Learn all about the new Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 in The MagPi 45

Earlier this week, the brand new Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 was revealed to the world, its headline feature being an 8-megapixel sensor. It’s been a few years since the original came out and the new camera is an excellent little upgrade to the existing model; you can find out all the details in our complete breakdown in Issue 45 of The MagPi magazine, which is out today.

Picture perfect, the new Pi Camera Module v2

Picture perfect, the new Pi Camera Module v2

As well as covering the camera and giving you some projects to start you off with it, we also have a look at the ten best Pi-powered arcade machines, which should give you some ideas for a retro games system of your own. There are also tutorials on creating lighting effects for costumes with a Pi and some NeoPixels, making an Asteroids clone in Basic, and building an IoT thermometer. We also have Astro Pi news, excellent projects, reviews, and everything else you’d expect from your monthly MagPi.

A model railway, in-part powered by Pi Zero

A model railway, powered in-part by Pi Zero

Highlights from issue 45:

  • Replicate an Astro Pi experiment
    Create a humidity sensor, similar to the Sweaty Astronaut code
  • Hacking with dinosaurs
    The MagPi heads to the Isle of Wight to see how some animatronic dinos are being hacked with Pi
  • Original games on the Pi
    Play three brand-new games on your Pi thanks to YoYo and GameMaker Studio
  • Moon pictures
    Find out how to use the camera board to take amazing photos of the moon
  • And much, much more!

How to buy
As usual, you can get The MagPi in store from WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda as well as buying copies online from our store. It’s also available digitally via our app on Android and iOS. If you fancy subscribing to the magazine to make sure you never miss an issue, you can do that to on our subscription site.

Free Creative Commons download
As always, you can download your copy of The MagPi completely free. Grab it straight from the issue page for The MagPi 45.

Don’t forget, though, that like sales of the Raspberry Pi itself, all proceeds from the print and digital editions of the magazine go to help the Foundation achieve its charitable goals. Help us democratise computing!

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue! Before anyone asks, no, the magazine unfortunately does not come with a free camera. Sorry!


Shannon avatar

Picard is not happy. Maybe just send him a free camera. I don’t mind buying my own, but he looks so disappointed. He should be happy, there’s a new MagPi out! Thanks!

Toby avatar

I already got mine yesterday – yes, a subscription!

JBeale avatar

MagPi45, p.24: “…type in the following: raspistill -o firstpic.jpg
You’ll see a red light on the Camera Module, followed by the
image of whatever the camera is pointing at…” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the new camera module has no red light?

LearnRaspi avatar

Just subscribed to MagPi :)

Newman avatar

Oh drats! And there I was ready to race down to the local newstand to see if there was something attached to the front cover, and have ready my trusty soldering iron to fend off other greedy reaching hands.

Also while we’re on the subject, anyone ever discover what the new change was done on the Pi Zero that was recently mentioned? Inquiring minds want to know!

Texy avatar

Apparently patience is a virtue !!

Dougie avatar

BTW, someone should explain to Richard Smedley that static IP addresses are no longer done by updating /etc/network/interfaces. But should be done in /etc/dhcpcd.conf (it’s not like it tells you that in the first five lines of /etc/network/interfaces, of course.

Don’t the MagPi proof readers look out for stuff like that any longer?

tai viinikka avatar

Dougie, not to be disagreeable, but I wonder:
” static IP addresses are no longer done by updating /etc/network/interfaces. But should be done in /etc/dhcpcd.conf ”

If I’m using static IP addresses, I don’t install dhcpd and thus I likely don’t have dhcpd.conf … is there a problem with my logic?


Phil Atkin avatar

Very tempted to attach one of these to half of a broken pair of binoculars to make a custom ultrazoom wildlife camera. In my copious spare time …

Phil Atkin avatar

Bloody brilliant!! If you’ll pardon my Franglais.

Milliways avatar

DO NOT follow the misinformation in “Predictable Networking” It is just plain wrong and the one thing you can guarantee is the results will be UNPREDICTABLE.

JonnyRed avatar

I am not sure if I misunderstood, but when adding a button to a pi don’t you need a resistor “one side of the button connected to ground; the other is connected to GPIO pin 14 (but you can choose your favourite pin).” page 26/27. I thought this would damage your pi unless you use the pin that already has the resistor on the pi side.

AndrewS avatar

The Pi has internal pull-up resistors, which Gpiozero handles for you behind the scenes.

Andrew Gale avatar

Yep, that’s fine. However, the resistor in series with the pushbutton switch on page 64 is rather curious along with the statement “You’ll need a resistor suitable for your button”. I suppose it provides some protection if you accidentally set the GPIO pin to be an output and press the button, though.

mettauk avatar

Are the focusing issues with V2 camera addressed?

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