A live-streaming Raspberry Pi nest cam: your essential Easter Monday viewing

It’s Easter Monday, a public holiday here in the UK, and Pi Towers is still and silent. Even the continuous flight augering piler on the massive building site next door is, for a time, quiet. So here is the briefest of posts, to share with you a Raspberry Pi cam live-streaming from a blue tit nest in Alan McCullagh‘s parents’ garden in Kilkenny, Ireland. You’ll need to have Flash installed to watch.


The eggs are expected to hatch 14 days after the last laid egg, and the mother was still laying on Thursday, so check in towards the end of the month to catch a first glimpse of the chicks. Alan’s set-up is based on our Infrared Bird Box learning resource; tell us in the comments if you’ve made something similar, or if you plan to.


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Live stream from IoT enabled bird nest in Slovenia

Data from bird nest sensors

Disclaimer: im not author of this project.

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This is as boring as watching paint dry!

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Well now, each to their own, old fruit.

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Indeed it ain’t no action movie! But hey, it’s nature ;oD Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend!

If you want to check out some more “exciting” breeds at the moment there are some other interesting nest-cams too on Ustream (Eagles/Ospreys…). We may also try setting up one on Barn Owl boxes next year on my uncle’s farm.

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Why have you been watching paint dry?

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Wow excellent =o) That’s some clutch Mossi, a full dozen!

What species of bird is it and whereabouts in the world is the garden?

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It’s a Blue Tit. I’ve only seen the one building and sitting on the nest. No sign of the male. She is going to be very busy!

The nest box is attached to the back of the garage.

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In Hampshire, England.

Now have 8 little one being looked after by both parents.

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The Peregrines are back in Brussels since 2004. Watch them on 3 locations.

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Ouch! Forgot to post the link.


And of course there’s also a project in Belgian schools (in cooperation with http://naturebytes.org/) using the Raspberry Pi. You can watch lots of videos and photos on this website: http://xperibird.be/en/home

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Why Flash? Some Ustreams work without it, e.g. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/iss-hdev-payload

Flash has always been a barrier to innovative new platforms and so should not be promoted on raspberrypi.org.

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Fully agree that the Raspberry Pi Foundation should not promote the use of Flash because it is also a barrier for the Scratch Programming Language to further develop (but making a switch to Snap! is always possible).


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Like it or not, Adobe Flash is a requirement for Scratch 2. For our core educational market, this is an important piece of software – if we were to adopt a “no Flash” policy, we would be needlessly blocking access to it for Pi users for reasons which are ideological rather than technical, and we aren’t going to do that. (Which is why the Flash plugin for Chromium is a standard part of the Raspbian/PIXEL image.)

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Perhaps you might also enjoy my site : http://www.birdbox.org.uk
Also run by a Raspberry Pi. Daytime pictures only though, and they have only yesterday started building the nest so no eggs as yet.

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We’ve currently got a family of robins with pi & webcam combo – no live web stream unfortunately, but some nice daylight pics and videos: http://nestboxtech.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/unexpected-robin-nest.html

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We’ve got a Pi-powered webcam on a robin nest at the moment:
She’s currently incubating eggs. No live streaming, but some nice daylight videos of egg incubation


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YouTube livestream now setup for this robin nest, with link on the blog page:


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