Two RP2040 microcontroller chips

A microcontroller chip designed by
Raspberry Pi

High performance. Low cost. Small package.

Flexible I/O connects RP2040 to the physical world by allowing it to speak to almost any external device. High performance breezes through integer workloads. Low cost helps ease the barrier to entry.

This isn’t just a powerful chip: it’s designed to help you bring every last drop of that power to bear. With six independent banks of RAM, and a fully connected switch at the heart of its bus fabric, you can easily arrange for the cores and DMA engines to run in parallel without contention.

RP2040 builds Raspberry Pi’s commitment to inexpensive, efficient computing into a small and powerful 7 mm × 7 mm package, with just two square millimetres of 40 nm silicon.

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Floorplan of RP2040 with photo by John McMaster

For power users. For hobbyists.

  • C/C++ SDK

    For power users and professional developers, we provide a complete C SDK, a GCC‑based toolchain, and Visual Studio Code integration.
  • MicroPython

    For hobbyists and beginners, we provide a polished port of MicroPython for RP2040, which exposes all the chip’s hardware features.

Micro machine learning

With two fast cores, plenty of on-chip RAM, and a port of TensorFlow Lite, RP2040 is a great platform for machine learning applications.

TensorFlow Lite for RP2040

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From datasheets, to our C and MicroPython SDKs, to hardware design: RP2040 has been extensively documented to help both beginners and professionals get the most out of their RP2040-based boards.

RP2040 technical documentation
A reel of RP2040 chips next to a mobile device showing the RP2040 datasheet

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