Supply chain, shortages, and our first-ever price increase

As many of you know, global supply chains are in a state of flux as we (hopefully) emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our own industry, semiconductors are in high demand, and in short supply: the upsurge of demand for electronic products for home working and entertainment during the pandemic has descended into panic buying, as companies try to secure the components that they need to build their products.

At Raspberry Pi, we are not immune to this. Our own commercial team, our licensees, and our partners at Sony have done a great job keeping components coming in the door and products going out. But despite significantly increased demand, we’ll only end up making around seven million units in 2021: pretty much exactly what we did in 2020. The result has been a shortage of some products, notably Raspberry Pi Zero and the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4.

We’re now expecting our supply chain challenges to continue through much of 2022. These challenges will fall most heavily on our older products, built on 40nm silicon: in practice, anything that isn’t a Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 400, or Compute Module 4. With this in mind, we’re making several changes to help our customers, many of whom are buying Raspberry Pis to power their businesses, navigate the next twelve months.

2GB Raspberry Pi 4 temporarily moves back to $45

In February last year, we announced that we were discontinuing the 1GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4, and moving the 2GB product to our signature price of $35. We’re still glad we did this, as countless young people made use of this device as they studied from home during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, cost increases caused by the current shortage mean that this product is not currently economically viable at this reduced price point. We are therefore moving it back to $45 on a temporary basis.

1GB Raspberry Pi 4 makes a comeback

To support the many industrial customers who have designed the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 into their products, we are reintroducing the 1GB variant at the $35 price point. This provides a degree of choice: less memory at the same price; or the same memory at a higher price.

Guidance for Raspberry Pi 3B+ users

In allocating our limited stocks of 40nm silicon, we will prioritise Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3+, and Raspberry Pi 3B, and deprioritise Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Users of Compute Modules will of course have made investments in carrier board designs and inventory. Raspberry Pi 3B has a single-band radio, without a shield can; many industrial users will have made significant investments in compliance testing. In contrast, Raspberry Pi 3B+ uses the same wireless chipset as Raspberry Pi 4, with the same FCC modular certification; we expect this similarity to translate into a lower migration cost.

Our guidance to industrial and embedded users of Raspberry Pi 3B+ who wish to optimise availability in 2022 is to begin migrating your designs to the 1GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4.

This is all temporary

None of these are palatable decisions. In the entire history of Raspberry Pi, we have never increased the price of a product, and have often been able to reduce prices between, and sometimes within, generations. Likewise, long-term availability of our products, from stock, is a core part of our value proposition to industrial customers. But this set of temporary changes is the best way we can see to support all our customers through these strange times.

The good news is that we’ve been able to hold the line on pricing for all but one of our products; that we expect to have enough 28nm silicon over the next twelve months to support both our existing Raspberry Pi 4 and Compute Module 4 customers, and customers migrating from Raspberry Pi 3B+; and that we see early signs that the supply chain situation is starting to ease.

These changes in pricing are not here to stay. As global supply chain issues moderate, we’ll keep revisiting this issue, and we want to get pricing back to where it was as fast as we can.

We’re committed to supporting all of you who have chosen to build your products around our platform. Thank you for sticking with us: by working together, I’m confident we’ll get through the next twelve months in good shape.


Dan avatar

Thanks for these insights and keep up the good work!

na avatar

Eben, can you please then extend planned avialability for Zero’s of all sort a couple years longer?
Because for now them absolutely impossible to get and often hard to replace.
Pico may be significant underpower in terms of software (full Linux OS vs bare metal apps) and sometimes CPU speed/RAM size too.
And higher Pi’s may be basicly overkill for simple tasks.
– Cheers!

George Lydecker avatar

Great update. Thank you. Huge fan of all the pi products in all flavors. I will sit tight on my pi zero project for now. I agree that the dust will settle, hopefully soon.
Kindest regards,

Ozz avatar

Thanks for the frank and detailed update. You do an awesome job and I can’t wait to see what future miracles you guys perform.

Neil avatar

Well done for clear comms on what is an unpalatable but wise set of decisions.

Thinking ahead, would be great to see an updated Pi Zero with somewhat comparable silicon to Pi 4 (but with the inevitable compromises necessary for the form factor)

Neil avatar

Gotta say that eight days is a pretty fast response time :-)
I asked about this on 20th and then this morning there’s this:

Jeff avatar

Why not bring out some good news like releasing the Pi 5??

Really? avatar

Really Jeff? How on earth do you expect them to release the Raspberry Pi 5 when they are obviously struggling to keep up with current demand due to a global silicon shortage? I’d love to know.

Thanks for the update and transparency Eben, it’s greatly appreciated.

Jenkins avatar

The shortage is related to compounding over-ordering by hysterical companies that rely on specific, already known/usually available components. That sort of demand will eventually drop like a rock. There could be mechanisms put in place to stop this, but none of that really matters… What are the specific, already known components that will power the Raspberry Pi 5? Whatever that happens to be, perhaps everything to build it doesn’t rely that heavily on current semiconductor supply chains….(?) For instance, what if the Raspberry Pi 5 is a credit card size, room temperature, universal Quantum Computing technology that relies on completely different materials than what are currently being stressed…? Like Borates for example…no one’s going nuts over Boron right now! Or, …how about Mercury amalgams? Not a lot of love for Mercury for a while now; maybe it’s coming back?! & I haven’t seen many vacuum tubes used in computing lately…? Maybe they’re due for some miniaturization & a complete comeback… Who knows..? What I do know, however, is that a little forward thinking, maybe a bit lateral too, a little extra effort, & the will to make it happen, …can, indeed, make it happen. And maybe that Raspberry Pi 5 is being mass produced right this very moment! On the other hand, the will to make it happen can also just end in catastrophic failure… It really is hard to say either way… but I’d give it a solid 50:50 chance there’s a spectacular success taking form in the background & headed for delivery on a shorter-term than you might think!

Todd avatar

I would love to see a vacuum tubes version of a Raspberry Pi, just to capture the image/video of how different/retro it would look.

martin de jong avatar

You would need a very large building to house a Raspberry PI built out of tubes, a few hundred people to keep exchanging defective tubes, and a nuclear power plant to power the beast, good luck with that!

Brian Murphy avatar

I suppose although it woulc require a building with a footprint of at least 900 sq. ft. and an induatrial size power feed for powering the tubes and attendant HVAC system!

Harblz avatar

While no one except the Raspberry people know how many transistors there are on a particular pi, there are estimates of around 270 million. So, substitute 270 million vacuum tubes for 270 million transistors and the box gets big fast.

Sandy avatar

Hmmm… not a fan of a 400 volt grid circuit on my Raspberry Pi.

AkulaMD avatar

To be fair Eben did said this about older product using 40nm manufacturing process: “These challenges will fall most heavily on our older products, built on 40nm silicon”

While in the same blog post he said this about model using 28nm chips: “we expect to have enough 28nm silicon over the next twelve months to support both our existing Raspberry Pi 4 and Compute Module 4 customers, and customers migrating from Raspberry Pi 3B+”

As RP5 will use 28nm manufacturing process or better, then the supply would not be as constrained as the older 40nm ones.

Altrux avatar

I’m guessing the focus isn’t on a next-gen product in the current climate! Who knows, but I imagine we’ll see a Pi 5 further in the future, once the silicon crunch is over and they can get hold of a better chip on a smaller process node but maintain the same price points as the current Pi 4. Just speculating, but that’s my take on it!

Hike avatar

I hope they bring out the pi 5 soon!

Mrtech avatar

Not gonna happen. I have a feeling this is going to last longer then most people think as far as the supply chain issues are concerned.

Mayfin avatar

Strange comment, asking for more at a time of shortage when less is available …

Personally, the *last* thing I want right now would be a Pi5 anyway. I think that needs to wait till availability of next process node to bring the power and thermal requirements down (I think the Pi4 is already a step too far in this respect, and I’d love to see the design goals for future model to keep the power and thermal needs down lower than the Pi4).

If we’re dreaming of products for 12 months time, to celebrate hopefully the end of scarcity, then what I’d like is some new higher spec Pi Zeros (including one with a DSI port), and a Pi40 (the Pi400 motherboard in a plain stackable and rackable box, without the keyboard).

W. H. Heydt avatar

I agree about hoping to constrain thermal issues going forward, though that will be extremely difficult to do will still having ever improving performance.

That’s a big part of why I like Pi2Bs. No need to worry about keeping cool.

As for your wish list for an updated Pi0… DSI connector runs directly into the board real estate issue: the PCB would have to be bigger. A faster processor (lets not even think about a Pi4-class SoC) runs into the problem of…where are you going to find one? Pi0–to maintain the form factor–relies on PoP DRAM. That constrains both the SoC package size and that of the chip within it.

As for what an updated Pi0 should look like… I’d suggest a modestly faster (say Cortex-A53 at the same 1GHz), with either one or two cores. Could drop the node to 28nm to keep the die small enough (and hold down on thermal issues) to be able to support PoP DRAM. I don’t expect to see such a beast any time in the foreseeable future, in part because who would order such a chip so the price would be low enough to fit the Pi0 budget?

Mayfin avatar

Regarding increasing performance while reducing power/thermals … that’s why I said the Pi5 ought to wait until there’s manufacturing capacity available at the next process node. A new BCM processor on 20/22 nm would be ideal for a Pi 5.

As for DSI on a Pi Zero-class board – you’re absolutely right there isn’t the board real-estate for both DSI and CSI. I’d like to see two models – one with CSI for camera applications, and one with DSI for display uses.

(And for a processor – an underclocked BCM 2837, as on the 2Bv1.2 perhaps ?)

But anyway, these are all dreams for 12 months+ ahead. For now, good luck and best wishes for the Pi team in navigating the road ahead

Anonymous avatar

We already have a good look at what a future Pi Zero could or should look like: the Radxa Zero with Amlogic S905Y2, quad-core Cortex-A53, 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB RAM. On a 12nm node. If RPT can’t use that new of a node, maybe dual-core is the way to go.

Since the Pi Zero is remaining in production until January 2026, I wouldn’t expect a new one until 2025.

Andy avatar

Given the design of Pi 5 is probably already finished, with work happening on 6, and the chip shortage is going to last a year, we may not see a 5 at all!

Bitpaint avatar

This is not temporary.
You can’t fight against money printing.

Mack avatar

Touche’ !

Jeff Geerling avatar

It’s disappointing, but understandable. I hope the parts shortage eases sooner than we expect, because even with the adjustments, it will probably be a while before stocks are good for many of the products, especially the Zero (which often has “zero” in stock now!).

I thought I’d be less affected having a Micro Center nearby, but even they have been out of Pi 4s in any variety for a few weeks now :(

Lewis Cowles avatar

Stop Red-shirt Jeff from chopping any more IO. ;-)

Lester Balladares avatar

Thank you for the information.

Paul Miilligan avatar

I wondered when the semiconductor industry shortages would effect the Raspberry Pi. For several years we’ve expected inexorable progress – and I was wondering when we’d have a 22nm processor!
It’s only recently that we’ve been told how much the Auto Industry relies on ‘old nodes’ and that 28nm is going to be mainstream for some years to come.
The price strategy seems sensible given the circumstances. My sadness is that fewer young enthusiasts might get the Pi bug as it’s definitely the natural successor to Sinclair and the BBC micro.

jamesh avatar

Don’t forget, we still have the 1GB Pi4 at the $35 price point, so there is still the entry level option for those with limited budgets. Its only the 2GB device that has gone up in price (back to where it was originally)

W. H. Heydt avatar

Sorry to hear about the need, but no especially surprising. Good that you’re willing to be open about what’s going on and communicate (clearly) both action and intent. Not many companies do that.
I suppose this also means that Pi2Bv1.2 boards will be pretty much non-existent until some time in 2023.

Marco Maldonado avatar

for many years I would go to micro center and buy very affordable raspberry pi zeros , and raspberry pi 3a+ devices. I have enough stock at home to keep experimenting and learning. I feel bad for the kids that right now are trying to find a raspberry pi and can’t find it. Hopefully next year things will get better and raspberry devices can be found again at affordable prices. Thank you for all your hard work and everyone working on this computing platform. We appreciate the update and transparency.

Lewis Cowles avatar

You’re so far below most price points, it feels like a self-imposed hardship to keep to the old prices.

I Paid £100 for my Nvidia Jetson nano’s and I feel like raspberry Pi shipped a superior kit in my Pi’s 1-4, including zero. Nvidia shipped broken trash where I had to compile my own kernel to use the thing according to their docs. You’re all doing fantastic work.

Frank Earl avatar

Well there WAS reasons for Linus flying a birdie and dropping an F-bomb NVidia’s way…

Hike avatar

Hi, Thank you for this report. When are you bringing out the raspberry pi 5?

jamesh avatar

Raspberry Pi never announce new product like that in advance. And why ask on what is clearly a thread about something completely different? It doesn’t make any future Pi5 appear any faster!

Alex avatar

How about fixing the firmware bug on the 3b+ and 3 wifi chip? Just like the 4, the 3 suffers from random disconnects and firmware crashes.

jamesh avatar

Hi Alex, we do not have access to the firmware of the wireless chip, so have to rely on the supplier to fix issues. We can only get them to do that if the bug is reported with a full set of instructions on how to replicate the issue. Please check our github issue tracker to see if it has already been reported, and if not, please add an issue, along with data on how to make it go wrong.

toto avatar

Hi, where can I buy some CM4 ? It is out of stock here in europe for more than 6 month …

Graham avatar

They are in stock at welectron, I have cm4 arriving from them tomorrow.

Anders avatar

I see Danish reseller has some stock as well.

Frank Earl avatar

Thank you for the honest explanation of all of this. If we can lay hands on the 1GB 4B’s easily enough, it’s rather a win if you pause to think. And as long as we can still fairly easily lay hands on the 4GB and 8GB configurations of 4B and CM4 units, this is still more than acceptible.

Joseph Tannenbaum avatar

Found this out, 3b+ backordered to Feb 2022! :-(

private avatar

Introducing our first ever customer purchasing decrease

Gerry avatar

Do you have a timeline when compute modules 3B+ will be available again?

Frank the german avatar

The first time ever that i even read a public statement like this. Thank you for the communication and the insight. You’re doing great work!

Richard Williams avatar

We are one of the companies that has invested in a custom carrier board for the CM3, and so we very much appreciate your focus on getting more CM3 stock available.
Do you have any updates on when you might expect more CM3 stock to arrive?

Jimbo avatar

No idea if it would help but you could try emailing [email protected]

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Richard – I just passed this on to the commercial team. Someone will email you later this afternoon. :)

Wim Braekevelt avatar

Hello Liz,
I am in the same scenario, could you also contact me to the commercial team?

Liz Upton avatar

I’ve passed on your email. Thanks for letting us know.

Mike Rose avatar

Helllo Ms Upton
My company started a project with the CM4104016, in early 2021 as our dev I/O board was in final inspection for prototype production, we learned that the world was out of stock of the CM4. None of the US Distributors had any information to share with us at the time, and still to this day. Could RPI share some production plan details we could then base some hope for a future on? Please

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Mike – I’ve passed your message on, and someone should get back to you soon.

Anthony Wang avatar

Hi Richard,
We also have some CM3, which may be available to you.

Maarten avatar

We have also heavily invested into a cm3 carrier board. Could you also contact me to the commercial team?

Liz Upton avatar

That’s done. Someone should be in touch soon.

Geert avatar

Hello Liz, We are also one of the companies that has invested in a custom carrier board for the CM3, and so we very much appreciate your focus on getting more CM3 stock available.
Do you have any updates on when you might expect more CM3 stock to arrive?

Liz Upton avatar

I’ll ask someone in the Commercial team to drop you a line. :)

Dan Phillips avatar

Hi Liz! My company has several products on the market which are based on a CM3+ with a custom-designed carrier board. We would love to have some guidance from the Commercial team; if you could pass my email on to them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Eduardo Moreno avatar

Cheer up. We love you.

Noxi avatar

Solution: Release a Pi Zero with new 28nm CPU :)

Raspberry PI girls avatar

We bought 5 RPI 4 2gb from local Micro center store $30 each around 2 years ago then did a lot of fun projects, and we did need more. A few months ago we went to micro center store again, we were told 2GB has been out of stock for one year, so had to buy 8gb one to build a mine craft server and 6 pieces of CM4.

Liz Upton avatar

That’s odd; while there has been limited stock of 2GB this year, there has definitely been some, and Micro Centre has definitely been getting and selling that stock. Which is your local store?

Christopher avatar

Is there any incentive to retailers like micro center to limit purchases? I live in Columbus Ohio right near their flagship store and we typicallly need 1 or 2 rpi 4 with 4gb per week max and MC will get them and before they even make it to their site someone buys the whole lot.. likely a big industrial company. We are small business trying to get through like many. Only place we been able to get any is importing then 1 at a time from the UK from a retailer that thankfully does limit quantities.

Martin Harvey avatar

thank you Eben for keep us upto date. You guys are doing a fantastic job.
Its manufacturing in the 21st century with gigafactories. eg silicon chip factories.
there is no room for flexibility.
There is an English company called Arrival, a automobile micro factory with modular manufacturing. Its new but it will change the way we think of manfacturing.
This is not the answer for the problem we have now. but hope we learn from it.
flexibility is the key!
The Raspberry Pi Foundation as done it the right way.
not like poor Clive Sinclair.
I bought my first pi in 2012 now I have 8 pi’s to help me run my smart home.
what is analogue switch. havn’t used one for 3 years now.
LIke everyone im waiting patiently for new products.

Bernhard avatar

I appreciated you transparent information politics … go ahead :-D
Best regards

Liam Kennedy avatar

Thanks for the upfront info. The supply chain for boards in the USA has been abysmal for many months and now there appears to be no stock of the 3B(incl +) at any of the listed USA suppliers with no idea on when any stock will be available. Yikes – this is going to mean my business basically is truly at risk. I don’t currently see any stocks for the Model 4 (any version) either. Some availability via Amazon/Ebay for kits and some boards but usually way above regular cost. Trying to stay positive – but this is really bad.

Erivando Sena avatar

Thank you very much Eben Upton for these enlightening clarifications, I am expecting prices to return to what they were before, especially here in Brazil I was forced to reduce my projects with Raspberry Pi due to the high dollar against our local currency (R$ Real ). Raspberry pi forever!

Randy avatar

Frankly, I think it’s amazing that you have held the price for all these years. I have several Rpis and use one as my daily computer. Twister OS is my desktop. I’m looking forward to the 5th iteration to see what amazing rabbits you can pull out of your hat.

Peter avatar

Any ideas when the Pi5 will be available in the UK?

Ad avatar

Thanks for the honest update. I understand the struggles you’re facing. Keep up the good work! I’m happy I’ve chosen the Pi 400 as my new PC. Regards

Damian avatar

Hello good peoples,
I am in dire need of getting a CM3 or CM3 + (any GB capacity). Is there still someone, who can help a little in these difficult times? :

Piero Pischedda avatar

Hi, my company has invested in a custom carrier board for the CM3, and so we very much appreciate your focus on getting more CM3 stock available.
Do you have any updates on when you might expect more CM3 stock to arrive?

C.G.EW avatar

I’m waiting for either Raspberry Pi Zero 2, Pi 3B+ or Pi 4 for more than 1/2 years, all Raspberry Pi products are out of stock in Malaysia . Some local third party seller selling a raspberry Pi 4B 2Gb at USD 200+++ , and raspberry Pi 3B+ price USD150++. Hope the Raspberry Pi can be back in stock real soon.

Ober avatar

Zero 2 W and kits with being restocked today (MY time 12.00 pm). Besides some of the Pi4B kits also will be available. Again, limited stock too, so do grab it as soon as possible.

Craig West avatar

I would be a lot happier about migrating to the Pi 4 (which also isn’t available at the moment) if it had a less fragile video connector.

Kristo avatar

I’m not sure what is happening, but for now there are no
Raspberry Pi-s available, even with 150$. All stocks are empty, amazon is empty, there are few auctions in ebay, but prices are really high there and they run out very fast.
Where should I look out for restock.

DerHerbert avatar

Here in Germany there is no Pi 4/8GB available since weeks. First I wanted to blame the BREXIT, but it seems to be related to the chip crisis? Or is it Omikron?

mrtech avatar

Two words, economic reset.

Jonathan avatar

With the shortages of the raspberry pi’s. I wonder if they are or were being built in China. I hope more manufacturing could be built outside of China for all the different parts of the raspberry pi. We can’t relay on country.

Ehsan avatar

There is no raspberry pi 4 1GB on the stores. and the pi 4 2GB price is higher than 80$!!!
when do you think the pi4 1GB would be available?

Liz Upton avatar

Could you please let us know where you’re seeing those prices? Our network of Authorised Resellers sells only at the prices we set, so it would be helpful to us to check that one of them hasn’t gone rogue.

Ehsan avatar

we are from the Turkey. because of the farnell and sam(your authorized reseller) currently has no Rpi 4 2GB or 1GB . we went on alibaba to provide our need.
they write the price is between 35$ to 119$ but when we ask for the final price for 1000pcs Rpi4 2GB they told us the price is 119$!!
almost all of them told us the same answer.

Liz Upton avatar

Ah – yes, unfortunately Alibaba is not an authorised reseller.

Graham Toal avatar

So how are alibaba vendors getting Pis in large quantities if they are not official resellers?

Christo avatar

Having searched everywhere in Europe and outside there are really no cm4 modules available, anywhere. Also no pi4’s. Is there any update ? Some timeline ?

Ehsan avatar

I have this question too

richard avatar

Please, could you post an availability timeline for your products for this year? We love the pi, but we are desperately trying to schedule the year and any information would be helpful!

Liz Upton avatar

I’m afraid we have as much overall global supply chain visibility as you do, so any schedule we were to attempt to build for the year right now, in January, wouldn’t be at all accurate.

richard avatar

Thanks for not letting this post being forgotten and still replying on it – PLEASE bring more updates on the availability information on PIs on your page. The raspi foundation was always a player to count on, when it came to communication and awareness (this post here proofs that) and I want to encourage you to stick to this course and be as open as possible on the matter!

Oscar avatar

Hello Liz, thank you for your comments. There is actually a shortage of Raspberry Pi 4s; at work I use the Raspberry Pi 4 for industrial projects, and now I seem to have nowhere to buy them from. I understand you cannot antecipate the supply chain, but do you have any info on production? I mean, are the factories actually producing the RPi4 (or 400) or not at all? It would be great for us to know if we must find a temporary alternative or not. Many thanks!

Liz Upton avatar

Yes, they’re in production; we’re making around 1 million units of Pi 4 alone in the first quarter of this year. I think what you may be seeing with some of the larger ARs is that they’ve allocated very large numbers of units to individual large customers, so they’re not hitting their shelves for smaller customers (which we’re talking to them about; it’s not satisfactory). You might have more success with smaller ARs in your geography rather than going straight to the two big ones.

orlanino avatar

The problem is not the shortage but the price skyrocketed thru the roof. sell Rasspberry Pi 4 B 4GB for staggering 159 €.

Liz Upton avatar

That will be a third-party seller taking advantage of a shortage. As always, please check with our authorised resellers (you can find ones near you by clicking on the products link at the top of the page). They will always sell at the recommended price.

Bryan Dredge avatar

Liz, going to your authorised resellers is no better. I’ve been in account with RS components and Farnell for decades. They are quoting back order dates of November 2021 onwards. We’ve just had to can one project due to the impossible delivery dates. Just getting hold of a Raspberry Pi 4 for evaluation is also impossible, even with the smaller ARs. I’m going back to looking at alternative hardware for my home projects. I get that the Pi has become a go to hardware device for many manufacturers but it seems without more control, the hobbyists, schools, hackers will be frozen out from using your products due to the selling policies of the ARs. Is it time for the foundation to have it’s supply function that will enable the individual hobbyists to continue to support your aims by actually getting hold of the product ?

Paolo Canali avatar

Hello Liz,
maybe you should call your authorized resellers and figure out a better solution. The customer service representative at RS components answered that they don’t stock any Pi4 of any kind anymore. They maybe will have inventory in 2023. Farnell and Digikey says the same. They basically don’t sell your main product anymore – you can as well remove the links from your site.


i urgently need 300 Pcs of Raspberry Pi 4 model B- 2GB. Can somebody help me please?
its very urgent

Ashley Whittaker avatar

(Comment edited to redact personal email address)

Jason C LaFleur avatar

Is Waveshare one of your “authorized resellers”? Why are they charging $75 for a $15 Pi Zero 2?
Why are you allowing your “authorized resellers” to sell all their stock to fake third-party buyers and scalpers who turn around and sell them at a 1000% markup… plus shipping? Why don’t you offer direct purchasing? Why don’t you hold your “authorized resellers” more accountable for who THEY are selling to?

Liz Upton avatar

And no, they’re not an authorized reseller. I’m sorry you’re having a hard day.

Jason C LaFleur avatar

And yet you offer NO answers to my questions? Why are you allowing 3rd party buyers to create artificial shortages by using bots to buy up all the stock from your “authorized resellers”? These bots circumvent the purchasing limits set by your authorized resellers on their websites, thus allowing these 3rd party resellers to hoard stock, creating an artificial shortage, and allowing them to get away with charging a 1000% markup. Why aren’t you holding your “authorized resellers” responsible for essentially getting hacked and getting their stock stolen by criminals? And so far The Pi Foundation doesn’t seem to care, maybe because they already got paid?

Liz Upton avatar

I can’t believe I’m actually answering this, because it’s hyperbolic and daft, and I don’t want to reward people pitching up here, chucking accusations about and yelling, but here goes:

1) We are in a global supply chain crisis. Please read the article again.
2) How do you propose we, or ARs, police this? Let’s say someone called Jason C LaFleur puts in an order for 100 units of one of our products. How are we supposed to differentiate between a Jason C LaFleur who wants to put them in a factory to automate a production line and a Jason C LaFleur who wants to wait until there’s a shortage and use them as arbitrage? Data Protection laws explicitly stop us from tracking this stuff: as they should.
3) We care very much. Our sales team works every day on trying to direct stock to customers; and as I’ve said here many times before, our inboxes are always open and we do what we can to help.

Look: you know as well as I do that nobody is being “hacked” or “getting their stock stolen” by “criminals”. (I’m also unconvinced that any bots are involved here, but that’s beside the point.) I am sorry this has struck a nerve with you. I am sorry it has made you angry enough to write what you have written above and to keep coming back to yell at us. But ultimately, it’s out of our hands. You’re not helping the situation – the supply chain nightmare is bad for us just like it is for you – and all I can do is to reassure you that we are doing everything we can, as it says in the article you’re responding to, to overcome the issue.

Edward avatar

Thank you for the hard work you guys are doing. It should be obvious to anyone with eyes that Raspberry Pi are not the ones causing this supply problem.

Bryan Dredge avatar

The foundation was created with a purpose and that purpose is being invalidated by the supply issues in respect of actually getting hold of even an individual Pi 4 . You should be big enough now to wield some influence in how ARs act and interact with customers, if they don’t cut them off from the AR route. Sitting back on your haunches whilst the big boys destroy your vision of what the pi is all about, seems to me to be short sighted. For all my home projects, I’ve now discounted the pi as being ‘unobtainable’ and I’m recommending the same for my contacts. Such a shame as the pi was a good ‘hacker’ device but it seems going forward it will become an OEM sourced device that will then surface as an actual equipment product. Miles apart from the original aims. I see an increase in Arduino products, at least these are easily sourced.

Liz Upton avatar

The foundation was created with a purpose and that purpose is being invalidated by the supply issues in respect of actually getting hold of even an individual Pi 4

I know, right! Weren’t we IDIOTS to set up a charitable foundation ten years ago without taking into account the fact that there’d be a two-year global pandemic and a ground war in Europe – not to mention those factory fires which have affected the silicon supply chain!

There are hundreds of individual components on each Raspberry Pi, some of which we use in multiples on each board. If there is a single one of those hundreds of components that is unavailable for supply chain reasons, we can’t make a Raspberry Pi. We have a whole commercial team working every day of the week on negotiating supply, and we’re able to keep things going, but the ex-stock position that we were able to rely on being in pre-Covid is a luxury these days. It’s not just silicon, although this problem is industry-wide: I don’t know if you’ve tried to buy fence posts, concrete or any other building supplies; or red peppers in the USA; or a myriad of other products right now, but it’s kind of absurd to suggest that the global supply chain problem is our fault.

Bryan Dredge avatar

Liz, your glib comments do not sit nicely with your image of a foundation that aims to put real computer learning back in the schools and support hackspaces and hobbyists and yes I come with the background trumpeted by yourselves as the good old days of learning on single board computers soldered together with components, build your own zx80 / zx81 from scratch, Microtan 65, commodore Pets, Commodore 64 etc. etc. I ran a computer club in Biggin Hill where we used all the above, I support what you are doing. I was merely raising with you that yes there are supply chain issues, yes I know all about chip shortages but as this thread attests you are doing all you can to help companies who are basing their products on the Pi but where is the help to ensure a supply availability for the hobbyists who want one or two units ? Taking your foundations original aims, where could we go to obtain small supplies to run an after school club if we wanted to ? Farnell and Rs have clearly sold out huge quantities to big customers. You’re making large quantities of the Pi in the Sony factory a few miles from me in Wales aren’t you, yet our chances of getting your devices in the next 12 – 18 months are bleak. Sarcasm also isn’t in my customer service background an attractive quality, yes I get you are frustrated, your customers are frustrated but there’s got to be more done to ensure supplies available for the smaller orders. Remember, I’m a long term supporter, I have 4 Pis, various models, don’t shoot the messenger

Jason C LaFleur avatar

Why are all my legitimate questions being removed/censored from this comment section?

Liz Upton avatar

Mate, they aren’t being. Unfortunately you posted very late at night/early in the morning UK-time, when everybody who moderates this is, you know, sleeping. Not censoring. Sleeping.

Elliot Raj avatar

Hello, we have developed a muscular therapy robot that must use PI Zero or Zero 2 for size requirements, can you please tell us where the best place to order qty 50 will be and when we might be able to source them? Thank you

Jim avatar

Is there any sort of eta on when the raspberry pi 3 b will be manufactured and shipped to suppliers in the UK? any sort of lead time would be greatly appreciated.

John O avatar

Geez not a very easy audience in this comments section, but thank you very much for the updates here, Liz. Great to hear there’s a million in production.

Edward avatar

Second that.

Kurt Lammon avatar

We are about to launch a new product that’s been in the works for about a year, and we are going to need about 1000 Raspberry Pi Zero W per year (ordered in batches of 250 minimum). It looks like we are going to have to delay our product launch, which is terrible for us. I wonder if you could give me any idea when we might be able to buy a production quantity? Is this a chip built on the “old” 40nm machines?

Liz Upton avatar

I’ve got your email address from when you wrote this post; I’ll get it to our commercial team who will see what we can do for you.

Lexen avatar

Hi, does Pi Zero 2 still cost $15? Authorised resellers in Poland are selling this for 130zl which is about 32$. At the beginning/premiere of Pi Zero 2, prices in these shops were at 80zl (20$).

Liz Upton avatar

Please leave a link here. If they really are ARs we’ll speak to them about it.

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks for both of those links. I’ve passed it on so someone can have a word.

Dariusz avatar

I’m quite sure that more of Raspberry Pi boards are overpriced at this authorized reseller, eg:

549zl incl VAT which converts to around $138

Stefan Nordkvist avatar

Thanks for the updates Liz Upton! Happy to hear that there are Pies in production :D.
Have a great weekend!

dalamar avatar

Liz, you are a saint!!!!! All these crybabies need to take a course in supply and demand and learn about the years of mismanagement in the supply chain that was bound to cause this. The arrival of COVID just sped up that timeline. They are for some reason assuming that the Pi’s are being sold like video cards in lottery’s or special drops that only happen at certain release times. All one of them has to do is what I have and check the approved resellers. There is one that is selling a kit for around 130. Granted the ship date is constantly moving forward currently end of March. But still available.

Maheswaran avatar

Hello Liz Upton,
Our product is based on Pi 1 A+. we have pre ordered with full payment with few suppliers like digikey and other AR in india. These suppliers are keep on changing the expected delivery date of boards. Kindly let us know a firm time this model will start supply customers.

Daan te Nuijl avatar

We have been working for quite some time to integrate the RBPI into solution. In the short term we are in search for 100 pcs model 2, 3 or 4 and 100 x 7″ screens. Where could we get them? Thanks for your help/advice!

Matthew Summers avatar

There seems to be no stock at all in the UK with any of the AR’s. I don’t know if certain countries are prioritised but grateful if you can let us know when the UK AR’s will receive substantial stock deliveries.

Matthias avatar

I see a lot of communities ask for updates and as here in Germany it seems to be impossible to get any powerfull RPI4 based modules, I like to ask if there are any updates, schedule, … which would allow instructors of univerity or school classes to manage the demand for their projects and students? Currently I only see the move back to V3 or earlier to get acceptable prices, but with the lack of CPU and RAM performance …


Raspberry Pi CM3+ /32GBhas high lead time, can anyone please suggest alternative to this model?

Customer Service avatar

Hi Nikita,
Thanks for your note, we have passed this to the Commercial team to try to help you.
Thank you!

Paul Baxter avatar

Can someone advise when CM4 (4GB, any size Flash) with or without WiFi, will be available in the UK? I have requirement for 30 but will take any!

Customer Service avatar

Hello Paul,
Thanks for your inquiry.
We’ve passed this to our Commercial team so they can try to help you.

question avatar

raspberry pi 4 is sold out since december and delivery dates keep moving forward all the time but for sure not expected in the next weeks or months. does anyone know any alternative similar to a raspberry pi 4 ideally ARM based? i don’t mind from which manufacturer or brand, just as similar as possible and not having to wait until 2023 would be great…

Thomas avatar

We are a school in Belgium and we work with raspberry pi 3B. We are looking for 10 raspberry pi 3B next month. Can anyone help us ?

Customer Service avatar

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for your query. Our Commercial Team will be in touch shortly.

Baden avatar

We use the pi 4 primarily in our manufacturing environment and would like to buy as many as we can. Could I be put in touch with the Commercial team, please? We are looking to buy urgently.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Baden,
Thank you for your query. The Commercial team will contact you shortly.

Account Purchaser avatar

We use the Pi 4 4GB or higher in our manufacturing components for agriculture products. Our current productions are around 200 annually and orders increasing to double those numbers. Is there a commercial or volume purchase department we could referred to for help , please? We are looking to urgently purchase, as many as we can to support our agriculture customers.

Customer Service avatar

A member of our Commercial team will contact you shortly.

John Brown avatar

We use the Pi 3 B+ in manufacturing components for a recreational products. Our current productions are around 1000 annually and orders increasing to double those numbers next year. Is there a commercial or volume purchase department we could referred to for help , please? We are looking to urgently purchase, as many as we can to support our customers yet this year.

Customer Service avatar

Thanks for your query. Our Commercial team has contacted you.

Lewis Cowles avatar

Dude, please up the price again for people that want to get in a faster lane… One of the stockists says August preorder for a CM4. I’m not getting in a queue that long. 28 days is plenty of time to wait. I only want 2 8GB lites, although would settle for a single 8gb lite and a single 4gb lite.

Ali Sadi avatar

Hello, we have two different imaging products in our company which work with Raspberry pi 4 B. Would you please tell me how can we find some supplies? since we are out of stock and we are in urgent situation.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Ali,
Thanks for your comment. We’ve contacted you via your email.

Ben avatar

We’re deploying hundreds of Pi on campus to run Audio Visual on campus. The shortage has been crippling. I’m posting this in case the “Commercial team” is able to get in touch for large orders. It’s a long shot but it’s worth a shot :)

Thank you for an excellent product, I love seeing more Pis everywhere I look in the world. I really hope this shortage will be over soon.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your comment. A member of our Commercial team has contacted you.

Ribeiro avatar

We are using Pi 3B+ on our products and can’t find stock anywhere. Could I be put in touch with the Commercial team, please? We are looking to buy urgently.

Customer Service avatar

Hello Rui,
Thanks for your comment. We have emailed you directly.

Mike Wurlitzer avatar

Just had WiFi fail on one of my 6 RPi’s and looked at Best Buy and Amazon, and if you can find one they are 2 to 3 times more expensive. NO Thanks. I’d fully understand a 20, 30% increase during a period of shortages but this is just pure Price Gouging.

Zhanghu avatar

We are using CM4 in our products, We can’t find any stock in China. Some salers said maybe 25 or 52 weeks later. We can’t wait such long time.

Customer Service avatar

Thanks for your inquiry. Our Commercial team will be in touch shortly.

journey williams avatar

We use 4gb pi 4 and have not been able to find them, how do we find them? I am currently having my team look at rewriting to use another base system. Price is important, but not as important as availability.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Journey,
Thanks for your comment. Our Commercial team will shortly get in touch with you.

Alex avatar

When do you guys think yall will be back in stock, Everything is sold out everywhere.

Norayr avatar

Hi There, me too unable to find any products of CM400416 or CM400432 in stock anywhere (. We need around 50+ units, and again can’t wait till Oct NOv 2022. Can you please help us.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Norayr,
Thanks for your query. We have been in contact with you.

Lukasz avatar

We are producing one product using raspberry Pi 3B+. Nowhere avaiable in Poland, everyone says for now that maybe after summer holidays, or in 2023… We cannot wait so long.

Customer Service avatar

Hello Lukasz,
Thanks for your query. A member of our Commercial team will contact you soon.

Mark Smith avatar

We have just completed Beta testing on a Pi 4GB/8GB-based application with one of our clients but now cannot build and deliver. How can we get assistance with a supply of at least 50 Pi 4 4 and 8GB boards plus Zero 2 W?
Thanks, Mark Smith, President, Prolora. Dallas, TX, USA

Customer Service avatar

Hi, thanks for your reply. We have been in touch with you.

Jake avatar

Makes me wonder if most of the people asking for the ‘commercial team.’ are just scalpers. I’m still waiting to even get a hold of just 1 PI 4 8GB without having to pay 2 1/2 times the price. Just insane.

Customer Service avatar

Hi Jake,
Thanks for your comment, we’ve been in touch with you.

Richard avatar

We need 80 pi either 3B, 3B+ or 1GB 4 any idea when any of these will be coming available and which model is likely to be the first that appears?

Richard avatar

This is for a product that we manufacture in the UK, so some idea of delivery schedules would be helpful…

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Richard. I’ve passed this on to the people who handle commercial sales, and someone will be in touch with you.

Meag avatar

We are using the Raspberry Pi 4 as an integral part of our commercial product and despite best efforts to get ahead of supply chain issues, the lack of availability on this board is now catching up to us. The 2023 stock dates are not just brutal, they are crippling. Do you have any supply chain updates?

Matthew Summers avatar

I posted before and received no reply. Whilst I am glad the “commercial team” are helping out people wanting bulk orders, it would be nice to know when the AR’s are going to get stock. Their businesses are just as damaged as everyone elses.

Ella avatar

We need 150 Raspberry Pi 4 for a research project which has to start soon, but we cannot find any supplier with delivery projection before the Q4 2022.
Thanks for your help.

Corinne Kuhn avatar

Our product is based on a Raspberry Pi. In Switzerland, we get sometimes (not planable) some 3B+. The quantities we got so far does not cover our need of about 600 pieces per month. Is there a way we can reliably obtain RPi 3B+ or 4 1GB? So far we couldn’t buy one single RPi 4 1GB for preparing the migration. How can we get one piece?

Dirk Van den Branden avatar

We are using the Raspberry Pi 4 as an integral part of our commercial product and despite best efforts to get ahead of supply chain issues, the lack of availability is now catching up to us. Do you have any supply chain updates or any other suggestion to obtain quantities of RPI4 1Gb or 2Gb? Thank you.
Dirk Van den Branden, CEO, iQunet

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Dirk – I’ve handed your comment over to the people here who might be able to help, and asked that someone emails you.

Judd Larke avatar

As many others have commented, the raspberry pi is an integral part of our commercial business. Is there someone we can speak to regarding bulk orders, or supply chain availability for commercial purposes?

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Judd. There is! I have passed your details on to them and they’ll be in touch.

Meag avatar

Can I get a response as well? I asked the same type of question last week but haven’t heard anything. Can someone please reach out to me? Thank you!

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Meag. Yes; I’m just passing your details along to my colleagues now.

Paul Hoskins avatar

We also buy these unit in bulk and would like to speak to someone about setting things up to do just that. Can you get me in contact with the right person?

Thanks in advance

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Paul, I’ve passed your question and email address on to folks here who might be able to help, and they’ll be in touch.

Reik avatar

We using the Raspberry Pi as AI teaching aid for middle and primary schools.
Thousands of schools cooperation with us last year.
More schools request for the use of Raspberry Pi this year, but salers said maybe 52 weeks later. We can’t wait such long time.
Could you kindly help us?

Helen Lynn avatar

Hello Reik, I’ve passed this on to my colleagues, along with the email address you provided when you commented, and someone will contact you.

Reik avatar

Hi Helen,
I not get message from your team.
Could you kindly send email to me?
Andy is my friend, we discuss quadcopter and
update RPIO for support Raspberry Pi 0 and 3.
please check Special Thanks in github.

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Reik. I’m sorry no one has contacted you yet; I’ve reminded my colleagues that you’re waiting to hear from us.

Helen Lynn avatar

Hello Reik. One of my colleagues emailed you last Wednesday (16 March), and they haven’t received any bounce message; I have checked that the address they used was the one you gave when you commented. It may be worth checking your spam folder, or you could comment again with an alternative email address.

reik avatar

Hi Helen,
Yes, you are right.
I find the email.

Stefano Vinciguerra avatar

As many others , RPI 4 is also an integral part of our commercial business. Can we have some info regarding bulk orders?

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Stefano. I’ve passed your enquiry and contact details on to my colleagues, and they’ll get in touch with you as soon as they can.

Craig Brown avatar

We build RPI4 compute clusters and our current supplier is not responding. Can you have someone from your commercial team reach out to us about ordering directly?
– Craig

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Craig. Yes, I’ve passed this on, and someone will be in touch with you.

kj chang avatar

i need 50 units of Pi3 B for a project and hv tried all your distributors none have stop. can i order directly?

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi there. Do you need these for a personal project, or is this for your business? We’re helping as many people as we can as much as we can, but of course that does mean having to prioritise, and naturally one consideration is whether people’s livelihoods are impacted.

Joshua Thompson avatar

Hey all,
My company was using RPI4 for a commercial project, and we’re going through the official distributors. There’s absolutely no stock, and we’re at our wits end. Is there anyone that I can reach out to?
Thanks in Advance!

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Joshua. I’ve passed this on to my colleagues, and someone will get in touch. They’re very busy at the moment, but someone will come to you as soon as they get a chance.

Richy avatar

My startup company has been developing a SaaS the past 15 months that requires us to deploy a custom camera device we designed – the heart of which is a Raspberry Pi 4 w/4GB.
We’ve built up enough devices to conduct a field beta test and now to start a free field trial, but we will need 30 more Raspberry Pis to have enough deployable devices so we have enough paid subscribers to make the business viable. The need date is by the end of May.
Thanks for any help you can send my way!

Helen Lynn avatar

Apologies, Richy – we missed this one last week. I’ve passed your email address and your enquiry on to my colleagues, and they’ll be in touch.

Jerry avatar

We produce a commercial product using the RPI4 2GB. We’ve been unable to source any for production from your official distributors. We’re looking to purchase 400 ASAP.
Please help!

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Jerry. I’ve passed this along to my colleagues, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as they can.

Blake avatar

I’d love to do bulk orders! Please let me know who I need to get in contact with. Those sellers on Alibaba raise their price daily on us and it’s unbelievable. Thanks a ton!

Helen Lynn avatar

I’ve passed this on to my colleagues, together with the email address you gave when you commented – someone will be in contact with you.

Goran avatar

The RPI is a fenomenal product. We started to include the Raspberry Pi 2 and then 3 as a startup. When the Rpi 4 came out we took courage to base our main product on the RPI and now unfortunately we cant provide enough parts for the already confirmed projects. We understand the circumstances and we are trying to hold on as much as posssible, but the situation is becoming critical for our business. Please help. We need a few hundred but at this stage any amound will mean a lot.
Thank you!

Helen Lynn avatar

Hello Goran. I’ve passed your details and your enquiry on to my colleagues, and someone will be in touch as soon as they get a chance.

Victor avatar

We are a company that we use Rpi3 ir Rpi4 for our products. Where we can find some stock to continue working? Thank you

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Victor. I’ve passed on your details and your enquiry to my colleagues; someone will be in touch with you.

Fernando Moyano avatar

Hi RBPi Team!
Here Fernando, from Zynthian project. We develop an Open Hardware & Software Project, based on RBPi, for musicians & aficionados from 2016. We also run a little kit-selling business that fund our development and keep the project alive. In the last year, we have been designing and prototyping our new flag-ship device, a really fine piece of hardware!! We plan to produce a small batch of it for May-June 2022, but our stock of RBPi4 is “1 unit” and we can’t figure how to get a small quantity of 40-50 units to keep the machine running on. Could you help with it?

Thanks a lot!

Helen Lynn avatar

Hi Fernando! I’ve passed this along to my colleagues. Someone will be in touch with you by email.

Aldous avatar

Do you encounter many counterfeit boards? I’m seeing a few Zero 2 W’s on Ebay here in the states for around $65-70, and while I’m not a fan of the markups, I only need one board badly right now and am willing to pay that price if I feel comfortable it’s likely legit.

Edward Carnby avatar

dont! go through authorized dealers. If they too mark up the price then complain to the board makers.

Toby avatar

Aldous, I can’t speak for all the listings, but I just posted a couple of my unused RPi boards to eBay, so I know at least 2 of them are legit!

David Corder avatar

We use the CM3+ in one of our commercial products and despite having orders in place on your UK suppliers for over a year we are not getting any convincing information on delivery schedules. Can someone from your commercial team contact me to help?


Liz Upton avatar

Hi David – that doesn’t sound right at all! I’ve kicked your comment over to someone who should be in touch soon.

A Hughes avatar

Hi Liz,
We have orders placed with 2 UK distributors since September last year, Pi3B+ and Pi 4 4GB/B. We had received notification from 1 distributor that our order for the Pi 4’s would be dispatched on 21st March 2022 so with this information we were able to assure our client that we would be on schedule to supply our systems and they would be able to plan site installations. On the 18th March the Pi 4 orders for 75 units had been despatched according to our account with this particular distributor. By 22nd March no deliveries had been received but there were pending payments of £4500 with our bank. After telephone calls and emails with the distributor they have now informed us that the Pi’ 4s are on back order until November 2022. This issue is now a major concern as our client has planned the installations with the sub contractors across the European estate.

Liz Upton avatar

Ouch – thanks for letting us know. I’ll kick it up the tree; if this was one of our ARs we may be able to do something.

Bryan Dredge avatar

I had exactly this same problem with RS Components who stated stock had been allocated against my order for dispatch middle of March and then marked the order as having been delivered whilst shifting it onto back order till November 2022 at the earliest. No explanation from them when questioned as to what was the reason for this turnabout.

Brian Hurley avatar

Hi, We have placed a considerable order for Pi 3B+ towards the back end of last year with your UK supply Partner. The order has monthly delivery schedules well into 2023. Our end customer is NJ Froment & Co (which is owned by ASCO Power Technologies/Schneider Electric), it’s used in their control interface for their power supply load banks. A considerable amount of investment in design and expenditure in the control unit box where the PI is used has taken place. We have requested delivery update information on numerous occasions from your UK distributor who are not providing us with any firm dates on delivery. Is this something you can help provide some tangible information on when we can expect delivery? Look forward to hearing back from you.

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Brian – I’ve kicked this over to the people who might be able to help. As well as talking to us directly, it’s worth noting that we have several UK distributors, so it’s always worth looking around (in this instance though, I suspect we’ll find it easier taking a direct route). Someone should drop you a line shortly.

Marco Villasenor avatar

Hello, we have a project that’s being held up by these delays. We require 90 4GB Pi’s for the first stage and 60 later. We’re having trouble finding at least one unit! I’m in contact with a local distributor but they have a wait time of 52 weeks for that model, for the 2GB model they don’t even have a date. It would be really helpful to get direct information from your commercial team so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Marco. I’m passing this over to the people who may be able to help. It’d be useful to know whereabouts in the world you are – but you should be getting an email soon.

Justin Greguol avatar

We’ve been trying to purchase Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb) for a new product launch and have had our orders with distributors continually pushed out. Is there any information that can be shared about delays or if we can buy direct?

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve asked someone to drop you a line.

Edward Carnby avatar

i hope you control the price the resellers in Malaysia are selling.Some of them (authorized dealers) are force selling them in bundle since they know stock is limited and some students and engineering people need it for implementation of projects. Please look into this as you are morally or ethically obliged to do so.

Pete G avatar

Months on and there’s absolutely no sign of this even beginning to end. Everywhere you look, there are NO Pi’s available at nomal retail prices. Out of your 8 UK retail suppliers, all completely out of stock, and only one prepared to give an ETA for stock (end of November).

It’s about time the team started pushing this up to the front of the webiste, and providing regular updates, rather than have it hidden in a 5 month old and saying to people one at a time, We’ll get out team to get in touch with you.

Siddhant Verma avatar

Please recover fast as alot of my projects are lined up and I need pi zeros for it

Jaco avatar

Hi. We provide monitoring and control software that runs on the Pi to the Solar industry. We are not able to get any Pis. We needpis urgently. Can somebody please contact us.

Liz Upton avatar

Hi! I’ve asked the Commercial folks to get in touch.

Paul Adams avatar

We’ve designed the CM4 into a product for the hospitality industry which has been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. As a small company having put a considerable amount or R&D into a solution based on the CM4 it’s really painful to have to consider starting again on a new platform. Our current order with your UK distributor just got pushed back for the third time and now has a delivery ETA of January 2023. Would appreciate a contact if someone can help us on this.

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Paul – I’m passing this on. We’re just working on an update to this blog post (the update is: there’s not been much movement, but we’ll have a way for people who need Pis for their business to get in touch); I’ll be directing people to that when it’s up, but for now, please keep an eye on your inbox.

richard brooks avatar

Hi Liz and team. We are working with Cambridge Uni to take sensor data from very large cranes in the Port of Feilxstowe and then build an AI engineering system from it. Guess what – it uses Pi4s and maybe Zero 2 now – and we need around 20 to continue. Its here
Thanks if you can help.

Liz Upton avatar

Gotcha – I’ve just passed this on.

Tom avatar

Also dropping a line here, we have orders for CM4’s dating back from October, and November (Farnell). These were originally planned for delivery in March, but are now unknown. We still have some stock left, but I would really need the orders to come in within the next months to prevent production stop.
As mentioned, I can buy from Alibaba, but prices are more then double, but it is strange these sellers have huge stock where official distributors seem to have none.
Hope you can help!

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Tom. I’ll pass that along – we’ll have some updates here on the news pages on Monday on this issue too.

MarkX avatar

Is Pi Zero to be continued ? I know that story with “epidemic” that is for me only a way to increase prices and nothing else, but is Zero to be continued at all in the nearest future ? I’m asking because we see a crisis after crisis, so I’m wondering whether to put work into development of this board (I’m a big contributor to Pi SW).
Right now, Zero is barely available and if I find one unit, then the price is…well, I’m getting richer and richer every day with my set of PIs used for development. I think they are now worth as much as my monthly salary :)

José Martín Valencia avatar

Thank you very much for all the information.

We have overdue commitments to manufacture at least 500 devices and we can’t because we can’t find RBpi3B or RBpi3B+.

We are working to migrate our software to RBpi4. But we are still having problems getting any of the models. How can I get 500 units in this month of April? We are planning another 500 in the next quarter.

Thank you very much

Liz Upton avatar

Please get in touch via the email address at the bottom of the page.

Seb B avatar


I’m still chasing some units of rasp 3B or 3B+ for professional use… we need around 1k units in order to secure our business… we have some open orders but no visibility on it so far…. So you have any update or clue ?

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