Free Raspberry Pi 4 cooling stand with The MagPi 90!

In issue 88 of The MagPi, we discovered that Raspberry Pi 4 can be kept cooler than usual if placed on its side. This gave us an idea, and thanks to many Top People, it resulted in the small, simple, and very practical Raspberry Pi 4 stand that you will find on the cover of all physical copies of The MagPi 90.

To complement this gift, we also got heat tester extraordinaire Gareth Halfacree to put the stand and several cooling cases through their paces to see just how well they can keep Raspberry Pi 4 nice and cool.

The stand also has an extra benefit: you can place three Raspberry Pis in it at once! A good idea if you plan to do a little cluster computing with a few Raspberry Pi 4s.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

While the Raspberry Pi 4 stand is a pretty big deal all by itself, issue 90 of The MagPi also includes a guide to building the ultimate smart mirror — including a bit of voice control!

While a magic mirror may not show you who the fairest of them all is (I can answer that question for you: it’s me), our guide will definitely show you the easiest way to set up your own magic mirror. It’ll be straightforward, thanks to the complete step-by-step tutorial we’ve put together for you.

Projects and more!

Feeling the urge to make something new with Raspberry Pi? Then take a look at our amazing selection of project showcases, and at a feature of some easy starter projects to help you get inspired. All this, along with our usual selection of reviews, tutorials, and community news, in The MagPi 90!

Get The MagPi 90 today

You can get The MagPi issue 90 online in our store with international delivery available, or from the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge and all good newsagents and supermarkets. You can also access The MagPi magazine via our Android and iOS apps.

The stand is available with print copies of the magazine

Don’t forget our amazing subscription offers either, which include a gift of a Raspberry Pi Zero W when you subscribe for twelve months.

And, as with all our Raspberry Pi publications, you can download this issue as a free PDF from our website.


CooliPi avatar

Super! Only with one minor glitch, the colour of a title for an aggregated plot on page 73 of Argon One should have yellow colour ;-)

But it’s obvious from previous pages.

Good work, I’ll start with overclocking first :)

Don Isenstadt avatar

Great idea. Is there a way to reduce the strain on the hdmi connection?

W. H. Heydt avatar

Hmmm… Interesting to see in the second picture that it is HDMI-1 connected, rather than HDMI-0. Either that’s just because the photographer thought it looked better that way or someone has found a way to configure HDMI-1 as the primary HDMI output… If the latter, that might be a good blog topic.

mahjongg avatar

I recently learned that both HDMI0 and HDMI1 can be your “primary display port”, but that only HDMI0 supports 4Kp60, see
So if you do have a 4Kp60 monitor, use HDMI0 (the left port) or you won’t get a video signal when booting. If you have a smaller resolution monitor you can use either HDMI port.

Eric avatar

Nice! Is there any chance that vertical stand has an STL for 3d printing them?

andrum99 avatar

It’s a piece of perspex with 3 slots cut in it. What you want is a hacksaw and some wet and dry paper ?

Christian Nobel avatar


If design errors cannot be solved the correct way, one can always make a workaround with at piece of plastic.

Eben Upton avatar

Sorry, not following you there.

Floxi avatar

Check out the benchmarks in MagPi issue #88 and especially “real world testing” on page 75.

HermannSW avatar

I do hang my PIs (not only Pi4B) on two small tilted nails in bookshelf:

Same cooling effect as with your stand.
Pro hang: DPMI display on bookshelf is directly where needed.
Pro stand: more compact for multiple Pi4Bs

I just asked my sone to print a stand for me, thanks.

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