Have you made something with a Raspberry Pi over the weekend? | #MagPiMonday

Every Monday, we ask the question: have you made something with a Raspberry Pi over the weekend? Every Monday, our followers send us amazing photos and videos of the projects they’ve made.

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome things we got sent this month – and remember to follow along at the hashtag #MagPiMonday!

01. This is a very serious setup! The ultimate home server stack

02. ‘Synth-onna-stick’ sounds like a 1980s product that annoyed parents, but we want one

03. The MagPi’s resident audiophile PJ is doing aural experiments, it seems

04. We love a good DIY laptop project, especially when you can 3D print your own parts

05. Unbottle your creativity with this very fun party piece

06. This is a very cool and practical build, perfect for classrooms

This weekend Piotr played a bottle piano based on RP2040

07. A fantastic art project using Pico

08. Kevin normally makes robots, but this month he’s keeping our teeth shiny

This weekend, Kevin McAleer built his own programmable toothbrush

09. We probably keep saying this, but: we need to make one for ourselves

Wimbledon Art Fair happened last weekend and a Picoplot pen plotter featured on a wall

10. Christmas decoration-based project? You’ve piqued our curiosity

This weekend, the folks at Raspberry Pint made a Pomodor Timer ready to show attendees at their next gathering

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Just an FYI some of the titles seem to have been mixed up as they don’t make sense for the screenshots underneath them.

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