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Our Powered by Raspberry Pi logo shows your customers that your product is powered by our high‑quality Raspberry Pi computers and microcontrollers. All Powered by Raspberry Pi products are eligible to appear in our online gallery.

Complete this form to apply for a licence to use our Powered By Raspberry Pi logo on a Raspberry Pi‑based product and its packaging. Complete Section 2 if you would like your product to appear in our Powered by Raspberry Pi gallery.

Please complete a separate form for each product on which you wish to use the logo.

Powered by Raspberry Pi eligibility criteria

Here are the criteria a product must meet in order to be eligible to use the Powered By Raspberry Pi logo. If you are not sure whether your product meets the criteria, please apply anyway and we will assess it.

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Please provide one or more links to images showing where you intend to use the logo, both on the product and on the packaging (if applicable). If your product is software only, please provide a link to the relevant page on your website with your software details. We will not be able to progress an application without this information.

By submitting this form, you consent to your product being featured in our Powered by Raspberry Pi gallery. If you no longer wish your product to be featured, please email [email protected] and we will remove it promptly.

Note: the Raspberry Pi trademark and brand can only be used in accordance with our branding guidelines.