Everybody loves Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Last week we launched Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. It’s five times as fast as the original Raspberry Pi Zero, and just as small. And MagPi subscribers got one handily dropped off in the post. (if you’re wishing that you, too, had a MagPi subscription and a complementary Zero 2 W, know that you can still have both of those things.) We thought we’d take a look at what you all make of our new board so far.

X-ray vision

Jeff Geerling took a super close and personal look at our latest product, putting the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W through an x-ray machine to reveal its hidden secrets.

raspberry pi zero 2 w projects
Thanks for the cool x-ray image, Jeff

Jeff also asked around about the chip name RP3A0-AU and uncovered another Easter egg. Skip to this point in his review to find out what the ‘AU’ means. And check out Jeff’s full video below.

Improving on a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera build

Redditor Karmmah finally got round to posting a camera they built with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Module because they just swapped in a new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and found it a lot nicer to use.

The case was designed and printed by Karmmah, and also features a Waveshare LCD HAT that has a display and some buttons for control. It is currently powered by an external powerbank, but Karmmah is looking at integrating a battery into the case.

ExplainingComputers explains Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Christopher Barnatt of ExplainingComputers ran a performance and boost test, before checking out our new board’s image processing capabilities. Spoiler alert: it’s much faster than the original Raspberry Pi Zero. See below for the results of a side-by-side image processing speed test that Christopher ran.

raspberry pi zero 2 w projects
Speedy Gonzales

Tons more review videos

We made a whole special playlist so all of the brilliant YouTube content created by the community in support of our latest product launch can be found in one place.

You’ll find stuff there from ETA Prime, Super Make Something, NovaSpirit Tech, and Blitz City.



Yes, I love it. Running headless with the lite image, I’m using it as my little local web server (python flask) and it has replace an old 0W for that job, it’s flying. It will be getting more work now.


Thanks for posting my video! Finding the hidden Pi logo was indeed a fun surprise.

I’ll have another video related to the Zero 2 W coming in a few minutes; I built it into the Null 2 gaming handheld and put some classic games on it!


Will there be the opportunity to buy and unlock codecs for MPEG2 and VC1 via https://codecs.raspberrypi.com/ like on the other pre pi4 models?


I jumped into the water and bought unlock keys and I can confirm, that codec unlock works for Pi Zero 2 W. :-)


you had made the same request on the forum without any response. and also i bought licenses on one of my 3 p0w v2. everything ok both mpeg2 and vc1


No, that wasn’t me. But I’ve also seen that unanswered request. I don’t have a forum account. Would be nice if someone posts our finding into that thread. :)


Really a most welcome upgrade for the tiny Raspi. I replaced the old one in the original case with camera. Worked fine until I closed the case. The chips on the Zero 2W are a little bit higher. Therefore electrical insulation between Raspi an Camera is strongly recommended.

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