Naturebytes’ weatherproof Pi and camera case

Naturebytes are making their weatherproof Wildlife Cam Case available as a standalone product for the first time, a welcome addition to the Raspberry Pi ecosystem that should take some of the hassle out of your outdoor builds.

A robin on a bird feeder in a garden with a Naturebytes Wildlife Cam mounted beside it

Weatherproofing digital making projects

People often use Raspberry Pis and Camera Modules for outdoor projects, but weatherproofing your set-up can be tricky. You need to keep water — and tiny creatures — out, but you might well need access for wires and cables, whether for power or sensors; if you’re using a camera, it’ll need something clear and cleanable in front of the lens. You can use sealant, but if you need to adjust anything that you’ve applied it to, you’ll have to remove it and redo it. While we’ve seen a few reasonable options available to buy, the choice has never been what you’d call extensive.

The Naturebytes case

For all these reasons, I was pleased to learn that Naturebytes, the wildlife camera people, are releasing their Wildlife Cam Case as a standalone product for the first time.

Naturebytes case open

The Wildlife Cam Case is ideal for nature camera projects, of course, but it’ll also be useful for anyone who wants to take their Pi outdoors. It has weatherproof lenses that are transparent to visible and IR light, for all your nature observation projects. Its opening is hinged to allow easy access to your hardware, and the case has waterproof access for cables. Inside, there’s a mount for fixing any model of Raspberry Pi and camera, as well as many other components. On top of all that, the case comes with a sturdy nylon strap to make it easy to attach it to a post or a tree.

Naturebytes case additional components

Order yours now!

At the moment, Naturebytes are producing a limited run of the cases. The first batch of 50 are due to be dispatched next week to arrive just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so get them while they’re hot. It’s the perfect thing for recording a timelapse of exactly how quickly the slugs obliterate your vegetable seedlings, and of lots more heartening things that must surely happen in gardens other than mine.


Helen Lynn avatar

I say “batch of 50”; at most 49 are still up for grabs now :)

MAB avatar

Nicely timed for the upcomimng Springwatch!!

Ryan O'Connor avatar

48 remaining hurry and order yours now!!!

Ignacio avatar

Me alegro por la gente de Naturebytes y por nosotros,es gratificante ver como se suman proyectos a la comunidad RPI.

James Carroll avatar

Oh man, if they were in Camo it would be so much better. What an awful color. Still, a cool design.

Miles Archer avatar

Got paint?

James Carroll avatar

Yes. I ordered one and I plan to paint it a good camo scheme for the area I’m going to install it. Not for the animals because they don’t care but to keep anyone from seeing it and tampering with or stealing it. My brother has had a couple of his trail cams taken.

Leo White avatar

Down to about 10 now :D

The Naturebytes Fox avatar

James, be kind. Happy to hear you ordered anyway. The green was the runaway favourite after user testing every colour under the sun. 9 out of 10 badgers prefer Naturebytes cases to the next leading brand :)

James Carroll avatar

It’s no biggie. I picked up the paint, now I’m just waiting for the case. :)

Rick avatar

Hope they see the demand for these and offer them in other colours (e.g black, brown, camo, white) so you can make them blend into your garden (bright green doesn’t really blend unfortunately :D)

Phillip Morris avatar

How many cases are left now please ?? ;-) Thanks !

Helen Lynn avatar

They said they’d be dispatching the first 50 earlier this week so as to reach UK customers just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend, but that’s not all the available stock, so I’m sure you can still order one. You could also drop Naturebytes a line to check ([email protected]).

Fintan Keogh avatar

Just ordered one and site says still 35 in stock.

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