Pioneers: the first challenge is…

After introducing you all to Pioneers back in November, we’ve seen some amazing responses across social media with teams registering, Code Clubs and Jams retweeting, and everyone getting themselves pumped up and ready for action.

Mass excitement all round, including here at Pi Towers! So, without further ado, here’s the delightful Owen to reveal the first challenge.

That’s right: we want you to make us laugh with tech. As well as the great examples that Owen provides, you’ll also find some great starters on the Pioneers website, along with hundreds of projects online.

If you’ve yet to register your team, make sure you do so via this form. And if you’re struggling to find a mentor for your team, or a team to mentor, make sure to use the #MakeYourIdeas tag on social media to keep in the loop. It’s also worth checking organisations such as your local Code Club, CoderDojo, or makerspace for anyone looking to get involved.

This Pioneers challenge is open to anyone in the UK between the ages of twelve and 15. If you’re soon to turn twelve or have just turned 16, head over to the Pioneers FAQ page – you may still be eligible to enter.

So get making, and make sure to share the process on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat using #MakeYourIdeas!

posting your projects progress


Albert avatar

Starting a new after school club and will use this to inspire the kids.
It’s primary school so too young for Pioneers, but I expect this will get their brains working.

Alex Bate avatar

Excellent to hear, Albert. Good luck with your club!

Liz Upton avatar

I’m really excited about seeing entries for this program: this is the first time we’ve worked directly with people in this age group. If you know someone you think might be interested, please help us spread the word!

Albert avatar

Will mention at Egham Raspberry Jam on the 22nd. More than enough time to make something funny.

Shannon avatar

Why is it that all the cool stuff shows up after you get too old for it? I really happy for the kids, though. Any chance the Pi folk in the US will start something?

Jordan avatar

Shanon you just nailed it! My nephew is ten and I wish he could find great stuff like this after a couple of years!

Bob Brady avatar

Sounds like fun for everyone involved.

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