Forums project: humidity-controlled cellar ventilation

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Commence to poking

Commence to poking.

We found this rather brilliant hack to ventilate and maintain a cellar’s humidity on the forums. Forum member DasManul, from Frankfurt, put this together to measure temperature and relative humidity inside and outside his cellar, and to use those values to calculate absolute humidity. The setup then ventilates the space if the humidity inside is higher than it is outside.

On reading what he was up to, I assumed DasManul was looking after a cellarful of wine. Then I saw his pictures. He’s actually tending bottles of fabric softener and yoghurt.


Nestled next to the nonalcoholic liquids, you’ll find a touchscreen controller for the system, along with a USB receiver. Here’s a closer look at the display:


(For non-German speakers, DasManul says: “Keller – cellar, Aussen – outside, TP (Taupunkt) – dew point, RF/AF (Relative/Absolute Feuchte) – relative/absolute humidity, Lüfter – fan, An/Aus – on/off”.)

The system also outputs more detailed graphs (daily, weekly, or monthly) to a website served by ngnix, which allows you to control the system remotely if you don’t happen to be down in the cellar conditioning your fabric.

1Mavg 1w

DasManul says that he’s not much for hardware tinkering, and didn’t want to start drilling into his house’s infrastructure, so he used off-the-shelf parts for sensing and controlling. Two inexpensive wireless sensors, one indoors and one outdoors, from, do all the work checking the humidity; they feed information to the USB receiver, and intake and exhaust fans are controlled with an Energenie plug strip. (These things are great – I use an Energenie plug strip to turn lamps on and off via a remote PIR sensor in my living room).

DasManul has made all the code available (with German and English documentation) over at BitBucket so you can replicate the project. There’s plenty more like this over at the Raspberry Pi Forums – get stuck in!



Alex Bate avatar

If I build the setup, can we have a wine cellar at Pi Towers? I really feel that’s the missing piece to an otherwise perfect workplace.

Also, this is actually a really good creation, well done Frankfurt!

Liz Upton avatar

I think that if we’re staying within the spirit of the project, it’s going to have to be a fabric softener/yoghurt cellar. Which may dampen your enthusiasm a little.

Alex Bate avatar

Ugh, you’re the worst.


AndrewS avatar

Free fabric softener for every Raspberry Pi employee? (I can’t think of any other reason why you’d need a cellar-full…)

Liz Upton avatar

We have hardened carapaces. Sometimes a little conditioning can go a long way.

電車男 avatar

Herzliche Glückwünsche !

Richard Bignell avatar

Fascinated by ‘Commence to poking’! The mind boggles

Fred avatar

Great project! Which fans / ventilators did you use?

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