Sean Hodgins’ holographic Christmas tree

Apparently we’re all calling persistence-of-vision projects holograms these days. Thanks ABBA.

We weren’t planning on blogging between last week and Christmas, but then Sean Hodgins went and made this, and it would be unseasonably churlish of us not to share, especially given how much personal danger he put himself in while developing this project. As well as being festive, this spinning assemblage of NeoPixels, metal rods and cable ties does appear to offer a genuine threat to life. Our Helen suggests that in an earlier, more brutal age, you could have used something like this to carpaccio your enemies.

We hope that you all have a safer Christmas than Sean.


Joe Lay avatar

Cool. I’ll put it in my living room.

jakel avatar

Impressive but why is the motor on the top?

Haris Rehman avatar

It’s impressive to see how creative and innovative people can be with technology, and this project is a great example of that. It’s exciting to see what else people will come up with using the Raspberry Pi platform.

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