Pneumatic tooth fairy

With the expanding global population, Jeff “BabyWrassler” Highsmith realised, the Tooth Fairy is probably finding it tough to keep on top of her job. He decided to help her out with a tooth transportation system using pneumatic tubes, controlled by a Raspberry Pi. This wonderful video is brought to us by Make:

Jeff’s past projects include his older son’s Mission Control Desk and his younger child’s bedroom Apollo Mission. We desperately envy these children.


Tom West avatar

On behalf of everyone, can Jeff adopt us please?

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Why doesn’t he create his own business and I’m pretty sure people will order him to come around to their home and adapt. He also should do his own TV show like 60 minute takeover. Well done Jeff.

Keep going,

Luke Castle

wallyware avatar

That is just plain charming!

Steve Foster avatar

Absolutely brilliant. Just thought of one problem though. If I was that child, I would be inviting all my friends round to try out such a cool tooth delivery system. Could get a little costly for Jeff!

Patrick avatar

That guy I is the Best Dad ever !!!!

Lorna Lynch avatar

My son is desperately lobbying for Jeff to come round and build things for him now…

Chris avatar

Is this real? Did he actually cut holes in his wall for this? Does he plan on living in this house for the rest of his life? However creative this is I don’t envision a time where I’m cutting holes in my walls to build something like this. He has some creative ideas to amuse his 6 year old but can he build something practical for once?

Liz Upton avatar

Let me get this straight: you’re from a universe where amusing your kids isn’t considered practical parenting?

Clive Beale avatar

Some things in life are so much more important than bricks and mortar (or even holes in them). Jeff gets that.

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