Guess the weight, win a thing!

Today marks the four-year anniversary of Nicola Early joining the Raspberry Pi team. Nicola works as Administrator at Pi Towers and is responsible for so many things that I dare not try to list them all. But among all her tasks, the most important one is the care and maintenance of the office rubber band ball.

Pi Towers Raspberry Pi Rubber Band Ball

The rubber band ball chronicles

Every working day for the last four years, whenever the postman delivers the packs of letters, Nicola has had at least one new rubber band to collect. And so over time, the ball has grown and grown and grown.

Nicola is very protective of the ball, so if you come to her desk in search for a rubber band, you’ll have to withstand her glare as she reluctantly removes one from her expanding collection.

Pi Towers Raspberry Pi Rubber Band Ball

If we are to consider that, in the UK, there are about 261 working days in a year, and Nicola has been working at Pi Towers for four years, it’s fair to estimate the ball consists of at least 1044 bands.

So our question for you is this:

How much does the ball weigh?

Submit your guess in the comments below*, or in the tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post for this blog, and the closest guess will win a Raspberry Pi T-shirt and, if we can manage it without her noticing, a band from the very ball in question.

Pi Towers Raspberry Pi Rubber Band Ball

To take part, you need to submit your guess in grams by midnight next Monday 17 September. Multiple guesses on the same platform from the same account will be ignored — so behave.

*Members of the Raspberry Pi team may not take part, as there are scales on Nicola’s desk, and I don’t trust any of you.


Alex Bevan avatar

Can my guess be the average (mean) of all the other guesses?

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rrfrog avatar


Graham avatar

603 grams (is it supposed to be in grams?)

MrWheeliebin avatar


Ricky avatar

587 grams ?

Nabameet Chatterjee avatar

261 grams

codbat avatar


mike avatar

285 grams

Wil avatar

317gr … ?

Al avatar

1480 grams

Emmet avatar


Paul Webster avatar

314 grams

Nilan Jensen avatar


Nilan Jensen avatar

Or maybe 600g

Michi avatar


James West avatar

1124 grams

crumble avatar

Is this a european or south african banana ;)

crumble avatar

american, south american.

Don’t think on the joke while typing. Don’t think…

Mark Dombrowski avatar

673 grams

Eskimon avatar

1042 grams.

I discovered that the wikipedia page is fascinating, and Nicola is far from breaking the world record ;)

Ed avatar

920 grams

Robert Wiltshire avatar

2496 grams

Mr chris stagg avatar


Dylan Berry avatar

152.946 grams

Sal avatar

540.69 grams

Brian Allen avatar

835.78 grams

Howard Traub avatar

grams or pounds?

1.3125 pounds
595.339986 grams

Zak Zebrowski avatar

910 grams

Daniel Radcliffe avatar

Knowing that an average postal elastic band weighs in at 0.75g my guess is too bloody much lol

About 800g to account for there being 2 some days

Javier Paredes zuriaga avatar

Teniendo en cuenta que yo tengo en casa una de 200gm y es la mitad de mi mano,la bola que aparece en la mano de la foto…calculo que esta bola,siempre que esta sea la real que aparece en las fotos….es de unos 487gm mas o menos.

Adam avatar

790 grams

Jordan Esh avatar


John avatar


Karan avatar

567 grams

dinomite59 avatar

112 grams

NoOne avatar

580 grams

Nathan Loden avatar

164 grams

mike93 avatar

888 g

Brandon Wolf avatar

717 g

Felix Espert avatar

I think it is about 1600 grams…
-Nice idea and greetings from Germany :D

James Martin avatar

215.3 grams

Niels avatar

Nicola doesn’t have holidays? 720 gram!

Colin avatar

433 Grams

Ian avatar

1.047kg (pi/3)

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orlando avatar

542 grams, maybe :-)

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isaac avatar

591.93804 grams

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Karl Moretz avatar

551 grams

Tom W avatar

262 grams

Vojtiech avatar


Dave Conlan avatar

Does it have a titanium ball at the centre? ;)

I’m going to go for 253g.

Richard Morrell avatar

286 grammes

Sicard avatar

1227 grams

Fernando Gonzalez Sidders avatar

1110 grams

Jimmy Foster avatar


Jimmy Foster avatar

Nevermind. I suck at math.

Tadek avatar

591.94 grams

Martin Roth avatar

887 g.

Zach B avatar


Someonewhowantsapibadly avatar


Warren Kelly avatar

265 grams.

Brian Falk avatar

1043.26 grams

M Albert avatar


Chris avatar


Brian Collier avatar

684 grams.

Micah Guttman avatar

31.28 oz

Micah Guttman avatar

Probably 31.28 oz

David avatar

261 grams

Maxim avatar

480 grams!

Wojciech Ciok avatar

86 grams

Spencersaurus avatar

You go to a stationery “store” not shop yet your name’s ukscone. I bet you speak with an American accent when you come back from a holiday in the states too. [edited by ukscone to remove inappropriate word].

ukscone avatar

as i’ve been living in the States for about 28 years it’s a blooming long vacation :P

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Charles Burnaford avatar


Ronnit Peter avatar

591.948 grams

Aaron C avatar

1630 grams.

Brandon Buchert avatar


Dave Shaw avatar


Martin S. avatar

It is obviously 628,318530718 grams!

Morgan Armstrong avatar

601 grams

Garrett Goss avatar


Psistorm avatar

500 grammes

Virginijus Rabacius avatar

261 grams

Virginijus Rabacius avatar

261 grams.

Robert Alderton avatar

765 grams

Dennis Dewey avatar

I would guestimate about 255 grams (g) or .562179 pounds (lbs).

Niall Saunders avatar

If it isn’t 314.15926535898 grams, then I feel that a disiplinary hearing should be held, and those responsible should face summary execution (or whatever the current penalty is for creating inadmissable ball dimensions).

Rrfrog avatar

197.312694 grams

victorhck avatar

1234 g

Kevin C. avatar


Brent Clark avatar

666g – is there a pentagram emoji?

Will9183 avatar

I think it is 970 grams.

If this was a repost of my other comment sorry, it wasn’t showing up on the site.

hbwh19 avatar

My guess is 294 grams

Mark Russell avatar

769 grams or 0.03 Grammas.

janet Puckett avatar

I would say 800g.

Mohan Roy avatar

1353 grams.

David avatar

378 grams

Arthur B. avatar

619 grams

Arjun Krishna avatar

2200 grams I think

Mauro avatar


kindaleek avatar

i’d say roughly 521g =)

Andy Baker avatar

729g based up my own rubber-band ball and banana.

mangel avatar

My guess is 698 grams.

Nickl avatar

412 grams

Eric avatar

812 g

crumble avatar


If it’s too much, add some rubber bands, please.

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BW avatar


Manfred Haak avatar

zwitscherhacki says:

Elton Marques avatar


Matthew avatar

160 grams

Nikos Karamanolis avatar

I’d say 2580 grams
No idea how many pounds that is…

Norman Dunbar avatar

In for a penny,



David S avatar

My guess: 268g

Angelos M avatar

My guess: 473g

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Michl avatar


Georgil Mathew avatar

278 grams

Tim avatar

196 gm

davidw avatar


yan avatar

789.25 grams

Snowball avatar

288grams ball envy!

David avatar

327 grams

Adam avatar


(Based on scaling up the mass of the similar ball of PO rubber bands on my desk, and assuming that’s a typical Cavendish banana…!)

Zaeem Nalla avatar


Nedstryger avatar

1274.676 grams

Sarah Irving avatar


Arthur B. avatar

Are we guessing for the weight before or after the winner’s band is removed?

Brian avatar

611 grams

Varun S avatar

I think it is 270g!

Thomas Lafrance avatar

274,05g :p

Eckhard Kleine avatar

498 g

Kostis Karvouniaris avatar

687g. So there!

Mads L. Filskov avatar

753 g

Alan G avatar

My guess 1140g.

Mijalis avatar


Strictlymaths avatar


justguessing avatar


Andrew Peterson avatar

749.4 grams

Bo Lindbergh avatar


roy avatar


RonJ avatar

265 grams

buio avatar

I assume a natural rubber (d) density of 0.93 kg/dm^3, a band spherical packing of 75% (p) and Alex? hand as medium sized, giving a ball radius (r) of 5cm.

This leads to an actual rubber volume (V) of 4/3 pi r^3 * p and a weight of V*d.

Given my precise error-free calculation my guess is 392,7g for today, as there is uncertainty on the steadiness of pi:


Milos avatar

922 grams

Kathirvel avatar


Thiago HP avatar


sushir s avatar

680 grams

Meet avatar

180 grams

Quinten De Roo avatar

584,64 grams

Abhishek Sharma avatar

358.87 grams

patrick levis avatar

1280 grams

Govind avatar

835.2 grams

Gutemberg avatar


Petr Gondek avatar

266 g

Jatin Dhankhar avatar

657 grams

Nacho avatar


Nathan Boyle avatar

298.3 grams

Harry avatar

262g ?

Christopher Diaz avatar

500 grams

Pablo J. Rogina avatar

580 grams

Theo Mol avatar

662 grams

Paul Hurm avatar

314.15926535897 gm

thus making it a banana pie

Brian avatar

558.3 grams

Bill avatar

742 grams

Jon avatar

395 grams

Ben avatar

261 grams

A avatar

888 grams

Tom Briggs avatar

720g !

Shakil Hussain avatar

2234 grams

Jaime Moreno avatar

319 gr !

Michael Charney avatar

The rubber band ball should weigh in around 680.39 grams or roughly 1.5 pounds.

Björn Wärmedal avatar

Who won? :)

barmiska avatar

911 grams

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