Hallo Deutschland! The MagPi magazine has arrived in Germany

It gives me great pleasure to announce that The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, is now available – fully translated and localised – in Germany, thanks to a collaboration with our friends at CHIP.

The cover of the first issue of the German version of the MagPi magazine, "das offizielle Raspberry Pi Magazin"

Germany was one of the first places outside the UK to take an interest in Raspberry Pi, so it’s quite fitting that it’s our first license. Eben Upton tells us more:

Germany is our third largest market so it seems natural that, after only 18 months, Germany should be the first country to get a localised version of The MagPi.

On a personal note, it’s particularly satisfying for me to see the MagPi launch in Germany, because as a child I used to import German Commodore Amiga magazines, which had so much more technical detail than their UK equivalents. The style of the MagPi is very reminiscent of these magazines: I hope that we’re in some sense “returning the favour,” and that German children of all ages (from 8-80) will be inspired to create exciting projects with Raspberry Pi and share them with the world.

The first issue is out right now everywhere you’d expect a cutting-edge technology magazine to be, not to mention available direct from CHIP’s online store.

Like the UK magazine, das offizielle Raspberry Pi Magazin features 100 pages of glossy Raspberry Pi goodness, but unlike its UK language counterpart it’s currently scheduled to run bi-monthly, so the next issue will be arriving on 2 November.

The magazine is available now for €9.95 in print or €6.50 on digital devices, and you can pick up a subscription for €54.80. Subscribers will also receive the same amazing free gift – a Raspberry Pi Zero and full cable bundle (including the camera ribbon cable). The free PDF edition will follow in 90 days.

A two-page spread from the magazine featuring photographs and text: "LEBENDIGE LEGOSTADT"

A two-page spread from the magazine, featuring text and code snippets: "PROGRAMMIEREN IN C: ERSTE SCHRITTE"

A two-page spread from the magazine, featuring photos and text: "WILDLIFE-KAMERA"


smartifahrer avatar

Welcome to germay MagPi!

Ich avatar

But why CHIP? It has only a little bit more quality than Computer Bild, the worst magazine ever!

Aber ansonsten, nicht schlecht! Vielen Dank!

Ich habe den Raspberry Pi übrigens gegen Ende 2012 mithilfe eines Artikels des com-magazins [http://com-magazin.de] kennengelernt (Vielen Dank an euch :)]

linus avatar

I really agree. A partnership with c’t/Heise would be much better. C’t authors are much more qualified and do write real content…

Sabrina avatar

Good to see localized MagPis. Do you have any plans to have localized MagPis in other countries?

Russell Barnes avatar

Yes – we’re working on it!

Alex Bate avatar


Luke Castle avatar

What Issue Is Currently Out In Germany?

Russell Barnes avatar

It’s a cross between a few issues.Since it’s bi-monthly a mix of the best content from the most recent two issues should be expected.

Luke Castle avatar

Is The Build A Football Game In Scratch On It

Luke Castle avatar

Is The Build A Football Game In Scratch On It?

smartifahrer avatar

MagPi 48

Stefan avatar

Will it be possible to change from english to german version during a running subscription?

Russell Barnes avatar

Unfortunately not, but you’re able to get a refund on your remaining issues (so you only pay for what you’ve read). If a reader wishes to do this, they can email [email protected] to get in contact with our subscriptions team.

Zeroman avatar

Nice! Any plans to ‘localize’ pi zero as well?

hans avatar

I believe that was a joke/hint for the Foundation to get more Pi Zeros sent over to Germany or even sourced locally so they would be more widely available for purchase easily without having to give up your first born.

AndrewS avatar

Ahhh. I believe some of the retailers on http://stockalert.alexellis.io/ probably ship to Germany?

kventin avatar

“””Any plans to ‘localize’ pi zero as well?”””

Das Himbeere Pi Null?

Marek avatar

Herzlich gratulieren!
Waiting for polish version…

Josef avatar

I want to get the MagPi in Austria, is this possible just now?

Roland avatar

Yes, for instance Morawa in Vienna 1010 has received copies today.

sven avatar

Being a german child of age 36 I personally want to thank Eben Upton for returning the favour. How about making that transnational returning the favour thing kind of a running gag for example in code clubs of different countries …

Alan MC (Irish Framboise) avatar

Well done. Hope the MagPi will be more and more polyglot in coming months ! ;o) Would be so good to see it on the shelves over here in France.

Alex Elsas avatar


conundrum avatar

Good for learning German, too.

EverPi avatar

Nice one! Maybe just a dream, but i hope someday it comes to Brazil (or a version to all contries that speak portuguese).

StevenP avatar

Great news! As a British ex-pat living in Germany what we now need here are many many more local Raspberry Jams! Germany is a big place and just having one or two per year covering the whole country has very little impact.

If anyone is interested in helping me organise a very small local Raspberry jam in Kassel then contact me on the RPi forum – contact StevenP. We could see what interest there is and see how it goes?

Wenn jemand lust zu mithelfen hat, um eine kleine Raspberry Marmalade in Kassel zu organisieren? Bitte im RPi Forum melden – Name StevenP.

ColinD avatar

Super-super news :) Nice one.

Jens avatar

Nice – but why Chip-Magazine?
When I read the UK MagPi I think it is for young people and help them to learn to understand computers, but if I read the German version it feels like a bad computer-magazin for old men.
Addtional, the print quality of the original UK MagPi is much better.
My suggestion to fit your initial goal (education) find a publisher for kids and add technical support.
Für die Deutschen Leser:
Ich empfehle euch, bleibt bei dem englischen Magazin.

StevenP avatar

I was generally very pleased with the German CHIP version of Magpi. Congratulations to CHIP for running with it!

Since they publish only every 2 months maybe they have maybe tried to squeeze too many shorter articles into the first issue (with weblinks to further info). They could have some longer detailed articles to make it easier for younger readers who are just starting out.

I found the print quality absolutely fine – it’s a fun, exciting bright magazine.

somebody avatar

What is about the Free PDF Version after 90 Days?

Matthias avatar

I have just found a free download as part of the Chip “Adventskalender”:

Not sure how long this download works and it’s the expected “free after 90 days” but a special promotion for Christmas.

Berning avatar

I was enthusiastic about the report “How to build a robot”. Read in MagPi / CHIP Germany, issue 01.2017.

Unfortunately, the guide has been very, very bad. It started with the engine suspensions. The plastic screws and nuts did not hold the motors at all on the “plate”. Plastic screws are screwed through. So only 2 mm stainless steel screws and nuts had to be bought. Only then was the attachment sufficiently strong enough.

Then the construction of ZeroBorg and PiZero. M3 Abtsandbolzen and screws were much too large. The fixings available at ZeroBorg were only for the connection ZeroBorg and PiZero. But how should this be further strengthened? So only 2.5 and 2 mm spacer bolts had to be bought.

The chassis data were not usable as issued. Two of the three addresses specified by CHIP for the chassis production could not do anything at all. Only one address could start with the chassis data, but only after an additional processing. The whole took then about 6 weeks, until everything was clarified. Again, a very, very poor guide.

Then a new surprise. The camera suspension. As indicated by CHIP, can not be used. Here the instructions for the chassis builder would have been: clean bending of the camera plate at the indicated position (after bending at right angles). Normally no problem with acrylic glass processors. But also here deficient implementation.

Then the little robot was assembled. After 2 months. DiddyBorg and Sunfolder robotic kits ranged 2 days.

Now install the software.

Gamepad was put into operation. No problem. But then. Web browser with the PiZero. Where is the PiZero LAN or WLAN? Has the author forgotten that he is using a PiZero?
Unfortunately, the software still does not work. Chip does not answer questions.

Chip unfortunately only offers advertising in high gloss. The project “How to build a robot” has never been implemented.

Thus, chip has only the level of the newspaper “Bild”.

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