Pre-order Code the Classics today!

Today, we are proud to announce Code the Classics, the latest (and long-awaited) publication from Raspberry Pi Press.

Code the Classics

Code the Classics not only tells the stories of some of the seminal video games of the 1970s and 1980s, but shows you how to create your own games inspired by them using Python and Pygame Zero, following examples programmed by Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton.

Get game design tips and tricks from the masters. Explore the code listings and find out how they work.

Learn how to code your own games with Pygame Zero. Download and play games examples by Eben Upton.

Pre-order Code the Classics today

Code the Classics is available to pre-order now from the Raspberry Pi Press online store, and it will be released in time for Christmas on 13 December. Pre-order today for FREE UK shipping.

Code the Classics is the perfect gift for anyone with fond memories of the video games of the 1970s and 1980s, and it’s also a brilliant way for young coders to get into understanding the code mechanics behind gaming, helping to inspire them to create their own.


John Edvard Reiten avatar

The book looks great. Will you have a digital version for sale as well?

Eben Upton avatar

I believe so, but IMO you *really* want the physical version. It’s a thing of beauty.

Nick avatar

As much as I’d love to have the physical format, if I get this, I might as well get another one and another one… and the problem is I don’t have enough room for the whole RasPi/MagPi library. :P

So it would be great if it popped up in Google Play. Downloadable PDF, for my big PC screen, even better.

Thanks to everyone involved in this book! We need more of these. :D

Jack Chaney avatar

The review mentions interviews with developers from the ’80s. I was writing stuff for Comodore and Atari back then and wondered if it is anyone I might know.

Eben Upton avatar

A couple of first-party Atari titles in there (Pong and Centipede). Also Bubble Bobble (Taito), Frogger (Konami) and Sensible Soccer (erm, Sensible Software).

Ryan avatar

This was an insta-buy when I saw this this morning. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Sarah avatar

Will we be able to pick it up in the Pi Store too?

Helen Lynn avatar


Jason Howells avatar

Well I’ve seen the promo video and had to buy it, and as it has “Jon Hare” hopefully from Sensible Soccer, the best soccer game ever made, just seen the retro gaming book as well so bought that, I see there is a volume 2 for next year another must buy if this is good.

sathya avatar

Is that available only for UK?
Will they ship it to India?

BW avatar

If the coding bits are all I’m after, would this book or Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi be the better choice?

Hassan A Ajami avatar

Availability in the USA?

MattyD avatar

Just ordered mine to the USA and it was 12 Euros and with shipping 20 Euros. Not a coder (yet) but I can’t wait to get mine


Peter Onion avatar

Just got a “Shopify” notification email that they are shipping these :-)

Tommaso Sgroi avatar

It talk about grafic modellation and grafic interface?

stefan avatar

Bubble Bobble? with the Soundtrack loop for infinity?

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