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Two-and-a-half years ago, as a humble Raspberry Pi fanboy, I started Pi Weekly, an email newsletter summarising what was going on in the world of Raspberry Pi. After a few weeks, Liz featured it on the Raspberry Pi blog and the subscribers grew steadily. Six months later I started working here at the Foundation, and I continued to run the newsletter in the same way. I’ve sent out 140 issues now and never missed a single week (ok, it’s a day or two late now and then). It’s never been difficult to find a bunch of links to include in the newsletter, as there’s been an increasing amount of activity around the web the stronger the Pi community has grown.


Today I sent out Issue #140 as the official Raspberry Pi newsletter. We’ve brought it in-house, given it a great new look and it’s going to continue providing the best news, projects and articles from the community each week, including content from our own blog, and from the many brilliant blogs of Pi users around the world.

All the past issues are available on the web, and if you subscribe, you’ll get it in your inbox every Friday.

Go and read today’s issue Izzy, featuring Astro Pi, Chromium OS, PiGRRL, Pimoroni’s IoT pHAT, a radio stream recorder, a voice controlled drone, a grown-up WiFi banana (seriously), 42 useful Linux commands and more. If you like it, sign up and you’ll be on the list for next week’s issue.


We’re also on Twitter and Google+, which is another way to consume the newsletter’s content throughout the week.

Thanks to everyone who supported Pi Weekly, including Ryan Walmsley, who helped run it in the early days, all the sponsors who made it possible to scale, all the contributors, and of course all the subscribers who made it worthwhile. Also thanks to Sam Alder for his work on the new layout, and to phpList who are supporting the email list from today.


G S avatar

Awesome! (I’m subscribing!)

Gabe avatar

I already have

Gerard Spierin avatar

When I found the e-mail in my Spam folder I came here to check first.

Sam Tuke avatar

Thanks Ben, great to see phpList working out for you

Andrew Pattison avatar

Just a wee “heads up” to any subscribers who are wondering why issue 140 is not showing up in their email inbox – for some reason gmail thinks the new format for the Pi Weekly is spam and dumps it into the spam folder, which is hidden by default. So if you are on gmail and you are missing issue 140 check your spam folder!

AlexB avatar

I had been wondering why it hadnt turned up yet and the images where incredibly slow to load in inbox by gmail on Android and could the weekly use stuff like https://developers.google.com/schemas/tutorials/embedding-schemas-in-emails to enable advanced features in clients like inbox as well as improve accessibility

Shannon avatar

Thank you for this excellent resource. I know I really look forward to reading it every week, and always find lots of things I would have missed otherwise. I like the new format, but the old one was just fine too. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the effort!

Ian avatar

Great news Ben, however the new format is not mobile friendly. The pictures and text are side by side which means, on my iPhone 5S, that all the text beside photos are squished!

Having text below the photos might solve the problem.


Ben Nuttall avatar

Thanks – I’ll be sure to make the necessary changes for it to display properly on iPhone as soon as possible.

WallyWare avatar

One of our favorite sites!

RSS user avatar

What has happened to the rss feed? Is ist still available?

RSS user avatar

Thanks for your reply, of course I am using that feed.

I would like to know if Pi Weekly is still available as rss feed. My feed reader used to ask http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/feed?u=a3e42d3ea4355ad45198b39ba&id=2141506785
for new issues of Pi Weekly and succeeded up to #139. It now seems that newer issues are not announced that way. Is there a new url for that?

Ben Nuttall avatar

The feed for the new format is at https://www.raspberrypi.org/weekly/feed/

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