Can you connect a Raspberry Pi to a GoPro Hero 6?

A contractor is drilling in the office space above ours, and it sounds like we’re under attack by a swarm of very angry, Transformeresque bees. We can’t hear ourselves think. Although we can hear the drills.

Because of this disruption, I (Alex) am unable to focus on words. [Ed’s note: me too. We apologies for any typos.] So here you go. Have an interesting video from YouTuber Blitz City DIY.

Can you help Liz create a wireless monitor for her GoPro Hero 6 using VLC on a Raspberry Pi despite the latest changes to GoPro software?

Reply in the comments of the video, or here if you don’t have a YouTube account. Meanwhile, I will slowly be losing my mind, cowering under my desk with my fingers in my ears.


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I got the preview stream from a Hero8 based on this information. The goprocam Python package seems to be very good.

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This Github issue helped me with GoPro Hero8. The goprocam Python package and ffplay seem to be enough to get the preview stream. Getting the 1080p RTMP stream through an API is still an open question.

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