Answers to your element14/Premier Farnell/Newark questions

If you’re an element14/Premier Farnell/Newark customer who left a comment under one of the earlier update posts (here and here) and promptly forgot about it, please go and have a look; Jenny from element14 has been working through the wee small hours to answer specific order enquiries you have left there.

If you’ve any more questions for poor Jenny (who must have blisters on the tips of her fingers from all the typing by now), please leave them under this post – she’s offered to keep up the support she’s been giving our readers because she is, broadly speaking, fabulous. But please go back and check the old threads (again, they’re here and here ) to make sure she hasn’t answered your question already!

Thank you so much, Jenny. We really appreciate all your work.


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Althought I don’t have a specific ETA I already got an Email announcement for late June. I sent Farnell (Germany) an email to know whether a modification of the shipping address is possible but got no feedback to this day (~3 weeks later). The problem is, having ordered so much in advance, I did not know that I would be abroad at the time, and I would really like to get my Pi before I’m back in August!
It would be great if you could tell me whether the change is possible or not. If not, I should make arrangements to that someone can collect the parcel for me. Thanks for your time!

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if you give me your order reference it will give us an email and I will have someone contact you directly to update

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Thank you so much. It’s one of the “weird” ORP ones: ORP001408. I sent an email on April 27th to [email protected] if that matters.

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I just received a short email from [email protected] informing me that the address change has been made to my order. Thanks!

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Hello, I ordered on Feb. 29 on the website Farnell France and I have seen no change in my order on the account. Can I expect an update soon?
Thank you to the foundation for the tremendous job done!

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Updating the systems will take place soon – meanwhile let me know youre order number and I can tell you

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Hello, here is my order number: 2081185. Thank you.

Sébastien avatar

Ooops, it’s 16452027

Lieuwe avatar

Hi Jenny,

Is it already possible to give a better delivery date for my order?
Order number: ORP022785

Thank you!

JennyPeters avatar

ORP deliveries I need to check with the office and will do and get back to you asap

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Max on May 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm said:
I see all kinds of order #s around here, but not anything like mine:

[quote]Your order has been given the following Farnell reference number: ORP003391.[/quote]

Can you (Jenny) tell me something about my expected delivery date? I’m psyched to test the Pi with my touchscreen and other stuff!
Thanks, Max

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on May 3, 2012 at 9:14 pm said:
there are some ORP numbers, there was a reason but i can’t rememebr why but i know someone who does so leave it with me!

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on May 10, 2012 at 3:57 pm said:
What did you find out?


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Don’t worry, mine looks the same, with a different number, ofcourse ;)

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Delivery due last 2 weeks of June

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Thanks jenny for updating but i am yet to hear anything since i got my coming soon notification. My order is 2081185

Adsa avatar

Oh that was back on march 21st

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Hi any news on this? I see there are a couple of posts with the same order number here. Is there a glitch in your ordering system as i am yet to here any news on the rpi.

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Thanks Jenny for keeping us updated – I have mine and now the process of developing begins.

To save your fingers, rather than attempting to answer individual queries, how about producing an approximate schedule based on country and order date/time. There is a thread on the Element14 forum that people are contributing to as and when they receive theirs, but if your database folks could produce a provisional weekly summary of ordered-by/receive by, it might be a help.

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Hi Liz, Hi Jenny,
Could you give me a ETA for my order? I ordered at 75 Minutes after launch and my order Number is 16454885.
The other question is what about a larger order. I put a order out for my friend, 17563474. Any news there?

Thanks for the help.

Greetings from Germany.

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Hi Jens,
i have nearly the same order number.
In older comments from i found that order numbers around 16450000 (+- 50000) will delivered until 24/5/2012.
So it could be next Week, yeah.

Maybe Jenny can confirm this.
Greetings from bavaria ;-)

Jens avatar

Hi Julian,
I hope it is here until 23.May. Than I could make some advertisement at the Fedora Booth at the Linuxtag in Berlin.
Greetings from Frankfurt

Julian avatar

Hallo Jens,

eben Mail von Farnell erhalten.
Mein Raspi ist untwegs (mit UPS Tracking Code)

Gruß aus Würzburg

Michael avatar

I’d love an update if one is available.

Newark/Element14 Order # 913027264
Order Date Mar 02 2012
USA Customer
Order still says: Expected Ship Date 16 Aug 2012

I have not received any emails with any updates on the status.

boppie avatar

i am the same way with newark. i would love a little better estimate.
my order number is 264018

TheMonkeyKing avatar

Same here:
Order History: 912916243
Order Date Mar 02 2012
Order Source INT (USA)
Order Confirmation Number 184494

I get lumped into the end of June with everyone else who ordered one as late as March 28?

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Jenny, answers posted here aren’t likely to help much — I suspect that most people will never find their old posts again, as this blog software is so unhelpful.

We have a shiny new forum made specifically because this WordPress was widely condemned as being appalling, and the new forum is working well. It’s still lacking adequate configuration, such as a forum for official announcements (we’re currently discussing forum decomposition there under “Raspberry Pi -> Features and requests”), but it’s infinitely better than this blog already.

Strongly recommend migrating everything over there.

liz avatar

Hi Morgaine – unfortunately, many who read the news pages here don’t ever drop into the forums, which is why we’re keeping this info here.

And yes, there will be some new forums in a few days – we’re working on it!

Jens avatar

Hi Morgaine,
a link to this forum would be helpfull!

liz avatar

There’s a link at the top of the page, where it says FORUM. ;)

aditsu avatar

I love the blog comments here because they don’t require registering. That’s the main thing that kept me from posting in the forum.
And Jenny’s answers have been helpful to me (the fact that “there’s somebody there who’s on our side” even more than the actual answers)

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Hi Jenny,

I ordered from farnell France (order 2081185) on 29/02/2012 08:35. Any idea when my expected delivery date will be?
Thanks a lot for your time.

guillaume avatar

Sorry I misread my order number :-( , here is the correct reference: 16456997

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Jenny, i haven’t heard a peep from element14 since entering my information (including credit card), and receiving my reference number.

Since i can’t login to check, could you please check ORP001447 ?

Thanks for the incredibly hard word you and your team have done!

Christian avatar

Hi Jenny,

I haven’t got an order update since last month and no date is listed on the newark site for my order. Any information you could provide would be very appreciated

Newark/Element14 Order Confirmation # 172367
Order Date Mar 01 2012
USA Customer

Thank You.

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I just received my Pi, thanks for the relatively quick shipping. Unfortuantely, I was charged ~$62 USD. I was under the impression that the price to the US shipped was $40? I am under the impression I was charged 40 GBP instead of the proper GBP price. Please help.

JamesH avatar

You need to talk to the people who sent you the device, not us here. However, it may be that you paid for international shipping if you ordered from, for example, a UK site, and had it delivered to the US. But talk to the person you bought it from!

liz avatar

Actually, James (see most recent post on blog), Jenny’s said she’ll answer questions here, so for the time being, this is an appropriate place to ask. (Unfortunately for the sensitive fingertips of us mods – and for Jenny!)

Gerry Normandin avatar

I figured this was related to the post, so I’d post it here. I’ve called Farnell and they did not seem to understand what I was asking…

Gerry Normandin avatar

Also, my Farnell order number is: 16452388

Thanks Again!

Paul Cluff avatar

I have the same problem. I was also charged $62.51 from farnell order number 16456896 .
I believe they have a bug in there system. I remember that the system was so slow the first day of ordering that when it said quantity 2 I just left it and figured that they would either send me 2 or change the quantity to 1. Either way I would be happy…

What appears to have actually happened is that the quantities were indeed changed to 1, but the totals were left at the quantity 2 prices.
The reason I think this is that when I go online to see the details of the order it has the part number, quantity 1 and the price of a single PI then it says “line total” and the total is exactly twice the price. This definitely seems like a bug, because if it was just calculating out the line total it should have read the same price as a single unit.
I have sent out several emails to farnell using various methods and so far I haven’t heard back anything at all… it’s been almost 2 weeks. I think the next person I call will be my credit card to dispute the charge.

Gerry Normandin avatar

If I do not hear back soon, I will be sending the credit co a copy of my invoice as well. (My invoice is accurate, the charge is not)

AndrewV avatar

Looks like i’ll have the same problem soon.
Unit price is 33,07 € and Total is 66,14 € (93,46 € with mailing) with single RPi.
I tried to contact Farnell but didn’t received any reply.

Hope it will be fixed before shipping.
My order number is 16544210

Anand avatar

Same Problem.
Order Information
Order Date 29 February, 2012
Order Source Internet
Farnell Reference Number 16481453

Kellen Flott avatar

Could I get an estimated ship date? Order # 933536857

Zinahe Asnake avatar

Hi Jenny

I’d be very grateful if you could kindly look in to this.

Newark/Element14 Order # 910344616
Order Date Feb 29 2012
USA Customer
Order still says: Back Order


Nick Swartz avatar


Can you check on my order?

Order number 161196
Order date 2/29/12
From Newark


jerhat avatar

Hi Jenny,
Would you have an update on the expected delivery date for my order:
Order Confirmation Number: 14400861
Purchase Order Date: 29/02/2012 18:50 (Hong Kong Time)
I ordered on the d-day (as soon as I could reach the order page) and I am so impatient to put my hands on it.
Thank you in advance

jonas avatar

I made my order on 13th april ORP028913. recieved no order date nor any news.
can you look up what happened please.

Cesar Cardoso avatar

Still hasn’t received any email announcement. Still says “expected ship date 16th Aug 2012” on my order list. :( Should I still hope that my Raspi will be delivered before August?

Bo Jørgensen avatar

Hi Jenny,

Farnell reference number: ORP003282
Any idea when my expected delivery date will be?
Thanks a lot :-)
/Bo (Denmark)

Hans Harder avatar

Hi Jenny,

Farnell reference number: ORP001667
Any idea when my expected delivery date will be?
Thanks a lot
/Hans (Netherlands)

Niall avatar

Hi Jenny,

I haven’t received any update since the email of the 27th of April and had my order confirmed on the 3rd of April. I have a reference number of ORP023126 and was wondering if you could give me a rough indication of expected delivery date – I’m in the UK.

Many Thanks in advance!

Niall avatar

Well a month later and still no reply to this question… :(

Niall avatar

Well, despite the lack of response I’ve now finally got my Pi complete with free t-shirt from Farnell.

Johan Sundbladh avatar

Hi Jenny.
I ordered my Pi on the 31 of march. My order number is ORP003378.
I would like an estimated delivery date if possible.
Thank you for taking the time to answer all of us. THANKS!!!

Oliver avatar

Hi, Jenny

I was wondering if you could tell me the expected delivery date of my order, number: ORP031397.

Many thanks for all your hard work.

RichA avatar

Question: Should I wait (i registered to be notified) to be notified and then order from RS, or should I just place an order now on the Element14 site? Any idea which would result in a faster delivery? I registered after Feb 29 on the RS site.
Thank you.

Christian avatar

I have orderd my RPi at 31 March. About 2 weeks ago i got an e-mail that i would get a more detailed shipping date a week later, but until today nothing happend.


I know that there is a problem with the credit card i used, because during the waiting period the valid date passed by.
I contacted the support and got a phone number, to tell Farnell the new data, but this number: 0044 (0) 8447 111150 seems to be not available from germany. There is always a kind lady who claims that the called number is not assigned. The same happens when i try to call the official Farnell hotline +44 (0) 8447 11 11 11.

Is there any trick to get in contact with the support by telephone from germany or can i call the german farnell hotline ?

Thank you in advance

Peter Green avatar lists some regular geographic numbers for farnell

Jonathan avatar

Hi – just wondering what I could expect to happen if my credit card has since expired? Thanks :)

JS avatar

Hi Jenny. My order number is 239090 and my order status still says “Expected Ship Date 16 Aug 2012”. Is that accurate? Thanks.

Nick Havard avatar


CPC gave me my order number as 16463377 a few weeks back.

The last update I had was on Friday 4th May.
These are expected to be available to ship mid – late August. This is still an estimated date as they are still being manufactured which is open to delays.

Is it possible to check I am on the mailing list, since I have never received any notification from Farnell.

Thanks for following this up.


Doug L avatar

Afternoon Jenny …

Can you look into Order # 183788 Please. I’ve been give several different shipment dates since I ordered it on 03/01. Thoses dates have come and gone.
The last date I had as of 05/12 was shipment was to be tomorrow (05/14), but
when I checked, it is now August 16th.

Thank you

GuiToon avatar


Can you see delivery date for my order 2081185 ( 03-03-2012 ) ?
Thank you.


GuiToon avatar

I’m not on the order number.
my order 16552650

Référence de Commande Farnell: 16552650
Votre référence: 03/03/2012 17:02
Date de la Commande: 17:02:55 03/03/2012
Code Commande: 2081185

mario avatar

order: 16551969
order date: 03.03.2012
any news?

Mario avatar

Jenny, hello. I got My Raspberry already, but your staff email it just doesnt help. I got charged with aprox. $64 USD, and I send it to the US… why is that price? It shouldn’t be $40 USD? Thanks

JennyPeters avatar

Firstly Liz thanks for setting up this new space…much easier to keep up with! here’s some updates to old enquiries from Newark.
David 910002110—–should be a part of the shipment of raspberry pi shipping out week beginning 5/17/2012
BWoodbury 910081569——–should have Pi by 5/25/2012
Steven 946837914————-should have yours by 6/17/2012
dtm 162938…….should have by 5/17/2012

p51d78th avatar

David 910002110—–should be a part of the shipment of raspberry pi shipping out week beginning 5/17/2012

5/17 is a Thursday?

p51d78th avatar

BTW Thank you so much for the update.

psergiu avatar

Thanks a lot Liz & Jenny ! I got my Pi on May 7th – exactly as Jenny said !!!

Luiz avatar

About Brazil. Raspberry Pi is still missing in What are the options, or are there any plan for the Brazilian market?
Also, to be fair: I have “expressed interest” by email to one Brazilian Farnell officer in the “Pi day”, with no reply so far.

Steve D avatar

I got an email on May 2nd saying my Pi had been dispatched. It still hasn’t arrived :(

Was it definitely sent?

Order no: 16456417

Steve D avatar

It arrived! 15 days after shipping…. perhaps Royal Mail 2nd class isnt the best way to ship them?

Gérald avatar

Hi Jenny,

As I assume that you’d be looking in this post for questions from now on, I repost my question from another thread here:

I was invited to place an order on March 31 (which I did), and I got a confirmation mail with the following reference: ORP002692 (no account created on the website).

I didn’t get any expected delivery date mail (except a general mail telling that it will be done by the end of June), is it normal?

Can you give me a more specific date?

Huge thanks for your hard work and patience!

Nicolas Martinez avatar

I can only say that I am in exactly the same situation: an ORP* number, delivery expected late june. So I would assume yes, this is normal :)

Samuel Debruyn avatar


I tried to buy a RPi on launch day (in the morning). A few weeks later I managed to pre-order a RPi. That was on 30th March. I didn’t hear anything since then. When should I expect a delivery?
Ref is ORP001371

Thanks in advance


christophe avatar

Hi Jenny,

My order number is ORP011634. Could I get any news about it ? Thanks a lot for your help.


Jarvism avatar

While I’m here, I’ll get in line and ask about my order please! ORP029777
I had an email saying end of June and I’m happy with that, I’m patient.

I do have another query though… I have a Farnell account (on the same email address as the order was made) and noticed that the order didn’t show up on my account. When I pre-ordered my RPi, it didn’t give me the option to buy accessories (keyboard, SD etc.) but I thought I could just get them on Farnell separately and add them to the order before it ships. I was given this impression from previous posts and FAQs. Annoyingly though, it now looks like I’d have to pay separate shipping for the accessories if the RPi doesn’t count towards the order – unless I buy them elsewhere (or stock up on my random electronics bits to get the value to £20 or whatever it is!). I know its only a small cost bit it would also be very nice to see the order on my Farnell account. It would make me (and others in the same situation) feel more confident that my order actually exists and is progressing. I don’t care if its slow, it’s the silence which is more annoying.

Jarvism avatar

Well I got mine now! With a TShirt too. In case people are wondering where they sit in the queue, here’s my timeline:
I Registered interest on 29th Feb (Confirmation email at 12:11).
I was invited to preorder at 17 April 2012 10:42.
Preorder confirmed at 17 April 2012 13:03.
Confirmation that the order had been shipped was at 29 June 2012 10:42.
Invoice received at 30 June 2012 03:43.
RaspberryPi came through the door 2 July!

Nicolas Martinez avatar

Thank you so much. It’s one of the “weird” ORP ones: ORP001408. I sent an email on April 27th to [email protected] if that matters.

Nicolas Martinez avatar

sorry, this was meant as a reply to my previous comment ( up there

groosha5 avatar

Hey Jenny, I was hoping I could get a more exact date. My order # is: 242106

Yannick avatar

Hi Jenny,

I ordered a Rasperry Pi with Farnell France, but I’m not sure to be able to receive it at the actual shipping adress. I tried to contact Farnell twice, without any answer : could you give a direct email address to make the change ? My reference number is : ORP033498 .

Thanks for your help, and good luck with all this orders !

Nicolas Martinez avatar

I have the same issue with my current address. I also sent an email about it with no response other than the automated one and thus do not know if a shipping address modification is possible at all (it should be though). If I get any news about it I’ll leave a reply here.

Nicolas Martinez avatar

Just to let you know, I just got an email saying that the address change I requested has been applied to my order.

Yannick avatar

Thanks for the news ! No sign of Farnell email by now for my part, but your update reassure me.

Yannick avatar

I finaly received a mail from [email protected], which confirm the change. Thanks for the help !

john avatar

iv been waiting since march 18 can you help im desprately
wanting my pi
newark 275309

DemonsRun avatar


I was just wanting to know if you have an idea of when i can expect delivery.

My order no is: ORP017144

I am slightly worried as the credit card that i placed it with has now expired – will this affect anything or had the order been prossesed?

Thanks to everyone here as you are doing a brilliant job!

Many Thanks

CodyTH53 avatar

Could you check on mine also?

Order Confirmation: 220268

Jason Powell avatar


I ordered from the Newark (I’m in the USA) site on March 6th, and I still haven’t received any confirmation of a delivery date. When I login to my account online, it still says August 16th as the delivery date. Can you look into my order to see what the status is? My order number is 919405286.


Preeto avatar

HI Jenny,

Firstly, appreciate this level of support, irrespective of the fact that there have been hiccups, the fact that everything has been open and there is someone on hand to answer questions is great, definitely a sign that a company is dedicated and believes in the product.

I have been following the updates and haven’t yet received an email recently confirming a delivery date. My Farnell order reference number is: 16555609



Preeto avatar

Actually, scratch that. I just realised I got an update. Thanks.

Can Yapan avatar

That wasn’t me… I don’t know why this gut is doing that..

Can Yapan avatar

Sorry.. Just mix it…

Doktor-X avatar

reference number: 16461867

Doktor-X avatar

i want to cancel my pre-order

Fred Renner avatar


I still owe you chocolate. Would a delivery to the Chicago office reach you?


Fredric J avatar

Hi Jenny!

I placed my order 28/03/2012 11:27 and havent got a date of delivery yet. If you have the time can you check it for me? 17064677 placed on the swedish page of Newark

Thanks in advance :)

XBrav avatar

So how does Canada’s Newark division fit in with everything? I have an order # from Feb 29th, but my date changes on a daily basis for August. Order # 909889056

Clayton avatar

I’m not sure exactly how to order one. Can you help me?

Nicolas Martinez avatar

The way it worked for most of us is still valid to this day (anyone correct me if I’m wrong): anyone who wants a Pi registers his/her interest. As deliveries progress, people with registered interest are invited to place an order. So your only option is to register interest and wait for an email inviting you to place your order. And then wait for the Pi. It takes a lot of waiting I’m afraid.

Jamie avatar

Hi Jenny,
I ordered from Element14 on 14 March but haven’t heard anything since.
Order confirmation number: 13841098
When can I expect my Pi? :)

Jamie (New Zealand)

Eli B avatar

Hi Jenny,
I’m a US Farnell customer and finally received my Pi last week. However, I was charged over $63 for it. I contacted Farnell to find out what that extra $23 was for and gleaned, not from the response but from the internal emails tacked on to it, that it was a 14GBP tax.
I understood from earlier statements made by Farnell at this site that the price of the Pi was $40 plus *local* taxes and import duties. There is no way those even begin to approach this much money. NYS taxes, which shouldn’t even apply, are just 8.875%. This is not the first time I have purchased electronics from the UK, and I have never had to pay an import duty on any of it, much less one of over 50%. The fact that this import duty, supposedly levied by the US, is denominated in pounds, is also not encouraging.
It’s not mislabeled shipping fees either – I got my Pi in a padded envelope via airmail, which only costs a few dollars. Repeated emails to Farnell as to the nature of this charge has gone unanswered. Please, please, please – I want a reasonable explanation or a partial refund. My order number is 16457120.

Eli B avatar

(This was via Farnell Export.)

Donald Stein avatar

I am a USA customer
Order date of April 2, 2012
Order confirmation number 3954620000
The info at your website tells me my ship date is August 16, 2012
But I recall reading somewhere that orders placed before April 17, 2012 would ship before the end of June, 2012.

I have not recieved any updates. Can you confirm that my order will ship by the end of June.? Thank You.

Knuit avatar

Hi Jenny,

My order number from Newark/Element 14 is 189570.

Jamal avatar

Hi Jenny,
I am an Australian customer of Element14, I placed an ordered for RPi on 7 of March 2012 and my order has been stuck on “processing”. Any news for customers from Down Under on when they will expect to receive their orders? Very much appreciated.

Rich Pilcher avatar

Sorry as this is a dupe of a post I just made to one of the older threads, but now see that it should go here. Hey there. I got an invite to place an order on March 3. The website quotes shipment in mid August. The order number is 914123348. I never received any additional email updates.

Thanks for any help.

Jamal avatar

Btw, My element14 Ref. No. 13833564

Thomas avatar

I’ll dare asking once again since my post is burried deeply in a different thread:

When can I expect my RasPi? Allthough Jenny told me my reference number cannot be found, I can still access the order page at export.farnell. I’ve pasted the following text straight from that page:

Order details:

Farnell Ref: 16455860
Your Order number: 29/02/2012 08:26
Date of order: 08:28:12 29/02/2012

Following the answers to other fellow RasPiers in spe, I should have it this month, but I’m unsure if my order is still alive or just an electronic shadow in farnell’s IT structure.

I’ve contacted [email protected] also.

Thank you for your help,


Doep100 avatar

Hi Jenny.
My details are below. Please could you give me any info on the status and eta of my order? You can mail me at [email protected] if that would be easyer for you or the mail address in my profile. Thanks in advance.

Order Date 29 February, 2012
Order Source Internet
Farnell Reference Number 16456087
Farnell Trade Account Number 925140
Customer ID Number (CID) 1140039
Purchase Order Number 29/02/2012 08:25

Thanks everyone for the hard work!

Scott avatar

Order confirmation #187734. Still shows August.


Mustafa Azam SEZER avatar

Hello Jenny,

Could you please inform me about my order with ref number: ORP027737

On the other hand, why don’t you make yourself a favor and demand a web page from your IT staff which people will enter their order numbers and the page would tell the approximate delivery date with +/- 1 week? I really am sorry for you after what Liz wrote :(

Thank you.

Mustafa Azam SEZER avatar

Do you still follow this page miss Jenny?

Ron avatar

Hi there Jeny! First of all I and a lot of others here I think also appreciate your Support here at the raspberry pi Community!
Really great to have someone who has knowledge and can communicate with us customers from the raspberry Pi Site.

I also ordered on rpi-day early in the morning (Germany) and got an email from farnell now that the shipment of the rpi is expected late June.

I phoned them the first time one month after the rpi-day and they said that as an private person I am not allowed to place orders and that I have to place it again but now at the “Farnell Export Departement” . Something confusing goin’ on here.

Many people ordered after me are getting much earlier shipment dates.

It’s a little bit frustrating to see people who didn’t set their alarms on rpi day and ordered much later then me getting the rpi much earlier then me.

Here are my OrderInformations. Would be really glad if you could check if there went something wrong.

Placed Order (Germany):
Date/Time: 29/02/2012 07:01
Farnell-OrderNR.: 16452101

Thank you in advance, Jenny! Wish you a wonderful day!

Kind regards from Germany

freekeys avatar

Hi Jenny,

I ordered on the 7th of May, and my estimated delivery date is WC 17/09/12.

I just wanted to know if this is just a placeholder date, or if this is an accurate estimate?

My reference number is 17804507.


Yannic avatar

Hi Jenny,

First i’d like to thank you for your great support, this is just incredible!

Could you give me a delivery date for my order, ORP021708 ?

Thanks for your efforts!

Thomas avatar

Just quoted the conversation for you :)
– Thomas on May 2, 2012 at 1:27 pm said:
Still no email with delivery date…

– JennyPeters on May 3, 2012 at 5:27 pm said:
need your order number and country to check

– Thomas on May 14, 2012 at 5:23 pm said:
Order nr. ORP001780
Country: The Netherlands.

Thanks for your help :)

Vernatia avatar

Dear Jenny,

I’d also like to get an estimated delivery date, order #13841377
I’ve already partially received my order, and there seems to be no indication as to when the rest (like the Pi) might be posted.

Robert Ward avatar


Firstly, Congratulations on your patience and professionalism in all the responses. I am loathed to add to your workload, and thought for a long time before posting this message.

Like everyone else, I am very eager to get my piece of pi, and know that i will have to wait. But it would be nice to get an update on the current order status.

i recieved the email advising delivery before the end of june – which i am optimistically assuming is a worse case scenario considering i managed to order at 8:14 on pi day (after 2 hours of site reloading!!)

Thanks again for all you are doing – it is really appreciated and I hope your bosses recognise the extra effort you are going to.

Date de la commande 29 février, 2012
Commande passée via Internet
Numéro de confirmation Farnell 16454842
Votre numéro de commande 29/02/2012 08:14

ordered via farnell France with French delivery.

A couple of other things
1. I dont remember which credit card i used to order, but one of my cards has since been cancelled due to internet fraud by the bank. So there is a chance it will fail authorisation. I assume i will get a call for new details.
2. farnell France automatically added €12 delivery charge to the order, totalling €53 – is this what i will pay or will this be corrected as per the earlier review of pricing when payment is taken?


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Paul Rogers avatar

Hello Jenny,

My order number is 16536128, I have called a couple of times to check up on this order as I have never received any email update and each time I have asked for confirmation of my contact details and each time my email contact address is blank on your system!
I have given my email address on each occasion to update my contact details can you confirm that this has happened this time to save me ringing in again?
I was also given a delivery date of the 4th August is this correct?
Thank you in advance

Erik avatar

Hey Jenny!

You surely are busy with all these requests. I ordered on 29 februari early in the morning. I haven’t heard much about delivery since.

Refnr: 16451974
Date: 29 februari, 2012

Bharathi avatar

Hi Jenny,
A small suggestion. Using Google Docs or Forms to get the order numbers of people and updating them will save your time compared to scrolling through all the posts ,searching order numbers and looking them will be hectic. Life will be easier if u use Google form and post the link here. :)

Bharathi avatar

My order no is 14406336 placed on 04/03/2012 06:46 . I haven’t received any update on my estimated delivery date.. :( and still the order status is in BACK ORDER. I will be happier if I know the delivery date. Thank you.. :)

Richard Rainbow avatar

Hi Jenny, I had pre ordered but emailed as I think there may have been problems with the payment. I emailed Farnell on April 1st and haven;t heard since. I was wonder if you can check? Ref. ORP012571

Many Thanks


Jeff avatar


We all appreciate your patience in dealing with us. I ordered from Newark in the US and received an e-mail stating something about delivery beginning the week of May 29th. Just wondering about this as my order on had an August delivery date, changed to June and is now back to August.

Order Date
Feb 29 2012
Order Source
Order Confirmation Number
Newark/element14 Account Number

Hope we aren’t driving you too crazy.

Jeff James

Daniel avatar

Ordered mine on 1st March , Did order 2 but had 2 emails with ETA for 1 at the end of april and other end of may.

Might of guessed none turned up and order status of processing

Daniel avatar

Order code


Andrew Thomas avatar

Hello i ordered from Element 14 and have not recieved a shipping update. Please Help! Order Number: 415563

Hans Harder avatar

One of the things a RPi is suitable for is working as a thinclient.
There are some entries on the forum talking about that….
For instance making ThinStation working on it. ( )
Can save a lot of money…

Callum avatar

Hi there, I never received a delivery estimate for my order, and customer support hasn’t been more helpful than “before the end of June”.

My order number is 16550192, would it be possible to get a delivery date estimate?

Peder avatar

Is it possible to get a delivery date for my order?
Order number: ORP013607

Lars avatar

Hi Jenny

For some reason I’ve got two orders active at the moment, one on and one on the special pre order site I got in my mail.

As I think I’m not allowed to buy two pis atm could you please cancel the order for which I would have to wait longer.

My order numbers: 16535802.
Pre order page: ORP001813.

I would be very pleased if you could give me a more accurate delivery date, too.

Thank you,

Uday Adusumilli avatar

Hello Jenny,

I have received the following reference number: ORP002787
after placing my order with farnell UK on 31.03.2012. I have not received any other information after that. Can you please look into this too.

Thanks a lot in advance.

N2505 avatar

Hey Jenny

I ordered on 31st of March
Farnell reference number: ORP004965 The Netherlands
I still haven’t recieved the deliviry email.
Would you plz check it Jenny?
Thanks in advance !!


N2505 avatar

It has been a month now, and I still havent gotten the delivery date yet. even after sending several emails to the sales team. They said I’d get the email soon (this was 3 weeks ago)
Jenny, I’m sorry for bothering you with this, but would you please check it?

Tomas avatar

I got mine yesterday but I ended up paying 36 dolars more, 28 of which are for delivery to Argentina (DHL). The raspi loses its magic if it becomes that expensive. Paying almost 80 dolars for the hole thing is too much. I hope you could manage that better. Thanks!

Antonio avatar

My order on 05 March 2012 and confirm number by Farnell Italy is 16570387 .
When I receive my RasPi ?


Roger avatar

Hi Jenny,
Here my order reference number 16563272
I know you get tons of requests and your hard work is really appreciated !!
Many Thanks


Peter avatar

Would very much appreciate an update on my order with Farnell reference number: ORP013101.

No way to trace status online, and these numbers don’t look like standard Farnell order numbers. What’s special about those ORP*s?

Many thanks,

alahu avatar

Could you please tell me when my Pi might arrive?
Order Number: 352945

alahu avatar

haven’t gotten an update date yet…
thanks again,

alahu avatar

Sorry, Forgot to tell you I ordered from elemet 14

Vrmithrax avatar

Wow, I think poor Jenny may need to clone herself a few dozen times, or risk being swept away by the flood of info requests…

Tom Schutte avatar

Jenny –
Could you give me an ETA for my Newark/Element 14 on 29 Feb here in the USA. The order number is 160705.

waldo avatar

Newark/Element14 in usa:
conf # 211682 ordered march 01.

thanks, long-suffering diligent Jenny!

Chris avatar

Could you please check on my order. I ordered back on March 10th and still have an August ship date. Order History: 925985293
Order Date Mar 10 2012
Order Confirmation Number 235827


Andrew Hamilton avatar

JennyPeters, could you look into my PO pretty please? PO number is 914080462. I ordered through Thanks so much!

Andrew Hamilton avatar

So my order just updated and the estimated ship date is the July 3rd. I thought the original statement from element14 stated that we would be getting our RaspberryPis before the end of June. I ordered March 3rd, which I would have expected would have gotten me towards the top of the list. What gives? I know July 3rd is really close to the end of June, but still. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Andrew Hamilton avatar

Now my date has moved up to June 18th! Not sure if who’s behind this, but thanks!

Nick B avatar

To Liz and Jenny:

This isn’t so much a question as a kudos. Reading some of the “angry” or “upset” users on these forums, you’d think they were ordering multiple-thousand-dollar business systems. These are $35 computers. You guys have spun gold with the straw you’ve been given, and I hope that the negativity displayed by some on this board who’re quick to rush to conclusions that “screwups” and such were made, without realizing that human beings are working around difficult problems, has not in any way dismayed or made your lives any more difficult. From all of us who think that, given what you’ve been given, you’re all doing a bang up job:


Bertrand avatar

Hi Jenny,

I ordered from Newark/element14 Canada on February 29th and I haven’t received any email with an updated shipping date either (right now Aug 16th). My order confirmation number is 167401 (PO: 909448851).

Thanks a lot for all your work!

Brad avatar

Hi, Jenny
Can you check on mine as well, please?

Ordered from in the U.S.
Order Date Mar 03 2012
Order Confirmation Number 188105
PO Number 914075970


tj smith avatar

Hi , just wondering if I could get an update on my pi. Customer order reference number: 914750872 Order confromation number: 190419. Thanks

tj smith avatar

Delivery date updated on website! I haven’t been this excited since the last Christmas that I believed in Santa.

JennyPeters avatar

Wow……………..not logged on for a couple of evenings and came back today to find quite a list. Am drafting in a couple of colleagues to help us get you answers more quickly…….apologies to everyone who has asked questions (and all so nicely!) if you dont get an answer immediatally but we’ll be on it asap…with someone from element14 asia (incl ANZ), someone from Newark element14 and someone to help with the ORP referenced order numbers …….they’re the team who’ve been doing the behind the scenes work already and i’ll be introducing them over the next couple of days. Anyone who says “raspberry Pi is a fad that will die out” (and there have been a few!) should come to this site and see the buzz………………….thanks for your patience

Scish Fottman avatar


Any update on order # 914052137 . Placed 3/3/12

john avatar

iv been waiting since march 18 can you help im desprately
wanting my pi
newark 275309
btw my visa card expired in the long wait

benjani13 avatar


I ordered at, my Farnell confirmation number is:

Could you give me an estimate delivery date for the raspberry pi? (An accessories in this order has already been send)

Thanks a lot for all your work.

Matt Harris avatar

Hi Jenny,
Any chance of an update on order 16462281 ordered on 29-Feb via Farnell Belgium?
It was also paid for via bank transfer on that date.
Many thanks for your hard work.

Matt Harris avatar

Hi Jenny,
No need to check on this order any longer as I’ve just received a shipping notification.

Minions avatar

I’m yet to get an email other than my original order confirmation. Any help would be great!

PO Number: 950128029
Order Confirmation Number: 345800

Thanks!! (The comments bugged out last night…. same password over and over and wouldn’t let me post :( )

Minions avatar

This is on Element14’s US site.

m0ntala avatar

Thanks for the update Jenny,
Your efforts are very much appreciated, and I just hope that you and your team don’t buckle under the strain!
Looking forward to receiving further updates though… and my Raspberry Pi too, of course!

Miguel Gaspar avatar

Good evening,

After having payed for my order (#1646-6183), placed on February 29th, at noon, now I have been informed of the new delivery date of late June.
Some interesting quotes from Farnell:
“…all 110,000 customers who have ordered with element14, wherever they are in the world, will receive a confirmed delivery date ( which, as previously communicated, will be no later than the end of June for those who ordered before April 18th) .”
“Order will be shipped before the end of May” [in reply to someone with order number 16475878].
As it seems, I am right at the bottom of the queue…
For some misterious reason, my order appeared as cancelled, after I payed as requested by
As a paying customer, I’d like to know:
– why I had to pay so early?
– why my first order was cancelled?
– how can I track my order status (I was informed my new order is #1662-2774)?
– why is it that people who ordered four weeks ago have the same delivery date that I do?

Miguel Gaspar

Brian Tomarchio avatar

Could you check on mine as well?

Order Confirmation: 187314

Jason avatar

Hi Jenny,
I’m in China, and I order my Pi with cn.element14 on March 15th. The order number is 165456, and no confirmed date. Coulde you check this order for me? Thanks.

Jim avatar

Hello Jenny,

I don’t have any questions, just thought it’d be nice to see someone simply say thank you :)

Thank you for all your hard work.

Eineki avatar

Hi from Italy. My order # is 16551698. Farnell Italy site tell me that my order is in “packaging”, a mail states the board will be sent to me ~04 June. How match scotch tape do you use?

Evasive avatar

Hi Jenny, Hi Liz :)

I’m also one of the ORP customer (ORP008798), I haven’t had a delivery date, so if you could manage to give me one, I’d appreciate it.
I ordered from France, Thanks !

tim avatar

Order places 1st March, had an email to say it will be delivered on week commencing 21/05/2012 but then nothing since, and order still not changed.
Is this still realistic?
Order #16502016

Christoph avatar

Hi Jenny I am sorry that i have to contact you again. You said my delivery date would be 14.05.2012. But the webfrontend of element14 germany still says it is on backorder and the support gave me an deliverydate in week 32. Here in Germany exists no direct contact who has access to the order dates that you gave me.
Is it possible to give the german team access to your dates? Or even better get ONE Person in germany to do the contact job between german customers and the infos you have? Then the support can redirect the questions to this person, which is properly informed.

my order number: 16452665

Sebastian avatar

Hello there. Since apparently I can get an update here, here’s my details :)
Order date: 3.03.2012
Reference number: 16549322

Thanks for the outstanding ‘helpfulness’. A level of service I won’t see in my country for generations to come ;]

fatmonk avatar

I was suckered into placing my order via CPC (part of Premier Farnell, but crucially NOT Premier Farnell), althouhg it now seems that they are not due ANY Pis until August.

I registered interest with them on 1st March (I think) and also registered interest with RS. The reason I went down this route was that I already have accounts with both, so rather than setting up a new account under the farnell brand, and seeing as CPC were advertising pre-registration on their front page as well.CPC contacted me a few days later saying that they wer eready to take my orer so I duly ordered with them.

In April I checked progress and was told my name was on a board that was due to be delivered on 8th May.

Checked again on 9th May and was told that I had been ‘misinformed’. Although the email inviting me to place my firm order has a Premier Farnell boilerplate, it was from CPC. I now understand from the people at CPC that Premier Farnell had Pi allocations in the initial batches, but that CPC did not – should they really have been taking pre-orders if they were not really due baords?

When I spoke to CPC on 9th May I was advised that I would not get a board until August at the earliest – if I was lucky – and that CPC had currently only been allocated 1250 boards in total for delivery around that time (August).

So effectively I’d been suckered into placing an order with a company with no hope of getting a board any time soon, and had been suckered by being mislead by the online advertising, the email, the bod who took my credit cards details for the ‘order’ following the invitation email (not the confirmation of registration of interest email), and by the guy I spoke to in April who advised me that I’d have y board mid May.

Appalling treatment by a Premier Farnell brand masquerading as their parent – I feel very misled, and very disappointed that I’ll not be getting my hands on a Pi for months now.

I’ve cancelled my CPC ‘order’ (or at least I’ve asked for it to be cancelled – who knows what will actually happen), and now await contact from RS when I finally move up their queue – I realise I was a couple of days late registering with them, so will have to pay with time there.


JennyPeters avatar

I apologise that you have had such a poor experience. I will raise it directly with the MD of CPC.

Nick Havard avatar

Hi Jenny,

My experience with CPC is almost as bad. They do not seem to getting the Farnell message regarding the Raspberry Pi.


fatmonk avatar

Thanks very much for the response Jenny.

For reference my CPC reservation reference was 16506418.

It really is refreshing to see a company taking such an interest and spending so much time with a ‘community’ like this one.

(Just a shame my community citizenship application is on hold for a few months now, and I’ll have to remain a visitor for a while longer.)


Josh avatar

Jenny, I am wondering where my order is at, I ordered on day one and my delivery date has fluctuated quite a bit and is now in August. I ordered with Newark Order Number: 163613. Thanks for your hard work!

Donald Mackay avatar

Jenny, you seem to have access to better information than the folks in Preston who are passing on the news that they are not due a shipment until August when prompted.

DM avatar

Again I seem to have been lost in the flood of frustration in other replies.

DM avatar

Just put a marker here, its the 1st June no noise from Farnell with regards to this query, looks like their CPC customers have been hung out to dry.

DM avatar

Its now June 22nd. still no news.

DM avatar

And on the 25th June CPC deliver, and it works. Actions speak louder than emails . Keep the faith all you folks who ordered after March the 3rd. Your time at the head of the shipping queue will come.

Chris avatar

Hi Jenny,

I was wondering if I could get an update on my order.

Confirmation Number: 162713
Customer CID: 3552535
PO Number: 909888643

I noticed the expected ship date recently changed from July to August. I am wondering if this could be because I have two separate orders. Ideally, I was thinking the second one would jut be pushed far back because I had another, but I am worried that it pushed both orders back. If deleting one of these gets me a pi faster, that would be great, and if it is too late now, no worries.

The second order confirmation number is: 185614

Thank you so much for time and dedication,


Otis avatar

Hi Jenny,

I’d really appreciate a clarification on the > $60 cost for an item to the US. I think there are 3 people who have gotten boards in the US who have requested an explanation. A co-worker got his Pi from RS for £26.55 delivered here. We basically had to give you a blank check for a non-cancellable order and I’d appreciate knowing what these additional costs are because I’ll probably have to sell my Pi in the hopes of “breaking even” in order to make a $42 order from RS. Or better yet, let me cancel if that’s really the price.


Otis avatar

Well, a happy ending here. My Newark order shipped yesterday and will be here Friday and for <$42.

Jeremy Lukan avatar

Hi Jenny,

I have order number 909948376, could you please supply me with an ETA. I’m in Canada. I don’t want to waste your time, but I really need an idea of when to expect my board.


Jeremy Lukan avatar

Whoops, meant this:
Order Number: 167792

Ordered from on Feb 29

Nathan avatar

Any ETA for e14 deliveries in New Zealand (Order confirmation number: 13826088 from Feb29th)?

Jonathan avatar

Hi, Jenny. Can I get an update on order # 161632 placed 29 Feb 2012? Thanks.

Jonathan avatar

Nevermind, it just arrived. :)

Andy avatar

Hi Jenny,
I ordered on 9 March

Farnell Ref no: 16697199.
Your Order no: 09/03/2012 12:33.

I have not recieved any email with delivery info as promised. Can you help with a delivery date ??



meztek avatar

I’m also waiting on a ship date. I have emailed and called with no reply.

PO number: 921868231
Order confirmation number: 223637

Please let me know when my board is expected to ship. Thanks!

Patrick avatar

Hello Jenny,
I also was wondering if I could get an update on my order.
I ordered on 1st April on Farnell / element14 Export site (I’m from Poland).

My Farnell Reference Number: 17136522

Thank you in advance. Best regards,

Doug L avatar

Morning Jenny ..
Are you answering the requests here or to the person’s email.

I asked about the status a while back, but haven’t heard back yet ..

Thank you

Nicolas Martinez avatar

As far as I understood, she meant to contact us directly to our emails. Haven’t heard a thing yet either, but then again, there’s an awful lot of requests on this comments section

Nicolas Martinez avatar

Correction: I just got an email answer. No delivery date, but an answer to my actual problem, which I’m happy with.

ian avatar

Hi Jenny
We were invited to order our Raspberry pi on the 03/04/2012 with the promise of a T-shirt for our patience . We have got a reference number of ORP020444 . Have you got any news of delivery dates . We ordered the PI from Farnell uk sorry if you get this twice
Thanks Ian

Nicolas Martinez avatar

Hahaha, I also got an email promising a T-shirt. Still nothing on my side, neither Pi nor T-shirt. “Luckily”, this seems to be quite no biggie if you read 99% of the comments here, so I wouldn’t worry

James avatar

Hi Jenny,

I have had a pre-order (ORP) code since 02/April/12 and not had any update for an expected delivery date yet? Can you confirm please what’s happening? Code is ORP016226.

Many thanks!

herapus avatar

Hi, i hawe a preorder from 29/02/2012 07:10 and stil nothing.
Where is my Raspberri Pi? :(

My order number from is 16452467

Essad avatar

Hi Jenny, et. al.

My last mail (dated april 27th) from Farnell states that the estimated delivery date is 21/05/2012, so in a few days, but i haven’t heard antything since then, I’m afraid I won’t get my board next week :(

Can you please chek if this is the case?
Farnell Refnr: 16453738
My Ordernr: 29/02/2012 08:01

Thanks, I really apreciate the work you put into this!

Good job,
Reg. Essad

Andrew avatar

I’ve a similar query Essad. I contacted Farnell this morning and a guy called Eric said that those dates was false and wholly unrealistic. They expect 21st May dates to slip to August.

I think it’s a case of crossed wires but I’m not entirely convinced I’ll get my board within a reasonable time…

Essad avatar

Hi All,

Yesterday I received my Raspberry PI! W00t ;)
Exactly as the mail stated!

Thanks Farnell, Jenny, Liz, Eben and all others :)

I can’t remember the last time when I was this excited ;)

Thanks again!

Regards Essad

Tim Coyne avatar

Hi Jenny,

If at all possible, I would really appreciate an update on the status of my RPi – my order confirmation number is: 13826060. I enquired in one of the other threads (I was the person who received a call regarding the RPi, couldn’t converse due to noise on the bus, and was told I would be called back but wasn’t) – I was hoping to have heard something by now, but haven’t. I will be calling element14 locally come the new week, but I don’t have any confidence that they will be able to help me as well as you possibly can? All I really want to know is that my order _is_ OK, that I will be receiving it shortly, etc. I don’t know how your order numbering system works, but mine does seem quite an early number compared to some of the others that people are enquiring about – I also got my order in within the first half hour of availibility (when the servers were mostly down) if memory serves correctly. This combined with the lack of an expected call has me worried that something has gone amiss. Are you able to offer any help?

I appreciate any support you can offer, and offer my thanks for the support you have provided to the community already.


Chris avatar

Hi i order awhile ago now and was wondering if i could get an update my order number is 13856691

Richard C avatar

Hi Jenny,
Sorry to bother you as I know you are busy, but could you give info on my RPi order (order number 208115 with UK farnell, order made on the 6th March). Thanks in advance!

Can Yapan avatar

Dear Jenny,
A pre-order has been taken from me with number ORP007029. I haven’t been contacted since then. Could you please check if anything is wrong.

Also payment hasn’t charged from my credit card. My credit card is actually a virtual credit card for security reasons. Because of that you have to inform me before charge the payment.


Triston avatar

Any information regarding order #243736? Thanks

MatMaul avatar


I would like to cancel my order, or update it to the “standard” price : I found out that the price is high (47E with 12E of shipping (France)) compared to the one listed recently (I think it was something around 37E). I think this is because I try to order before the opening to individual customer.

My confirm number is 16716138.


MatMaul avatar

And if it is possible to just change the price an ETA about the delivery would be cool.

Nathan Tennant avatar

I ordered March 4 and still no confirmation on a ship date. Can you please let me know when I might expect this? I had hoped to have it by my son’s birthday June 13th. Ok, I said ‘hoped to’ but what I meant is ‘I had no idea that I wouldn’t’. Would you mind terribly checking on order #193790? Thanks.

YungBlood avatar

*sigh* I got my e-mail from farnell with a delivery week. That week came & went… and still no sweet Pi… :(

Darren avatar

Hi Jenny, when you get a moment, I would really appreciate an update on order ORP010281. Thanks in advance!

Paul Sohier avatar


Could you please give a order update on ORP002177 (Ordered at March 31?)
I have received a mail at April 27 saying I would receive it by June, however I havent had anything after that email.


Guido avatar

Same here, ordered the 4th of april ;)

Julian avatar

Just arrived a mail from farnell.
My raspi is on the road (with UPS tracking code)

Farnell-ordernr.: 164554**

cetama avatar


can you check my order number as well. It’s ORP019443.

Thanks in advance – cetama

Christophe C. avatar

Hi JennyPeters ! Hi Liz,

Any chance I can get an update on my order ? I fear it’s been lost in lalaland. Here are my details :

Numéro confirmation Farnell: 16547270. (confirmation number)
Votre numéro de commande: 03/03/2012 12:51. (order date)
Code commande : 2081185 (order code)
Num de compte : 799998 (account number)

Thank you sooooo much !

Christophe C. avatar

up !


Bart avatar

Hi Jenny,

Could you please inform me about order ORP012927?

Thank you so much!

Zinahe Asnake avatar

Dear Jenny,

Apologize for posting for the second time. First post was on May 14. I have a feeling that my order has gone through the cracks. I ordered on Feb 29.

Newark/Element14 Order # 910344616
Order Date Feb 29 2012
USA Customer
Order still says: Back Order

Zinahe Asnake avatar

I just got a shipping confirmation. Yay !! I can’t wait.

Janar avatar


I would also like to know something considering my order, because i haven’t had any e-mails except the order confirmation.
Farnell reference number: ORP023426
Ordered on: 03.04.2012


Marius avatar

Hi Jenny,

you told me in the other Thread, that my expected delivery date is May 15. (
I didn’t get the RPI until today, so could you please check again ?
I’m worried, that the package could be lost during transport :-(

My order Details:
Farnell order number
29/02/2012 06:13

Thank you very much for your help !

laurent avatar

Hi there,

Can you give me information about my order please. The credit card I used might be expired now.
Farnell reference number: ORP025741

Thanks in advance.

Nick Havard avatar

Did anyone get a response to their questions?

If so, how?



Paul Sohier avatar

I havent received anything at all… Would really like to know when something is coming.

Mikael Sjösten avatar

Same here, not a peep since 2nd of April:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for ordering via the Farnell web site.
Your order has been given the following Farnell reference number: ORP013254.

And I can’t check the ref my self, it needs an account can’t create one, cant log in on my excising(?) one.
*hard to know, sometimes it says my pass is wrong, or user doesn’t exist.
Works like a charm on element14 community though, but.. =P

razpieguy avatar

In case the ‘website’ field doesn’t get auto- incorporated into the post somehow, please see this forum thread Re the US / Farnell Export overcharge issue:
Spent the better part of yesterday on the phone with CS personnel from both Newark and Farnell over in the UK and have a pretty good understanding of what happened / is continuing to happen with these overcharged US-bound orders from Farnell Exports. Long story short, there was never any publicly-issued warning or deterrent – likely by design, in an effort to minimize launch publicity & thus the chances of Farnell’s / Newark’s sites crashing (so much for that) – to let US customers know AT LAUNCH on Feb-29 that they shouldn’t be ordering from any UK-based site but should rather wait for soon-to-come availability on the Newark site. Now highly interested US customers that stayed up late to plow through hours of site traffic & order at 3am on Feb-29 are being rewarded for their enthusiasm for the project with an extra $20 shipping charge for a bare B-model (and yes, it is extra shipping – not tax, as somebody else mentioned – a charge close to ~15GBP, according to the UK CS rep) as compared to people who casually placed a Newark order at lunchtime on Mar-2/3. As confirmed by CS reps on both sides of the pond, while these are related companies getting ‘allotments’ from a single source, their ordering/billing/shipment operations are completely independent and disjointed – no technical integration or order awareness at all – so nothing possible in the arena of “Well, can’t you just transfer my order to Newark & have them ship it for normal charges?…” Obviously, the failure falls on Farnell and/or possibly Newark for not adequately foreseeing this (highly likely, and highly problematic) issue and properly noting it on both sites prior to launch. Unfortunately, the orders are just being pushed right through without a single word, much less acknowledgment of the problem, which is likely about to balloon at an accelerating rate.
While earlier Farnell Exports orders probably were smaller, the follow-up email from the UK CS rep that I mentioned in my post said that the Global order going out last night was indeed for 30,000 units (also known here as the ‘end of May’ shipment, it would seem). Based purely on population comparisons, I would say the odds of a very sizable number of US-based customers (that ordered from Farnell Exports) being included in that 30k are quite high. If you think these comment threads are outrageous now, give it till Wed/Thur of this upcoming week when people in the US realize what’s happening on the billing. If even a quarter of them have enough of a problem with this to seek resolution / explanation, this comment-thread issue customer service strategy will be absolutely done.
As mentioned in my forum post and by some people in these comment pages, the comparison to the RSOnline process and its clear-cut, base-rate, 4.95GBP worldwide shipment pricing makes it pretty clear that this isn’t an issue of “people should have known not to order from the UK/Exports site”.
With that in mind, I would suggest Farnell nip this one in the bud immediately and contact US customers of Farnell Exports from the first couple days after launch with notification of a pending partial refund somewhere in the area of $17-$20. They can take a month and maybe even two to sort it out if need be, to get a fair policy in place for determining the amount – I don’t need that $20 to eat today… maybe more like to go towards next month’s train pass – but the important thing is to address it and stop this silence / phantom charge-&-shipment strategy with fingers crossed that nobody will care. Trust me – they will care.

Nick Havard avatar

Has anyone received a response to posting in the comments section? If so how?



takaya avatar

Hi Jenny,

I have still not received an estimated shipping date.
Are you able to look into this for me?

kind regards,

email: modal.dispersion at
date of order: 9/03/12 03:09
order number: 13835775

Semtex avatar

Hi Jenny

Order# 1645-4497

I want to second the post from razpieguy. Two weeks ago I received my RasPi from Farnell. Thank you.

Today two items arrived. My RasPi from RS and an invoice from Farnell Export showing that they have charged me GBP14.00 for delivery to Canada… and that was for a small jiffy bag weighing 0.16kg delivered by Royal Mail Airmail with no tracking.

My RasPi from RS was in a package twice the size of my Farnell RasPi, it was delivered by DHL and I only paid GBP4.95.

Why the difference?

Thank you.

YungBlood avatar

I got my delivery e-mail. Order Ref# 16456550 29/02/2012 08:32am.
“we can now confirm that your Raspberry Pi will be delivered in the week commencing 14/05/2012.” I still don’t have my Pi. Can you please check into this?

adrian l thomas avatar

Is the HDMI interface hardware capable of handling 3D image sequences
generated in the raspberrypi computer?

TrevB avatar

So what’s the story with ORP orders then? Are they valid, “wierd” – as quoted in an earlier post, or just being handled particularly slowly?

I “registered my interest” at “ridiculous o’clock” on the day of release; I had an email asking me to confirm my order (with an offer of a “free t-shirt while stocks last”), to which I replied with my CC details etc and was issued an ORP number – and since then heard nothing. I checked my Farnell account and it showed that my order history was empty – so I used the original “free t-shirt” email link to register again, and lo and behold, I have another ORP number.

I managed to register with RS components a couple of days after release, and they’ve given me a delivery date (which just happens to be this week).

So – the early registry with farnell has yet to produce anything at all tangible; the later entry with RS has produced the goods. Maybe Farnell wasn’t the right choice as a partner.

Yuri avatar

Dear Jenny,
I ordered my RasPi on Aprill 7 and I don’t have any delivery date yet.
Order confirmation number is 17256268, I ordered through
Could you please check when approximately my RasPi will be sent to me?

Thomas avatar

so when will i finally get my pi ?

i preordered just when the preorder started and im still waiting…

Jiang avatar

Hi Jenny,
I have already ask you about the shipment of order 16596915, but I haven’t received any email to update my situation. You tell me that the Raspberry Pi will be shipped on 19 June but on my Farnell/element14 page I can’t see anything about this.
Can you check?
Thank you so much!!

James Ridewood avatar

Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to get any estimation on my order at farnell france. My order numbers are the following: 16549271 03/03/2012 14:23


Ian avatar

Has anybody got a reply about the ORP orders yet .

N2505 avatar

No, it has been way to long, waiting almost 2 months on an answer…

Niall avatar

Has anyone with an ORP* number actually received anything yet??? Starting to get concerned about it now – 6 weeks since I “ordered” and nothing either by email or by posting in here.

I know this isn’t a life and death situation but a little info woudld go a long way towards reassuring customers.


Ian avatar

I have despach date of 02/07/2012 i was invited to order on the 03/04/2012 . I got the information from phoning Farnell uk direct .

Mike Holtzclaw avatar

I placed my order with Newark on May 27 2012, any insight on ship dates? My Newark po is 1012934640. Any info you provide will be greatly appreciated.

James avatar

I’d like to know when my Pi will be arriving. I ordered on April 7, and my order number is 385648.

Tolga Alasağ avatar

Hi Jenny,

I have still not received an estimated shipping date.
Are you able to look into this for me?

kind regards,
email: talasag at hotmail dot com
date of order: 8 April 2012 18:06:27
order number: ORP027660

Josh Ermentrout avatar


I placed my order April 10th and was wondering if there is a ship date.

email: [email protected]
Order Number: 394219
Your PO Number: 914690903 – Rlse Number:
Order Date: 04/10/2012



asandwhich avatar

I ordered back in march, as soon as I could, and I was told that it would be shipped by mid June. I have been monitoring the page since the order, and it has been steadily pushed back. It hung at the June 30th ship date for the last half of the month, and now that it is July, it has been pushed back to July 12th for shipping. Why is it being pushed back so far? I ordered before that April date.

asandwhich avatar

Nevermind, It actually just shipped. Guess I was being impatient.

can avatar

When my raspberry pi to be delivered
Farnell reference number: ORP048486.

can avatar

jenny please tell me

Simon avatar

Hello, I ordered Raspberry Pi from Farnell (Export) on March 4th. My order number is 16564374. However so far I did not receive any email or update on the order! Is this normal?

Lou Fourquet avatar

My order just came from Newark today, and it was empty!

Nothing in the envelope… Envelope was sealed and didn’t appear to be tampered with, had all the original labels on it. Nothing like getting a delivery on a Saturday, opening a beige envelope to find an empty plastic bag w/ label on it, and a PO print out. And not even being able to call them cause they are closed on the weekend.

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