Flipper’s new Video Game Module is powered by Raspberry Pi

Our friends at Flipper Devices have made a fantastic new video game accessory for their popular Flipper Zero. It turns your Flipper into a mini games console, adding device UI output to TV, motion sensing, and crazy-powerful GPIO expansion. It’s all built on our powerful RP2040 microcontroller.

flipper zero in the hands of a player

Flipper used RP2040’s PIO (programmable input/output) blocks and a little software magic from our very own Luke Wren to add DVI-D video output at 480p60 to their new accessory.

The Video Game Module lets you play retro games on your TV, or mirror your Flipper’s UI to the TV. You can also do some other cool new stuff, like using Flipper as an air mouse to control your computer over Bluetooth.

flipper zero on a desk

RP2040 is our first microcontroller, designed to be high-performance and feature-rich while remaining very affordable. Seeing customers deliver high-end features like DVI out at a modest price point makes us really happy.

The folks at Flipper even gave their Video Game Module the ability to run standalone, so you can use it for all kinds of interesting and useful applications. The Scoppy project, for example, lets you use it as a digital oscilloscope.

rendering of the console with the rp2040 chip visible at the top centre

Write your own games

Users and developers can write their own games and applications to use the RP2040 and the other hardware in Flipper’s Video Game Module. We’re dead excited to see what fun stuff the Flipper community will get running on this new device!

To learn more about the new Video Game Module, visit Flipper’s website here. Or head to our RP2040 documentation to learn more about our microcontroller.

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Wonder if you can play GTA on it?

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It does play doom.

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just got mine and yes there is a “Doom” for the flipper zero so yes it does run doom

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