The Raspberry Pi Christmas Shopping List 2016

Feeling stuck for what to buy the beloved maker in your life? Maybe your niece wants to get into Minecraft hacking, or your Dad fancies his hand at home automation on a budget?

Maybe you’ve seen Raspberry Pi in the news and figure it would be a fun activity for the family, or you’re stuck for what to buy the Pi pro who’s slowly filling your spare room with wires, servers, and a mysterious, unidentified object that keeps beeping?

Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place. The Raspberry Pi Christmas Shopping List is here to help you out.

For the beginner

Here are some of our favourite bits to get them started.

  • A Raspberry Pi Starter Kit will give your budding maker everything they need to get started. There’s a whole host of options, from our own kit to project-specific collections from our friends at The Pi Hut and Pimoroni in the UK, Adafruit in the USA, Canakit in Canada, and RS Components across the globe.

Marc Scott Beginner's Guide to Coding Book

  • They may already have a screen, keyboard, and mouse, but having a separate display allows them free rein to play to their heart’s content. The pi-top takes the form of a laptop, while the pi-topCEED still requires a mouse and keyboard.


CamJam EduKit

For the hobbyist

They’ve been tinkering with LEDs and servo motors for a while. Now it’s time to pull out the big guns.

  • Help to broaden their interest by introducing them to some of the brilliant products over at Bare Conductive. Pair up the Pi Cap with some Electric Paint, and they’ll create an interactive masterpiece by the time the Queen’s Speech is on.

Bare Conductive

  • Add to their maker toolkit with some of the great products in the RasPiO range. The GPIO Zero Ruler will be an instant hit, and a great stocking filler for anyone wanting to do more with the GPIO pins.

GPIO Zero Ruler

Camera Kit Adafruit

For the tech whizz

You don’t understand half the things they talk about at the dinner table, but they seem to be enthusiastic and that’s all that counts.

  • Help them organise their components with a handy Storage Organiser. We swear by them here at Pi Towers.


Helping Hand

  • And then there’s the PiBorg. Treat them to the superfast DiddyBorg and you’ll be hailed as gift-buyer supreme (sorry if you’ll have to better this next year).


  • And then there’s the Raspberry Pi Zero. Check out availability here and buy them the sought-after $5 beast of an SBC.

For the… I really have no idea what to buy them this year

There’s always one, right?

  • A physical subscription to The MagPi Magazine is sure to go down well. And with the added bonus of a free Raspberry Pi Zero, you’ll win this Christmastime. Well done, you!



Stocking fillers for everyone

Regardless of their experience and tech know-how, here are some great stocking fillers that everyone will enjoy.


STEM-ish gifts that everyone will love

These books are top of everyone’s lists this year, and for good reason. Why not broaden the interest of the Pi fan in your life with one of these brilliant reads?


bob avatar

i <3 the Pi-Top

Andrew Oakley avatar

Some top prezzie ideas there!

At Cotswold Raspberry Jam, we did a list a couple of weeks back which focusses on people who are completely new to the Raspberry Pi. Aimed primarily at parents buying their first Raspberry Pi for their children, you can find our list here:

W. H. Heydt avatar

There have already been a couple of questions on the Forums about “is this a suitable gift for…” and “I want to buy this Pi thing I’ve heard about, what do need?”

As regards the “Thrilling Adventures…” book. I’m deep into the appendices at the moment. It’s brilliantly written with all many of little anecdotes, not only about Babbage and Lovelace, but a number of other mid-19th century luminaries. (A couple I loved…the way the initial footnote for I. K. Brunel was handled, and when introducing Wellington and included “…and his horse, order equine.”)

loffel avatar

where can i get this tiny keyboard, which is shown in the pi-bundle-picture?

Alex Bate avatar

Hey. You can get it as part of the Official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.

Sandra Norman avatar

THANK YOU!! Didn’t know who the Canadian distributor was, and now I see shipping in 24 hours, plus love the guide about what to buy. THis has been very useful. :) Happy Santa here!

sawamu avatar

Please, Is there a way to other stores start to sell raspberry pi zero?
I could agree with actual policy for these stores to limit 1 single piece per client if there few boards in the market, or limited production, but few smart people/store are using this situation to make lots of money.
For example, I needed 3 boards, If I buy in smart-store-1, I´ll pay $5 for 1 rasp, and $40 only for shipping, as I need 3, I´ll have to go to another smart-stores and pay total $120 only for shipping (okay, unluckily I live outside US ). I see in ebay, ppl selling lots os 50, 100 rasp, obviously more expensive than $5.00. How is it possible? Could be some of smart stores sellig big lots in ebay??
Sorry for the outburst, but someting is wrong.

BJones avatar

Uhh, you should really talk to your supplier about their inventory issues. I don’t think posting here will help you with that. I’m pretty sure the Raspberry Pi Group would be more than happy to sell Zeros to whomever. But as you mentioned yourself, if they are not “smart” enough to pick up on their customers needs, the Raspberry Pi Group can not force them to come to their senses (outside of a threatening pose with a large sledgehammer). Though I think the hesitation for many suppliers are that the Zeros are so darn cheap, it is not worth it for many companies to put in all the effort to create a sales channels particularly for a single product from a single company, unless there will be a huge amount of volume at that low cost. I mean look at RS and Element14, the two companies currently handling the other Raspberry Pis, even they opted out of the Pi Zero bandwagon.
As for those listings you see on ebay, they are probably from people who are fortunate enough live near one of those “smart” suppliers like Microcenter, who DO listen to their customers. So anyone can just drop by a Microcenter store and while picking up a six-pack of Monster drink and Jelly Bellies, slip in some Zeros into the cart. Now those people in turn are taking advantage of the supply and demand situation. Lucky for them. Not so much for you and me.
So what you’ll need to do then is speak up with your wallet and get hundreds of friends together and have a chat with .

Jeff Findley avatar

For storage drawers, I really like Akro-Mils products. But that’s mostly because I live in the US and it is a company based out of Akron Ohio. Even better (from their webpage), “The vast majority of our products are manufactured in the United States; most of which are made in Ohio.”

I don’t know if there are companies making similar products in the UK and other countries, but I personally encourage people to look for locally made products, when possible.

TM avatar

I’m surprised the kit does not contain a breadboard and GPIO connector. Seems like a missed opportunity. How is this different from Kano or a Boolean Box

Dan avatar

My Niece really wants a Compute Module 3 from Santa, she goes to bed with the leaked datasheets and reads them every night. She has a list of all these projects that she wants to try with it. Please help my niece out

(btw, I don’t have a niece)

Liz Upton avatar

You would be amazed (perhaps you wouldn’t) at the number of emails I get on behalf of people’s “kids”. Which transparently aren’t. It raised a smile to see that behaviour called out. ;)

CM3 will be here after Christmas – very early in the New Year. Glad you’ve been enjoying the datasheets! (Which weren’t leaked – unless you include “us putting them on our website” as a leak!)

Vytis avatar

And now it’s impossible to buy raspberry pi zero in Lithuania. As shipping is way more than pi itself.
no Christmas gifts :(

Liz Upton avatar

None at all? Lord: Santa must be having a bad year if he’s had to replace all the elves with Pi Zeros.

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Please could some one give me (a confused parent) advice. I want to buy my daughter “Adventures in Raspberry Pi: 2nd Ed” for Christmas. She has a Pi 2 Model B bought last Christmas. Will this book be appropriate? Or does she need an earlier edition? Or do we need to get her a newer board?


Patrick Binns avatar

This book is compatable with all modls of pi so you are ok (how ever a pi 3 would be a great stufing stocker

Jens Christy avatar

“Stufing stocker”? OK, thats good.

Sam Miracle avatar

GIF is from the the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation….. :)

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