An excellent Experience Raspberry Pi 5 event in Australia

It has been fantastic to see so many of the global network of community event organisers adapting their upcoming meetups and arranging special events to showcase the brand new Raspberry Pi 5. Since we announced our latest board, event organisers around the world have secured pre-release Raspberry Pi 5 units so their attendees can test‑drive this powerful new product.

Perhaps the furthest afield so far — if you’re counting the miles from Pi Towers in Cambridge, UK — happened in Melbourne, Australia. Organiser Trevor Warren got in touch to let us know how his Experience Raspberry Pi 5 event went down under.

Melbourne Raspberry Pi experience Pi 5 meetup 2023

From Trevor at Dockland Makerspace in Melbourne, Australia:

“We celebrated the Raspberry Pi 5 announcement at Docklands Makerspace in Melbourne with a “Raspberry 5 Launch Party”. Unsurprisingly, this attracted double the usual numbers of makers at our monthly meetup and it was one of the best events we’ve had in a very long time.

Melbourne Raspberry Pi experience Pi 5 meetup 2023 team photo
Hi everybody!

“Raspberry Pi 5 was set up along with a portable LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a live demo and walkthrough. A couple of our experienced makers walked everyone through the capabilities of Raspberry Pi 5, explaining what it has to offer and why they might consider it for upcoming projects. My daughter baked raspberry cupcakes for all of us and I picked up a number of eats with raspberries in them to stay on‑theme.

The robot has a LOT of eyes

“It was a great event and we had makers from all over Melbourne present for us, including a number of people connecting remotely over Discord. We also had a giveaway featuring The MagPi and HackSpace magazines, plus some Raspberry Pi tote bags, which added to the special occasion.

Loving the custom-printed Raspberry Pi 5 case (our own cases for it are coming soon)

“The enthusiasm among the makers present and the wider community was really exciting. Everyone was also pleased to learn that Raspberry Pi will prioritize availability of Raspberry Pi 5 to makers, with only single board orders fulfilled from the date of release until at least the end of the year. This approach of bringing everyone along on the journey is just fantastic.

Melbourne Raspberry Pi experience Pi 5 meetup 2023
Multi-legged Raspberry Pi build brought for show-and-tell

“We were so pleased to have the opportunity to bring Raspberry Pi 5 to the community of makers here in Melbourne. The last few years have been really tough for everyone so opportunities like this to strengthen the community and make sure we build on the support we have out there, as well as keeping our local makers engaged, are essential.

Melbourne Raspberry Pi experience Pi 5 meetup 2023
No idea what’s going on here but I hope that DJ deck is controlling that toy car track

If you run a get-together focused on home engineering, making, programming and tinkering with Raspberry Pi, let us know by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking ‘Tell us about your event’. We’ll promote it for you on our channels, and hopefully encourage a few more people near you to join in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a handful of people or a couple of hundred, or whether it happens every single week or just now and again when you have time to organise it around your life. These things all start small, and they’re all equally great ways to meet like-minded people.

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toto avatar

Very cool event. BTW where is the stock of raspberry pi 5 ? No stock shown on rpilocator, and the delay on kubii, mouser, and all the official resellers. The restock delay is not before 2024. So where to find one RPI 5 ???

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Lenard Gunda avatar

If you read the announcement and _PREORDER_ information, you will see that RPI5 will become available starting 23rd of October. So you would not see it anywhere just yet.

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rpiMike avatar

rpiLocator have some Pi5 pre-order info

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Liz Upton avatar

It’s not released yet. Wait until the end of the month.

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Peter Gallagher avatar

That looks like a cracking event… Great work!
Looking forward to running Notts IoT next week to let some folks get hands on with one too!

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Steve Gale avatar

I am running one in Leicester at the Hackspace on Nov 18th

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Trystan Jones avatar

I can confirm, the DJ deck does control the toy track. If I recall his presentation, he was using input from the DJ deck via a MIDI interface to control the track (and play sounds).

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Gregory Hancock avatar

I got my first RPi 5 8Gb at Christmas and loaded up some of my high level structural engineering software in C++ and Matplotlib in python3. It all worked really well including the 3D graphics similar to a desktop. It is an amazing device and worth waiting for.

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