Raspberry Pi Integrator Programme

Raspberry Pi products are used in a large and growing number of embedded applications, from washing machines to underwater exploration vehicles. We are committed to supporting businesses to bring Raspberry Pi-powered products to market.

All our products have undergone extensive compliance testing, and you can download copies of the relevant certificates and conformity documents from our Product Information Portal.

Jump start your design

Our network of trusted, hand-picked Design Partners can help you design Raspberry Pi computing solutions into your product. With each partner reviewed and approved by Raspberry Pi, we ensure that they have the technical and commercial expertise to bring your product to market.

Click below to find a Design Partner, or to apply to become one yourself.

Streamlining compliance testing and certification

Compliance testing and certification place significant demands on businesses bringing products to market, especially smaller enterprises. The Raspberry Pi Integrator Programme is designed to eliminate the burden of navigating complicated compliance issues and make it easier for companies to bring new, exciting products to consumers, in less time and with lower overhead costs.

Raspberry Pi Integrator Programme

The programme provides access to the same test engineers who worked on our Raspberry Pi products during their compliance testing, connecting the user to a dedicated team at UL who assess and test the user’s product, facilitated by their in-depth knowledge of Raspberry Pi. The team at UL works closely with the Raspberry Pi engineering team, so any unexpected issues that may arise during testing can be resolved quickly.

Through the programme, UL streamlines the testing and certification process, which in turn decreases the amount of time necessary to launch the product. Our Integrator Programme is openly available and comes with no added cost beyond the usual testing fees at UL. This well established programme has been benefitting businesses since 2017.

To find out more, please email [email protected].

Powered by Raspberry Pi

As a producer of a Raspberry Pi-based device, you can also apply to use our Powered by Raspberry Pi logo on your product and its packaging. Doing so indicates to your customers that a portion of their payment supports the educational work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Powered by Pi Logo

The approval process for using the ‘Powered by Raspberry Pi brand’ is straightforward: just complete this simple application form. Once you have submitted it, we will review your details and get back to you as soon as possible.

When we approve your application, we will require that you use one of our official “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logos (see page 18 of our Visual identity guidelines, linked from our Trademark rules and brand guidelines). You must ensure it is at least 30 mm wide. We are more than happy to help you if you have any design queries related to this – just contact us by email to [email protected].