The MagPi hits 1 million downloads since relaunch!

It’s always tricky relaunching a product, especially one with an established fanbase. With The MagPi, we did so with the readers in mind, trying to create the best magazine we could for you folks while building off the excellent work of the first 30 issues. We’ve come a long way over the last 11 months; releasing in newsagents around the world and being the first magazine to put a computer on the cover.

The new look for The MagPi last February

The new look for The MagPi last February

Now we have a new milestone, and one that we’re very proud of: one million free downloads of the issues in that time period. It says to us that you like what we do, and that you like the magazine remaining available as a free PDF. This is very important to us, as we’re serving an open-source community dedicated to helping people learn computing and experiment with making.


This issue did pretty well for some reason

As we push out physical copies to more countries this year, we’re still making sure that the PDF version of The MagPi is available for everyone. We hope you all enjoy The MagPi in 2016, and we look forward to your next million downloads!

Speaking of which, look out for the latest issue, out now! The MagPi 42 has more Raspberry Pi Zero projects for you to try out, a look at the ten best HATs and a tutorial on how to make your own HAT.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go celebrate.


Rich avatar

When all the fuss about the RPi zero has died down in a few months will #PIZERO edition with a Zero still be available to order? I would like one as a collectible. :)

Russell Barnes avatar

Sadly not Rich. You can still get #40 as a first issue on a subscription (starting at £12.99 / $37.50), but we’re down to our last few now so if you’d like to get it for your collection you’ll have to act fast.

AndrewS avatar

When all the stocks are sold out, it would be interesting to hear how many issues of #40 were sold in total (i.e. total of both retail and subscriptions).

Liz Upton avatar

Such good news. We’re very, very proud of The MagPi – if you haven’t read an issue before, head over to and see what’s on offer!

Toby avatar

I got issue 42!!!!!! Pi zero projects!!

Ioannis avatar


That is perfect!! and what about the RPi Zero itself, we need it, we love it, we crying ;-)

My Warmest Regards

pixelthrust avatar

When you are done showing off your magazine in n-th blog entry about it, maybe you could throw us a bone about when the Zero will actually available to us mere mortals. It’s been two months since you announced it. At least you should come out proudly telling us you succeeded in creating the first hardware version of vapourware…

Helen Lynn avatar

Pi Zero has been in continuous volume production for some time now, and we’ve seen a number of batches go on sale since we launched the board last month; several thousand more were available from distributors yesterday, but they’re still selling out within hours of hitting the virtual shelves. If you sign up for email notifications of availability with retailers and keep an eye on your email, you’ll have very good odds of getting hold of one when they’re next available, which will be soon. Decisions about exactly when to make new stock available are for retailers to make, not us, though.

Alex Taylor avatar

I can second this. I signed up for email notifications from both PiHut and Pimoroni. Yesterday at 17:41 I got an email from Pimoroni telling me that they had Pi Zeros available to order, with a 1 unit per customer limit. I got mine ordered by 18:14 – I ordered the Zero and adaptors. I’ve just checked the website (8:07 the following morning) and they’re out of stock again.

Ozzy avatar

The Magpi magazine is the best and most interesting periodical I’ve read for a long time. Keep up the good work.

Warren avatar

I subscribe and download the PDF as well.

RaspFan avatar

Thats freakn great!
I love the magazine, thanks for making it possible.

Greetz from Raspfan

Fester Bestertester avatar

Here in New Zealand (at the arsene dove the universe) I despair of any public presence. I’m pretty much in the demographic centre of the country, and in a (supposed) educational point with university and teachers’ college, but nothing to do with computing in any form has appeared on magazine racks for decades. Now a pensioner, I haven’t the resources to effect any change – it is sorely disappointing.
I salute those able and willing to make such effort.

Liz Upton avatar

It’s really difficult: we get into stores by invitation. The best you can do is to ask your local newsagents to carry it, and to encourage friends in NZ to do the same – we’d really love to be selling on shelves out there!

In the meantime, you can also subscribe if you want to get your hands on a hard copy.

Silviu avatar

Now that Microchip bought Atmel the Raspberry Pi Zero remains one of the best microcontroller replacements for projects for open source :D

Even if the GPU driver is still a shim… but not for long.

Richard Sierakowski avatar

Hopefully Avago Technologies, the new owners of Broadcom will see that there is benefit in open sourcing GPU code.


Homer L. Hazel avatar

I am curious, has any thought been given to finding a publisher for the Magpi in the USA? I would definitely subscribe if it were published locally.

Russell Barnes avatar

We’re currently looking into having the magazine printed in the US. Watch this space!

Homer L. Hazel avatar

If you need a commitment. I will commit to a couple of years if that will help. I might do more, depending on what it costs.

Mike avatar

I would subscribe for a US version.

Robot dude avatar

If you are able to get a US edition soon how about a retry of the Pi Zero attached mag for the first issue, especially for us hapless souls here across the pond missing out on all the fun? :)
With the lower cover/subscription price and if you can get the first launch day through the big chains here such as Barnes, BAM, Schulers, Hudsons or Fry’s/Best Buy and even campus bookstores like the Coop (MIT/Harvard/Boston) or Stanford bookstore, I wonder if you can break even the #40 sellout record in terms of time and/or quantity and total value.
Heck how about even make a deal with Amazon for (limited) MagPi ebook year subscriptions to get that first mag delivered in print as well with a FREE computer attached and you may by talking a lot of records broken in the magazine industry.

Liz Upton avatar

Issue 40 has been in Barnes & Noble and Micro Center since the start of the month!

Robot dude avatar

Well yes, but here at my Barnes and Noble the sticker price for the MagPi is $10+ US just like many of other great UK linux magazines on the shelf, so the perception of value is not as great as for you lucky ducks who got the magazine for £6 with a £4.5 computer attached. That probably gives pause to many of us, especially on a tight budget to go the online route to order and wait for the $5 board alone, even with delay. So the uptake on the magazine here may not be as brisk as was over there I think, but most likely being bought by die-hard fans or Powerball lottery winners.
If the magazine is printed and distributed locally it’s assumed the store price will go down to $5? US
and in that a case I don’t think there would be second thoughts on a purchase.
And with a computer that is currently hard to come by stuck to the front, may also involve a little pushing and shoving. ;)

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