The MagPi magazine #46 is out now!

The June 2016 edition of The MagPi magazine is on sale today with another 100 pages of projects, ideas, and inspiration for hackers and makers of all ages and abilities.

#46 mockup

Click the pic to download the latest issue free!

buy_print_smallIf you or someone you know has never quite got to grips with using the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins then #46 has some excellent advice and starter projects, including Rob’s rather splendid selfie stick:

Elsewhere this issue we’re hacking RC controllers with Pi Zero, building IoT weight scales, knocking together night-vision cameras and coding an Asteroids clone (and that’s just for starters). As always, we’ve got a plethora of amazing projects from the community, including this charming coffee roaster:

The MagPi wouldn't be possible without copious amounts of lovely, lovely coffee…

The MagPi wouldn’t be possible without copious amounts of lovely, lovely coffee…

Grab your free Pi Zero!

The other big story from this issue is that we’ve got a brand-spanking new print subscription offer. Subscribe today and you’ll get a brand new Pi Zero 1.3, HDMI and USB adaptors, and a camera ribbon cable with your first issue.

Free gifts don’t come much better than this. Back of the net!


Alan Mc (Irish Framboise) avatar

Wow. I’ll have to tell some folks over here in France who’ve been wanting to get a #PiZero to get subscribing quick so! That’s a great idea and fantastic offer even with the EU delivery =o)

Love the fish-slice-selfie-stick, Rob. Look forward to getting the print copy in my letter box here in Orange in the next day or two. Got my MagPi Essentials & PiZero v1.3 with ribbon cable & kit yesterday \o/

Mike Cook avatar

Video of the Spectrum Display project from Mike’s Pi Bakery is here:-

Etienne avatar

On page 27, likely an error on the RGB Led drawing, it should be a common cathode while a common anode is represented.

Hans Lepoeter avatar

Hi Etienne,

I agree, that’s an error in the drawing. Common anode should be connected to Vcc It’s correctly explained in text though. Another thing thats problematic is that if you have a common cathode rgb led, the blue led inside might well have a forward voltage close or over 3v3. That led will not work when over and will be very dim when close to 3v3. Check out the datasheet on that before buying an rgb led and tweak the resistor when close to 3v3

Russell Barnes avatar

Thanks for the correction – we’ll make sure we include it as feedback next issue.

AndrewS avatar

Small error on page 61 too – the diagram shows three MSGEQ7 chips, but the text refers to there being just two.

karan avatar

Will people who have already subscribed to the magpi get the new pizero?

Russell Barnes avatar

Most people that already subscribe got the free Pi Zero with issue #40 (either at the time or retrospectively), but if you didn’t don’t worry:

With this incentive we’re also offering it for those renewing their existing subscription – if you call to extend your sub for a further six or twelve months we’ll still send you a lovely Pi Zero bundle (the extra issues will just append on the end of any issues left on your existing subscription).

I hope that helps!

AndrewS avatar

Why do the 6 and 12 month subscriptions work out more expensive than the 3 month subscription?

David Jones avatar

I didn’t know you could renew an existing subscription so I took out a new 12 month one at the end of last week. The magazine arrived today, but no pi zero.

JBeale avatar

Ok, ya got me with that offer of the Pi Zero plus cable and adaptors. Would think “Free Pi Zero” ought to be in the thumbnail image/blog link on the main page.

Liz Upton avatar

We like to reward people who are good at reading.

Matt C avatar

Unfortunately I JUST extended my subscription for 12 months (this was my first issue of the new subscription). Will I receive the Pi Zero or no? Thanks!

Richard avatar

I’ve been meaning to subscribe, clicked on the story to get the link and saw that! Holly cow!!!

You spoil us with your free computers! LoL :)

bluecar1 avatar

subscribed today, been meaning to do it for a while, but the pi zero offer to good to miss

just had my arduino uno kit turn up today as well lots of toys to play with shortly

Gaz99 avatar

Wow, great MagPi edition, espcially as my duaghter is sat at the 4Bot on Page 41. That was a nice surprise! She nearly beat it, and really enjoyed the day at the 4th Birthday Bash in Cambridge. Keep up the good work

Richard avatar
Paul avatar

On page 20, figure 1, the switch circuit and in the common symbols, a capacitor is shown, but the text refers to a battery.

Cpt James Purcell avatar

Since the selfish overbuying nonsense I have refuse to buy the mag from the shops.
Guess what, just ordered a new subscription.

Paul avatar

Page 59 – Raspberry Pi Night vision Hack – Step 5 says “…The header needs to be soldered so the pins are on the inside of the case and pointing downwards…” but the image at the bottom of the page shows the Lisiparoi with the headers on the outside.

The author must have several Lisiparoi’s since the image at the beginning of the article shows the headers on the inside.

marc draco avatar

“Since the selfish overbuying nonsense I have refuse to buy the mag from the shops.”

^ ^ THAT ^ ^

and I still haven’t been able to get one! Saying that, most of my work requires some sort of network and the Zero is just a tad too “Heath Robinson” in that regard.

jbeale avatar

“Subscribe today and you’ll get a brand new Pi Zero 1.3…” I did subscribe that day and the first magazine arrived today (June 7) which was Issue 40 (Christmas 2015), with a Pi Zero 1.2 included. I thought that version was long since sold out (maybe only in the UK?) I can’t complain about “free” but wondering about the promised Pi Zero 1.3. Is that also coming later?

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