New Raspberry Pi 400 layouts

Raspberry Pi 400 is now available with keyboard layouts for Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. You can buy these four new variants from our lovely Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. Happy Friday!

How many layouts are available?

Raspberry Pi 400 hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet (remember the launch in November?), but at only 249 days old, it already has ten variants to choose from.

At launch, users could choose between English (UK and US), French, Italian, German, and Spanish keyboard layouts, and the new variants support Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. With a variant for Japan coming soon, Raspberry Pi 400 will soon be available with the same range of layouts as our official keyboard.

Top view of a woman's hands using the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard and official Raspberry Pi mouse
The nail varnish that shook the internet

Can we see?

Here are the keyboard layouts of the four new variants, so you can take a closer look.

Swedish keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print SE

Users in Sweden can buy Raspberry Pi 400 with the new Swedish keyboard layout from our resellers Electrokit and

Portuguese keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print PT

If you’re in Portugal, you can buy a Portuguese Raspberry Pi 400 from the good people at Robert Mauser Ltd.

Norwegian keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print NO

If you’re looking to purchase Raspberry Pi 400 in our Norwegian layout, can help.

Danish keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print DK

And for those of you in Denmark, can ship you a Danish Raspberry Pi 400 too.

Let me see them ALL

All the keyboard layouts for Raspberry Pi 400 are available for your perusal from our Raspberry Pi Datasheets page.

That is a suspiciously neat desk

Which Raspberry Pi 400 do you have on your desk?


Mladen avatar

Can we expect layouts for Serbian-Slovenian-Croatian keyboard also:)?

3janfer avatar

Agree, I want a Slovenian layout and I also hope for a Croatian/Serbian layout for our south brothers

Cýrus Cýrusarson avatar

Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ – can’t get an Icelandic keyboard anywhere – a right thorn in my side! Don’t you think so Eth?
I would definitely buy an Icelandic keyboard at that price! Please make öne.

Michal Smrž avatar

And that’s why keyboard has to be external. Still thousands of languages not covered.

Anonymous avatar

Or maybe some kind of modular design that can allow you to remove just the keys and top and replace it with a different one. Buy one of the major language Pi X00s, buy a layout kit, swap it out.

Buffy avatar

It pretty much is already modular; they all have the same system board, so the rest is just the keyboard and plastic case.

What I think would be really nice, though, is if the system board was made for a CM4 and had an M.2 connector. Maybe that would have to be a Pi 450 or something though?

Michael avatar

Agreed! It would be great if there was a pi400 variant with the same port layout as the existing pi400 motherboard, but implemented as a CM4 carrier board. Want to upgrade your pi400 to an 8GB version with 32GB of EMMC (or better yet: a CM5)? Just plug in the new compute module! And, while you are at it, make an affordable tablet and laptop using the same principles! Raspberry pi everywhere!

yan avatar

I hope for a Greek layout soon

Haris avatar

There are stickers available with Greek characters.
Just search for “red transparent greek keyboard stickers”.

Timofei Korostelev avatar

We need Russian keyboard for the mother Russia!

nafanz avatar

I fully support

Asphalt avatar

I am hoping for a greek layout soon

Finland avatar

I dislike that you have named the Finnish layout “Swedish.” Not everyone in Finland speaks Swedish. It is a minority language. Please rectify and name the layout properly: Finnish. That covers both languages.

solar3000 avatar

“Finnish Him!”
( Mortal Kombat )

Mikael Bonnier avatar

The Swedish and Finnish keyboard layout is the same when it comes to characters printed on the keys. There are some hidden characters that are different. I think Denmark, Sweden, and Finland should switch to the Norwegian keyboard layout because it’s the best of the Nordic layouts. I’m a Swede myself. Ø and Æ have an advantage over Ö and Ä since you can type Ǿ and Ǽ which might be used sometimes. I currently use a UK/GB keyboard (Official Raspberry Pi) with a Raspberry Pi 4 B 8 GB. It’s rather easy to type Swedish and many other characters on that: ÅĀǍĂȦÄÃÁÂÀẠ.

Liam avatar

Is there a timescale for release of the Japanese layout? Although I’m in the U.K. now, I am so used to typing with a Japanese keyboard that I get the keys wrong on the British layout! I will certainly be buying the Japanese one as soon as it becomes available.

Rusty avatar

I’d like an 8 GB version of the RPi 400. :D

Tejas Singh YT avatar

Hey cool, But what is the model number of the monitor that was in the last picture. Looks cool I’ll buy it with the Pi 5 when it comes out.

BTW, please give a hexa core Pi 5 and other cool stuff

Tejas Singh YT avatar

I mean release a new pi

solar3000 avatar

DOHH!!! You got me there. “New layout”! I thought it was a new circuit board design.

Frank Hofmann avatar

RaspberryPi 400 is as long a failed thing as he didn’t support 8GB RAM until the customer is able to change the mainboard.
Next developent step should have a RAM socket layout to choose your RAM size.
So I prefere the normal single board Pi at the present to get enough RAM space.

Buffy avatar

I don’t think it’s a failure; 4GB is a lot for running Linux. I have an 8GB RPi 4B, but rarely even go over 2GB used, even with Firefox and LibreOffice Calc running.

I put a post above farther about maybe there could be a version made for the CM4 and with an M.2 that would be real flexible. IDK how the costs would be; probably more than the Pi 400 though.

Frank Thoma avatar

I am very surprised, started as a fun thing for kids and now adults take it so serious. Come back to earth and stay on the carpet. I love my PI400 for what is, a remarkable gadget to play around and have fun.

Eric Olson avatar

I find it amazing with all the comments here that nobody requested a color other than pink. At any rate, while it’s good to see the keyboard choices being fleshed out, rather than a babel of 10 different layouts, I’d prefer 10 different color choices.

fanoush avatar

Initially there was some talk about black version for usage as thin clients in office but not sure if anything materialized later.

Mikael Bonnier avatar

Alt+Shift+[ followed by Shift+A gives Å, but Shift+Alt+[ followed by Shift+A gives nothing on UK/GB layout on the Official Raspberry Pi keyboard. I don’t know how it works on Raspberry Pi 400, but it’s rather strange that the order you press modifier keys should matter: Alt+Shift is not the same as Shift+Alt.

Joao Pires Mendes avatar

Hello fom Portugal. I have a collection of RPi’s 1,2,3b and 4. I do not buy the 400 because a to me obvious missing. The mouse should be integrated in the body of the conputer as a mouse pad, like for instance in the logitek k400 keyboards. That way, one could be on the sofá working with more comfort. :)

Noxmiles avatar

I hope for a mechanical keyboard soon.

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