Meet Babbage the Bear!

Your votes have been counted: there was a clear winner. Congratulations to Fergal Butler, who was the first person to respond to the original post with the name Babbage.

Well done Fergal! Emma will be in touch with you next week to get your address. The prototype bear has already found a home with Clive’s little girl, and production Babbage won’t be with us for a couple of weeks, but we’ll make sure yours is the first to be sent out.



ukscone avatar

Good name for a bear whether he be from darkest Peru or Raspberry Towers. Hopefully he isn’t a bear of very little brain & a honey addiction

Andy avatar

Hi, Babbage, welcome to the family.
Have you met Alexander yet?

Leo avatar

Will there be a Babbage cartoon strip?

Jim Manley avatar

As they say in Chicago, Da Bear(s)! :)

Welcome, Bearbage, I mean Babbage! I hope the bear has a more pleasant disposition than his namesake, who was reportedly quite the curmudgeon even in his younger years. I believe his affliction was telling-it-like-he-thought-it-was-itis ;)

bee_doc avatar

Was it Fergal or Fergus who won? Both names are listed (I’d blame the predictive spell checker or my smartphone!)

liz avatar

Gah – autocorrect. Thank you!

tzj avatar

Now there’s an idea!

Trevor avatar

iwoot (for my kids, of course :) ).

Liam Jackson avatar

Interesting, Babbage is the host-name of the UNIX server at UNI. The server that haunts me with visits from the technicians every time i type ‘sudo’ :(

I know why I don’t get sudo, Its just habit to use it!

Andy avatar

I want one!

Gene Angel avatar

Congrats on the new name! Something though that should be looked at is a lot of people posted (some a couple of times) and the board would just not let them post in this contest.

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