marketing stunt for Broadcom then I’m not interested, because I see no future in a world dominated by large, polluting corporations that bribe politicians. Too often we are seeing Linux hijacked by corporate interests and the lackeys of those corporations but experience has shown, corporations have little respect for liberty and free markets; they want monopolies and cartels and disposable Foxconn labor.

liz avatar

Looking at this from a rational and non-conspiratorial perspective, it’s a jolly good thing for you that Raspi *isn’t* a marketing stunt for Broadcom, isn’t it?

Have to say, those of us on the team who aren’t Broadcom people can get quite sore at this sort of insinuation. I’ve had to give up paying work for the last six months because we needed someone to do my job on the project, and because I believe that Raspberry Pi is a good and responsible thing to do. To be accused after all that (even from someone looking “from an Occupy perspective”) to be a marketing shill for a multinational is, if I’m frank, outright insulting.

JamesH avatar

To be honest, even as a Broadcom employee who spends a lot of non-work time helping out here, I find it insulting as well.

Reggie – returnest thou under thy bridge.

RN avatar

You need to go back and retake English class. Your punctuation and spelling error are outrageous. If you want to be a company I and many other people will buy from you need to make everything gramatically correct.

liz avatar

This is a joke, right?

JamesH avatar

Surely (s)he does’t mean all the comments? That’s the only place I’ve seen grammar and spelling mistakes!

Ros avatar

This site makes me feel young again. I do hope its a success and I hope it does turn the ICT curriculum upside down because what you do in Britian we end up doing here in Australia. Very exciting. PS I tried to be spelling free and grammatically correct for your other reader! I didn’t realise it was a prereq for blogs!

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