Le Myope – a confused camera

This is very silly indeed.

Salade Tomate Oignon in Paris seems to be making a bit of a habit of doing outlandish things with Raspberry Pi and other people’s photography. You might remember Layer Cam from a couple of years ago, which allows you to point a sandwich box pretending to be a camera at a landmark and serves up somebody else’s picture of the same thing, using GPS coordinates and Google Image Search.

His newest Raspberry Pi hack, Le Myope (for non-Francophones, that’s The Shortsighted), actually includes a camera – but the results are not what you’d expect. Here’s a bit of video to show you more.

Salade Tomate Oignon says:

Even more imprecise than a blurry polaroid picture, or than a filter-abused instagram shot.
Using the most advanced algorithms based on machine learning and computer vision, here is ‘Le myope’, a short-sighted camera.
The new iteration of the layercam ‘Why are you taking this picture? It’s already on the Internet!’ is a Raspberry Pi based camera, that takes a picture and returns a similar one from Google similar image search.
Use it in a popular place and chances are that you will get the same picture taken by someone else. (That happened with the mural during one of the tests)
Use it in a remote place and get random roughly similar pictures from all over the internet!

This is an extremely daft project which pleased us out of all proportion. You can find code and instructions to build your own at Salade Tomate Oignon’s website. Go forth and take other people’s photographs.



AndrewS avatar

Excellent :-D

rich avatar

That is very nice. I wonder if you could get it to work with videos?

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Has anyone else noticed the website adjustments?

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I know.

P.S. I was G S, now I am using my forum name.

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I think it is kind of nice. The footer is improved.

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We’ll have a bit more to say about that next week – it’s a work in progress.

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You know what is so funny, only 2 days ago I had a few thoughts on how to improve the site. I was thinking that the Pi Zero, Pi B+, Pi 3 Models B and A (when they come out) would be on the products page, and the others were put under a header saying, “Older Models.” Good idea?

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One development of this might be to identify your location solely by letting the camera surrounding buildings and for those images to be compared to Google StreetView. Voila no need for GPS or ibeacons etc. Something similar could potentially also be used in museums/Art Galleries.

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Anybody know what the soundtrack used for the video is here ? It’s kinda weird yet good (Bit like the project) :-)

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Ahah thanks ! The soundtrack is Samuel Belay – Qeresh Endewaza

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Found it ! Thanks !

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This might sound like a silly question. I saw list of parts used to build this camera, but I couldn’t figure out where will the pi get internet from while outdoors. Was it Mobile hotspot?

SaladeTomateOignon avatar

Indeed, the connection to internet is made through a mobile hotspot!

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You can also get USB 3G dongles that work with the Raspberry Pi. (google for more info)

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With projects like this, you steal my heart.

And jazz from Paris is great. Think of “une petite laitue” by Roy Eldridge. This is also about salad and tomatoes.

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