Aquarium lighting and weather system

We spotted this aquarium project on YouTube, and were struck with searing pangs of fishy jealousy; imagine having a 2000-litre slice of the Cayman Islands, complete with the weather as it is right now, in your living room.


aMGee has equipped his (enormous) tropical fish tank, full of corals as well as fish, with an IoT Raspberry Pi weather system. It polls a weather station in the Cayman Islands every two minutes and duplicates that weather in the tank: clouds; wind speed and direction; exact sunset and sunrise times; and moon phase, including the direction the moon travels across the tank.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 14.23.34

The setup uses three 100W and 18 20W multi-chip leds, which are controlled separately by an Arduino that lives on top of the lamp. There’s also a web interface, just in case you feel like playing Thor.

If you want to learn more, aMGee answers questions about the build (which, sadly, doesn’t have a how-to attached) at the Reef Central forums.

It’s a beautiful project, considerably less expensive (and more satisfying) than any off-the-shelf equivalent; and a really lovely demonstration of meaningful IoT. Thanks aMGee!


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I think that would be a fine thing indeed.

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What a really cool project. Aquarium control projects are a regular on the forums. Strictly speaking it’s a marine tank (salt water), not a tropical tank (fresh water) ;-)


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I learned something today!

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I designed a controller around the pi, and it has an external board I designed that provides drivers for all the power switching of lights, pumps and the heater. it also monitors the waters PH.
if the temp, or PH exceeds the range I have set, it sends me an SMS text message to my phone alerting me of the issue.

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We’ve been really surprised to see just how many aquarium projects there are out there! The forums are brimming with them too.

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Dave where can we find details of your project?

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Hi Dave, how are you monitor the ph level? I’m using an external ph meter which I keep my eye on and the alter my Co2 to suit.

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how about UV light?

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