RecordShelf – vinyl selection lightshow spectacular

Mike Smith wanted to be able to locate specific records in his collection with ease, so he turned to a Raspberry Pi for assistance.

A web server running on the Pi catalogues his vast vinyl collection. Upon selecting a specific record, the appropriate shelf lights up, followed by a single NeoPixel highlighting the record’s location.

The lights are controlled with Adafruit’s FadeCandy, a dithering USB controller driver with its own software that allows for easier direction of a NeoPixel. It also puts on a pretty nifty light show.

Records can be selected via artist, title, record label, a unique index number, or even vinyl colour. This also allowed for Mike to select all records in a specific category and highlight them at once; how many records by a specific artist or label, for example.


Further down the line, Mike is also planning on RFID support, allowing him to scan a record and have the appropriate shelf light up to indicate where it should be stored. Keep up to date with the build via the project’s page.


Robert Nellums avatar

Very nice! I love the article, too! This is amazing work and inspires me as a programmer.

Bino avatar

good idea :) I will try it in my projects

ABBA avatar

Yeah! Disco is making a comeback!

AndrewS avatar
Joe avatar

Why didnt he just sort them alphabetically?

Lorna Lynch avatar

With my librarian hat on, there are a ton of classification methods that are more useful than alphabetic arrangement. It’s better than sorting your books/vinyl by colour, though, I guess :)

Alex Bate avatar

You may want to sort them by genre, band, live/studio, purchase order, ownership, themes etc, etc…

phlavor avatar

Adding to the other methods of classification, club DJs sort by BPM (beats per minute)

Mike Smith avatar

Hey thanks for posting about this! If anyone wants to lend a hand I’d be super receptive to suggestions/feedback with my code.

Alex Bate avatar

It’s a great build, Mike. Thanks for sharing it out in the first place!

Oliver Kiss avatar

I did a very same (minus colors) dissertation in high school, with a full GUI for MC/CD/LP. In Turbo Pascal+Assembly, through printer port, in 97. Good ideas does not get old :)

chris avatar

he needs to get Hue lights

Mike avatar

What happens to the locating of records when you add more records to a cube (forcing other records to shift to a new cube)?

Idan avatar

It could be cool if the lights will start on and while you search they would turn off according to the results displayed

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