Raspberry Pi ‘WeatherClock’ shows you the hour’s forecast

Meet Eli’s WeatherClock, a digital–analogue timepiece that displays the weather at each hour of the day as well as the time. Here’s an example: every day at 3pm, instead of the hour hand just pointing to a number three on the clock’s face, it also points to a visual representation of what the weather is doing. Obviously, Eli’s WeatherClock still tells the time using the standard positions of the hour and minute hands, but it does two jobs in one, and it looks much more interesting than a regular clock.

We agree, she is lovely (sound on for the video will make that make sense)

Detailed forecast

You can also press on every hour position of the watch’s touchscreen display to see more detailed meteorological information, such as temperature and the likelihood of rain. Then once you’ve gotten all the detail you need, you return to the simple analogue resting face to by pressing the centre of the touchscreen.

Weather details view of the weatherclock digital-analogue clock project.
weatherClock can give you more detail if you want it to

Under the hood

The device uses the openWeatherMap API to fetch weather data for your location. It’s a simple build powered by Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Pimoroni 4″ HyperPixel Hi-Res Display providing the user interface. And its slim, pocket-sized design means you can take it with you on your travels.

Inside view of the weatherclock digital-analogue clock project.
Tiny Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Pimoroni 4″ square touchscreen fit inside perfectly

We found this creation on The Digital Vagrant‘s YouTube channel. A friend named Eli gave them the idea so the maker named the project after him. The Digital Vagrant liked the idea of being able to quickly check the weather before leaving the house — no need to check a computer or get your phone out of your bag.

Side view of the weatherclock digital-analogue clock project.
Its super slim design makes WeatherClock portable

Want to make your own WeatherClock? The lovely maker has deposited everything you need on GitHub.


Dan3008 avatar

Just needs a couple of buttons, and other information screens and this would be a perfect desk buddy… off to github

MrWho avatar

The correct link to the 4″ square display version:

Helen Lynn avatar

You’re quite right. Fixed in the image caption. Thanks!

Chiny avatar

Those displays are going fast; was 11 last night when I ordered, 2 this morning. Probably “out of stock” by now. The power of the R Pi blog !

Davy avatar

I noticed on github that the creator said that after a few days the programme started to run super slow then stopped! Hope this gets sorted as it’s a great looking project, I’d love to make one but I’m afraid I don’t have the skills to diagnose problems like this!

Joseph Haas avatar

Dumb question since this is made for the raspi, but could this be made into a phone widget? I would love this to be a widget on my lock screen!

Elwin Looije avatar

Me too!

Andre avatar

Can i use a WAVE 5 inch display instead of the Hyperpixel ? The link is here https://www.robotics.org.za/W14447
Thank you

Jeff avatar

What can I modify to have it display Fahrenheit?

Scott avatar

You just have to change the call to the weather API to ask for imperial over metric I believe.

Steve Sears avatar

The case looks like something made in a 3d printer. Is it available somewhere? I really like this and want to give it a try

Scott avatar

The STL files for the case are in the same github repository as the code.

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