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Good luck with the unpacking! So exciting!! :)

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no timelapse ?
A Raspberry and a Picam is enough !

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“Roger is trying to use his brain to make the server work. It hasn’t worked yet.”

Caption competition.

‘Simon cautiously poked his head round the door and helpfully asked “have you tried turning it off and on again?”‘

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At one point in the rewiring of the server rack, I did have to point out to Gordon that, while he had indeed wired each of the servers to one of the two switches in the rack, there wasn’t actually a connection *between* the two switches, which explained the rather poor connectivity between the servers…

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I bet you enjoyed that “rather a lot” ;)

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I cannot tell a lie – I did… :)

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Man eating server rack claims another victim?!

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Wait, so you don’t actually use a Raspberry Pi for your Raspberry Pi server?

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The website doesn’t live in the office – that’s why it’s still up :-)

Also worth noting, their office connection isn’t quite big enough to handle the traffic load from the main website.

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*Points up* That’s Pete, who runs http://www.mythic-beasts.com, our web hosts. Without whom, etc. etc. etc.

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Hearty pat on the back to Pete (not too low and not too hard)!

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The visitor’s last words were “Have you tried re-installing Windows?”

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Win-OS rep: -“Installing Win-10 IoT solves everything, no probs, no nothing”-

No nothing indeed :-\ ;-)

(hat, coat, that’s my train comin’ yes! ;-) )

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If the computer looks like this, or says “I am *very* broken”, you need to call in Grandpa Pig… http://cdn.tvcatchupaustralia.com/images/episodes/117970.jpg

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I tried to see your web page, but I got a 404 error.

Or is that the point?

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Are we there yet?

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No Coffee, No Blog. Makes sense, see you tomorrow.

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It’s fun when people include their followers in stuff like moving. It makes us feel like we are part of the team almost.

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Are you having to build all the furniture for that true feeling of deja vu from 3 years ago?

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Thankfully, no.

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One of my sisters worked for the NCR research facility at Rancho Bernardo in San Diego county.

There was a picture of a large system with the covers open and about 4 guys working on the guts. Off to one side was my sister…holding the power cord and plug…

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Probably good she did. I bet none of those 4 would have appreciated some smart a*s geek to plug it in the wall outlet as it was laying around while they where inside the box ;-P

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I have 4g… do you not have 4g? Tethering with 4g can’t be all thatbad.. :)

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Good luck!! :-)

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I’m korean raspberry group reader that openmake team of RaspberryPi Village.

Ago three years, we are been made rc car on the raspberrypi.

and last yerars event : return to again multi contoller rc car.
ours are had been brod-cast on the Science-YTN TV : https://youtu.be/2HmBPO8tj20

1. Hardware.
– how to make rc car post : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10514
– how to make rc car movie : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10676

2. Softwares : how to develop and used software.
– rc car control though USB Joystick : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10581
– rc car control though bluetooth joystick : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10810
– rc car control through wii remote : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10621
– rc car control through wifi hotspot Android : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10829
– rc car control through Android : http://www.rasplay.org/?p=10716

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Sure looks like a great project. English subtitles on YTN video would be nice.

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Office moves are the same as house moves –
The first thing to do is get the kettle up and running.
Everything else; servers, network connectivity, email, etc., flows from that :-)

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so did you find any boxes you hadn’t unpacked from the last move?

have you started a company sweep as to how long before the last box is unpacked?

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Roger that: First priority Kitchen. Gotta feed and fuel the troops! Anonymous boxes don’t help either. Best wishes from “up over” :)

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Oh, *that’s* what they mean by a headless server…

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Wow – from what I can see the new building looks fabulous.
We too moved offices, at the beginning of January, though we’re a tad further from Cambridge Railway Station than your new offices are.
We’re just about getting used to our new building by now. We will have a dedicated space for running events like Jams and Picademy, but as you can see from this photo, we’ve still a bit of building work to do to get it ready: https://goo.gl/photos/jPhRpeMRoq3Ggm7P8
There’s a great community of teachers here in Bradford, if you’d like to come meet them we’d be glad to help.

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Hi: I really need help with whether there is a way for Rasp. to run windows software. I have a sensor and the software it came with. I want to use Rasp. to run the software which will control the sensor. I tried to run setup.exe on Resp NOODs but it did not work out.



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