Here, have some videos!

Today is Easter Monday and as such, the drawbridge is up at Pi Towers. So while we spend time with familytoo much chocolate…family and chocolate, here are some great Pi-themed videos from members of our community. Enjoy!

Eggies live stream!

Doctor Who TARDIS doorbell

Google AIY with Tech-nic-Allie

Buying a Coke with a Raspberry Pi rover

Raspberry Pi security camera

Happy Easter!


Dave Conlan avatar

The Doctor Who TARDIS doorbell was taken down and reuploaded under the new video: –

Alex Bate avatar

Thank you. I’ve updated the blog. This has happened a few times now with that project so fingers crossed this is the last.

Tech-nic-Allie avatar

SWEET!!! Thanks for sharing my video!

Alex Bate avatar

No worries! We love your channel and all you’re doing for you and your peers.

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