Wireframe’s deep(ish) dive into the glorious double jump

Yoshi aside, we can’t think of anyone who isn’t a fan of the double jump. In their latest video, the Wireframe magazine team take a deep(ish) dive into one of video gaming’s most iconic moves.

Also, HDR!

Are you looking to upgrade your computer monitor? Last week, Custom PC magazine, a publication of Raspberry Pi Press, released their latest video discussing HDR monitors. Are you ready to upgrade, and more importantly, should you?

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From Will Luton’s article, “Over the last decade, bedroom coders have risen up: indie became a fundamental creative force as game makers gained access to the means of production”

Pah, some of us were writing and getting home-brew published in the 1980s. http://bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=1416

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If you liked these, you may want to look into our book Code the Classics as well as Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi: plenty along these lines to get your teeth into!

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