BeetBox – music employing capacitive touch, root veg and a Pi

This has to win Liz’s Project of the Year Award (there is no prize).

Regular readers will know that I go all wibbly over music projects that use the Raspberry Pi. And that I’m a very keen cook. What festive joy, then, to find a link to BeetBox in my Twitter stream. This project, from Scott Garner, wires up some root vegetables to a Pi (hidden, alongside an amp and speakers, in what I am going to call the beetroot mount – a lovely thing handmade from poplar wood) and seduces you into…touching them, to make sweet, sweet music.

BeetBox Demo from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

Seriously – is this not the best thing ever? You can read more about it on Scott’s website, where there’s more video; and you can find code to bring joy into the contents of your own fridge’s crisper drawer at Github.

Come on, folks. Next, we want to see a carrot piano.


Montekuri avatar

Can it play Beethoven?

liz avatar

90% sure the BeetBox’s response to that would be “Badoom-tish”.

KlaasH avatar

You opened a can of worms here.

How about the Beetles?

Colin Cameron avatar

Or a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beet it?

XTL avatar

It’ll be the main instrument of a cover band. The Beet Gees.

liz avatar

…opening their set with that Gloria Estefan great, Dr Beet.

Nickorossa avatar

Bill and Ben will be along soon.

Colin Cameron avatar

It may not be a Raspberry Pi project, but here’s the carrot piano you asked for.

JamesH avatar

Remember, not everyone bashes the Ubuntu store for commercial apps. I don’t for example. You just hear the loudest shouters. As with any complainers. Very few people can be bothered to write and be complimentary about something, whereas complainers are two a penny.

And I’m not sure why this compromises the community spirit of the Raspi. If anything it gives the community an easy way of sharing their stuff – remember, free stuff is expected to be in the majority. Also note, code that underlies the Raspi, the Linux kernel, Arm side drivers etc, are all open source, and available via a different route.

Colin Cameron avatar

Eh, are you sure that was aimed at me?

Montekuri avatar

I am sure that JamesH was replying some post of the other topic:

I don’t know how his post came to this topic.

JamesH avatar

Er, not sure how that happened. It’s tagged that reply to the wrong post, and I have no idea how to move it! Rest assured its not aimed at you.


That is way KOOL just what i needed today – thanks for sharing.

SN avatar

makeymakey works a treat with a pi for this stuff

MrLetsPeter avatar

Is there any guide of wiring that thing up?
You have to know that I´am a beginner at this things but i really want such an cool beetbox too.

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