May these four Star Wars-themed builds be with you

If you’re reading this blog even one day after we published it, you’ve only gone and ruined the title for yourself. Here are four fantastic Star Wars-themed projects, built around Raspberry Pi, to celebrate May the fourth.

LED Star Wars film stills display

Making your May 4th glitzier

Stewart Watkiss made this RGB LED matrix display, powered by a Raspberry Pi, to celebrate last year’s Star Wars day. It shows a collection of images from all nine of the films in the three trilogies. Read more about how he made it.

Rebel Pathfinder field terminal luggable

star wars
Sturdy enough for the battlefield

Maker Maz_Baz wanted to create something that one of the techs from the special forces of the Rebel Alliance might lug into battle. It houses a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Miuzei touchscreen.

There are loads more photos and details about the build process on the original reddit thread. Or go straight to the maker’s thingiverse to find the 3D-printed parts you need to make your own.

Raspberry Pi R2-D2 console

game cube painted to look like R2D2
More corners than the real R2-D2

Diehard Nintendo and Star Wars fan electrouser301 is behind this customised Raspberry Pi-powered R2-D2 console. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is its brain, and electrouser301 has modified a Nintendo GameCube with spray paint and hand-cut stencils. Read the story behind the build.

Star Wars-themed engagement ring box

OK, this one doesn’t have a Raspberry Pi inside, but it’s the best story. We came across a post from its maker, Chuck Jordan, asking for help making a Raspberry Pi-based Star Wars project. But then we got distracted by the enigmatic mention of a wedding stunt.

We’d say yes, Chuck!

Back in 2019, Chuck got engaged to his boyfriend at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Evidently not someone who does things by half, for this momentous occasion he made a 3D-printed ring box that lights up in rainbow colours when it’s opened. Read the whole adorable tale here.


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My daughter refers to the Disney Star Wars themed area as “Mouse Eisley.”

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