Pimoroni is 3

For Pimoroni’s second birthday, we finally outgrew the old spring-storage workshop in Neepsend.

After hunting for a while, we found a new home near the train station in Sheffield. The new Pirate Ship is almost 8,000 sq ft of workshop and office that works pretty well for us, especially since it’s close to Street Food Chef and the Rutland Arms.

We’ve been here a year now and can say we’ve finally settled in. In fact we’ve almost filled the place, since we’ve continued growing at the same pace as the two previous years. This is pretty amazing, and means we’re now providing employment to more than 20 people.


People! Having jobs! Because of your awesome support for Pimoroni! This amazes us :D

We now have Rick who runs the packing department. Matt and Kelly are the new shop team. Connor has joined Production to spend more time with laser cutters, and we of course have Phil “Gadgetoid” joining Jon and Paul in development.


We also had our first work experience peeps this summer, with Ben Dunicliff and Amy Mather spending a week helping out the Pirates.

As well as expanding the Robot Lab and Lasertorium to make Flotilla (getting really close to being finished) and our awesome HATs, our shop has grown as Raspberry Pi and Making get more popular. The Raspi 2 launch was a really intense couple of weeks and everyone worked their heinie off to make sure people got their stuff as quickly as possible.

We’ve also managed to do some events again somehow, and appear at Maker Faires around the world, Deer Shed Festival, Picademy, and of course the occasional MegaJam, Cam Jam and Birthday Party.


Our plan is to continue the trend and keep making awesome things, and growing to become as awesome in Europe as Adafruit and Sparkfun are in the USA! We still barely have time to breathe on the average Pimoroni day. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve saved up a few special things for our birthday to celebrate, and so, from today, as well as getting a whopping 15% off (with code PICADE), you can also order these shiny new things:


After finally delivering the Picade a year after the Kickstarter ended we were happy never to see another one for a while. We felt we let the community down a bit, as people were always asking when it was going to be released.


Our guilt finally got the better of us, and so we dusted off the plans, refined the PCB and got serious about it.


The results is the Picade you can actually buy. It has a kickass PCB made by Ragworm (who else!) which has a novel 3-colour solder-mask/silk on top, the first we’ve made or seen.


We’ve also made a smaller ‘Console’ version, which is perfect for a Raspi 2 and your HDMI screen. It houses the PCB, Pi, audio and controls in a neat, more portable box.

Piano HAT

Zack Igielman got talking to us after making his PiPiano on IndieGoGo. He wanted to make it a thing, but didn’t particularly want to spend time going through the production process, which we can really appreciate. Hardware is hard.


We gave it the full Pimoroni art-treatment, and the result is the Piano HAT. Possibly our shiniest board.

Pibow Tangerine

We made some custom Pibows for the Ubuntu Orange Matchbox. Lovely people. We liked the colour so much we decided to release it as an official Pibow colour: the Pibow Tangerine (rhymes with Yellow Submarine).


Coupe Royale

The purple A+ Coupé has made the jump to join the other Coupés for the Raspi 2 and B+. Everyone loves purple.

We also have a couple of other little surprises coming over the next few days, just to keep you interested :D

Again, thanks for believing in us and supporting us! We’ll keep making awesome stuff in piratical fashion. Arrrr!

– The Pirates of Pimoroni


george avatar

Awesome Pirates!!!

Michael Horne avatar


Lorna Lynch avatar

Hurrah for you all! Happy birthday!

sooseeg avatar

Gotta love the pirates! Thanks for all the help guys;o)

Steve Foster avatar

Ordered my Piano HAT already. I love the gothic-style fonts, another really well-presented product. Now I just need to work it into my Pi schemes of work for key-stage 3 students next year (and get my school to pay for some) and I can also see it being a hit at our school open evening in October. Good job I have got a bit of time off my official schoolwork for a few weeks. Plenty of time to play with the Piano HAT and see what it can do. Meantime, back to learning Python again….

guru avatar

Let us know what you do Steve! We’re trying to be more helpful for teachers with Explorer HAT Pro and Piano HAT cos they’re good starting points and helpful :D

guru avatar

Fanks you guise! 3:D

Helen Lynn avatar

Happy birthday! Besides all my Pibows and add-ons, a sizeable fraction of my habitual wardrobe is sourced from Pimoroni – I often couldn’t leave the house without you. Grateful.

ukscone avatar

Happy Birthday to the crew of the good ship Pimoroni. onwards and upwards. your cunning plan for world domination is coming to fruition

Ken Maciver avatar

Happy Birthday Guys; as an Ex-Pat Sheffield, the secret passphrase is “Hendersons Relish”

Liz Upton avatar

I love that stuff. I swear it’s what fuels the general brilliance of Sheffield. Congrats on three stonking years, pirates!

Phil avatar

Woohoo!.. I mean Yarrrrr me hearties. Thanks all :D

Alan Mc avatar

♫ We all live in a Pibow Tangerine, a Pibow Tangerine….♫

Bon anniversaire les amis Pirates !

There was lots of interest during our Raspberry Jam yesterday from people wanting to know who are the best Pi-Purveyors & where to get the top Swag ;o) I think we’ll be very shortly taking our new “hackspace” account for a spin with our Raisin Pi/Cour_Tech_Zone contingent in le Sud de la France.

Looking forward to you maybe visiting us on “Pimoroadi Trip” one of these days. A bientôt!

ColinD avatar

Happy Birthday Pimoroni! Your HATs are just fantastic.

dan3008 avatar

Man, I wish I had the time at the moment to pop down and see you there… I litterally live 10 minutes from you…

guru avatar

You should come down some time anyway and say Hi! :D

wallyware avatar

Great stuff!

Brian Corteil avatar

Happy 3rd Birthday pirates, europe’s Adafruit is the way I describe Pimoroni to people when I tell them about your great site/shop. The PiBow is my favorite case and I still buy mine from Pimoroni, even that I have the resources to cut my own. Paul and Jon’s support for the making community is great.

fnord avatar

Framboisendorf :D

Nice to see some actual piano geekery in there.

guru avatar

Hah! Thanks for noticing! :D

Jeff Greer avatar

Happy birthday! As an early customer, I can attest that that you produce a quality product and have excellent customer service and support. Hence, your great success!


Leo White avatar

Hope you had a good birthday! Where does the time go?

I took advantage of your weekend deals and should have shiny new stuff turning up today/tomorrow!

MalMan35 avatar

Arr matey. Set sail to the seven seas! To plunder and loot!! Urr ahh I mean,
Arr matey. Set RPI to boot! To program and solder! Happy birthday! You guys are awesome! ^_^

helprace avatar

Looks like a great way to spend your time – happy you guys found a great pirate-friendly habitat!

Jarle Teigland avatar

Great to see how Pimoroni has grown; not that surprising as customer service has been second to none – apart from pirating all me money :0)


Ben Dunicliff avatar

Happy birthday to pimoroni :D

Any chance you could correct the spelling in my name? Ben Dunicliff
(the work experience bit)

Ben Nuttall avatar


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