‘Gourdan’ the pun-kin(g) wins Halloween

Flattery and puns will get you everywhere at Pi Towers. Hence we have crowned Gourdan the pumpkin(g) (and pun king) of Halloween this year.

Gourdan is powered by Raspberry Pi, and his Adafruit LCD eyes have been trained to follow you around the room. Creepy. I like it.

gourdan the pumpkin halloween

Maker Braden Sunwold and his sister both did the right thing and married Halloween fanatics. So when his brother-in-law announced plans to turn his house into a trick-or-treater paradise this year, Braden couldn’t resist getting his tinkering hands involved.

gourdan the pumpkin halloween

Hardware and software

Adafruit LCD eyes halloween
We’ve seen these Adafruit eyes in loads of Halloween builds this year

How does it work?

 OpenCV runs a basic object detection algorithm to track objects moving past the camera. The LCD displays are driven using the Adafruit GFX and ST7735 graphics libraries. Braden had to stitch the object detection and eye graphics processes together by hand with custom Python code. It all got a bit fiddly but he goes into detail in the original project post if you’d like to follow along and build your own.

adafruit lcd eyes halloween pumpkin
Object detection and eye movements working together

Share your creations for this year’s #HackAPumpkin challenge

We saw loads of brilliant builds on Twitter for this year’s #HackaPumpkin. The live showdown was on October 27th, hosted by DigiKey along with Allie Weber (aka @robotmakergirl), Kevin Walseth, and Jorvon Moss (aka @OddJayy).

Here are just a few that caught our eye. Drop a link in the comments to Halloweeny projects you liked or made yourself this year.

You made it all the way to the end. You’re my favourite.

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Awww.. i’m your favorite, lol… But I have been on twitter searching “hackapumpkin” all day, haha.. thanks a lot! Anyways, I have been thinking of getting a raspberrypi for my son for a while… the eye thing is sooo cool!

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