Rather lovely Raspberry Pi time lapses

Having just sat and watched this gorgeous time lapse of a Finnish lake, we thought it would be nice to finish off the working week with a collection of lovely Raspberry Pi Camera Module time lapses.

Summer over a Finnish lake

Time-lapse over a Finnish lake from July 2019. Shot with a DIY all-weather HDR time-lapse camera built from ZWO ASI 224MC and Raspberry Pi 3.

Six days of cress growth

Filmed over 6 days using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi Camera. Once photo taken every 5 minutes and then played back at 24 fps.

Growing salad

I think I have a thing for time-lapse videos of plant growth. They’re just so friggin’ cool!

Skyline time lapse

A time lapse of slime

Summer Project 2018 – Computational Arts MA, Goldsmiths University London. Time-lapse footage of Physarum Polycephalum captured with Raspberry Pi and IR camera, slit-scan program in Open Frameworks.

Setting up the Raspberry Pi Store, Cambridge

We couldn’t help ourselves. When the time came to set up the Raspberry Pi retail store in Cambridge, we just had to install a time-lapse camera in the corner.


While this time lapse wasn’t taken with a Raspberry Pi Camera Module, the slider moving the camera was controlled using Raspberry Pi. That counts, right?

The Burren is a karst landscape region in north-west Co. Clare in Ireland. It is one of the largest karst regions in Europe. I have been photographing The Burren over the last 5 years, and recently got into time-lapse photography. The Burren was an obvious place for me to do this first video.

Your turn

Want to set up your own Raspberry Pi time-lapse camera? Our handy guide shows you how.

Do you have a time-lapse video you’d like to share with us? Then please post your link in the comments below.


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We have done two TimeLapse builds with Raspberry Pi over the years at our school.

Our “Grow Wild” Eco project to grow wildflowers on the school grounds:
Blog posts:
https://perfectionisttendencies.com/2017/09/25/grow-wild-raspberry-pi-time-lapse/ (the tech details)
Video: https://vimeo.com/336299882

And the building of the new school extension!:
Blog post: https://www.wallacehigh.org/news/the-school-enhancement-programme-in-95-seconds/
Video: https://vimeo.com/258592339

Had great fun building the rigs. Looking forward to doing more in the future!

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I used to have a Raspberry Pi looking out of the window of an office overlooking the News International Wapping printworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytZ21kpD6TE

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I really like how you can tell when it’s the weekend.

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There’s the oldie-but-goodie Winter on Georgian Bay from 2014: https://inventingsituations.net/2014/05/16/winter-on-georgian-bay/



Here is one of my winter timelapse video’s that is popular.
I use a program I wrote myself called pi-timolo available on github https://github.com/pageauc/pi-timolo.

Install is pretty simple and lots of options available.

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Great selection on time lapses!
I also tried one with my raspberry.

This is the morning fog at Sao Jose dos Campos / Brazil

I managed to put a BMP280 sensor and display outside temperature in video. It raised abruptly when sunshine hits sensor box.

Made using python.

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Wow, now we really can watch the grass grow.

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I have 4 timelapses taken with the Pi NOIR and the normal Pi cameras. They are very boring indeed but were fun to playbaround with.

I’m too embarassed to put the You Tube link up given how good the ones featured in the blog are.


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‘Fish-eye’ lens looking straight up, Only capture during daylight, from still pictures every 15 seconds [annotate with date/time], compile Video each hour and post results to twitter, add to previous hour’s video, archive each day as well as email it to me. Grey matter suitably exercised. Ex Meteorological employee – I like Clouds. ephem [only run when the sun is up],Picamera [capture and annotate, avconv [videoloop], MP4Box [join loops], Twitter and email software on Raspberry Pi 3A+

John Halford avatar

@RedRocksWeather for the Twitter link

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My one gripe with the RPi cameras is they cannot maintain a consistent white balance for time-lapse. Doing one at the moment, but I have to set most of the settings to manual, and even then, occasionally one pic will have a different colour tint to the others, even under the same indoor lighting conditions.

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I have this one, filmed on a Raspberry Pi 2 B with PiCam V1. It’s part of a series of the build of our new school, and the demolition of the old building. This is part of the demolition of the old building.

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Just a flower growing. Is too big that it falls at the end.


The following is not a time lapse, but it is using a Raspberry Pi and a thermal camera…


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