It’s #MagPiMonday, show us your makes

Every Monday we ask the question: have you made something with a Raspberry Pi over the weekend? Every Monday, our followers send us amazing photos and videos of the things they’ve made.

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome things we got sent this month – and remember to follow along at the hashtag #MagPiMonday!

01. We like a nice custom home sensor suite

We like a nice custom home sensor suite

02. 3D printing cases is a great way to keep your Raspberry Pi safe

03. A nice live light is useful whether you’re working from home or streaming on Twitch

04. This is cool and we love how low-tech and cheap this solution is

05. The Digital Maker badge is something we wish we had when we were kids

06. Wonder what the scale of this is compared to the original

07. This is a cool little project – check out HackSpace 55 and Andy’s Hackaday for more info

08. Kev’s robots invaded Italy recently, with some Raspberry Pi 5 power ups

09. Sound catcher or sound shooter? Do you need a sight for sounds? We have many questions

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Sven Galke avatar

maybe a bit off topic here: the download of magpi editions 135 & 134 from bookshelf ends with error. no possibility to retry? hopefully this recent edition is available in bookshelf and successfully downloadabale soon.. .

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Still waiting for the Raspberry Pi Repair guide to help people fix their broken Pis.
ReUse, Repair, Recycle…

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