New year, new goals? | #MagPiMonday

We were still celebrating the New Year yesterday, so this #MagPiMonday comes to you on a Tuesday, in which we find perpetual procrastinator Rob Zwetsloot planning out what to do in 2024.

We’ve definitely written before in this column about setting goals for a new year and what I had planned. Problem is, I’m very good at not always doing them. Yesteryear’s goals become half of this year’s goals – like perpetually saying at new year you’d go to the gym more, but based around hobby stuff.

I’ve learned to live with it. On the one hand, stuff happens and life can be unpredictable. I might have had time to work on a script or a model one evening, but then a friend hits me up to hang out or a parent calls or I’m very sleepy and need a nap. Should probably work a bit on that last one, to be honest.

I’m lucky that I get a lot of creative fulfilment by writing for the magazine as that’s what I’m trying to get out of my hobbies anyway. Recently I’ve been taking part in a (relaxed) model building competition and said in passing I probably wouldn’t meet the deadline. The organiser replied: “Don’t worry about deadlines. Life has enough of those. Take your time and enjoy yourself”. Words to live by.

Always next year

I’m enjoying making this model, so I’m just going to finish it at my own pace. It’s a model of a Zaku mecha from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, by the way. I’ve modified it so it looks like it’s going fishing.

Zaku mecha from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam
Zaku mecha from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam

A good excuse I’m finding for finally doing some long-planned projects is the release of Raspberry Pi 5. We’ve been busy making excellent magazines for you in the run-up to Christmas, so I’ve not had a huge amount of time to play with mine yet. I definitely have plans for the new year, and hopefully I can get them in the magazine too.

One thing I’m planning is updating the gameshow buzzer system I made in 2021 by adding a screen for the contestants to watch stuff for the video round. Currently they have to twist around a lot to view a projector behind them, which probably isn’t good for their necks and I can’t afford to pay for multiple chiropractor sessions.

Raspberry Pi 5 on a black background with orange, yellow, green , pink and turqouise swirls, circles, patterns exploding from behind it
Raspberry Pi 5

While that project is a bit time-sensitive (the quiz happens on a certain date!), most maker projects and other hobbies are rarely time-sensitive, so they can wait. Perfect may be the enemy of good, but being satisfied with what you’ve made with no deadlines is probably a lot more worthwhile.

The MagPi in 2024

As the change in year is mostly arbitrary, not much will be differing anyway as we charge into 2024 with all 366 of its days (yes, that does mean Raspberry Pi will be four-slash-12 years old). We’re always working behind the scenes to make sure the magazine is better to read and obtain, along with other bits and pieces. We’ll still be the same excellent mag and we hope you enjoy the next year of them!

Oh, and if you have any cool new year project ideas, send them our way at [email protected]. We’re always interested to hear them!

The MagPi #137 out NOW!

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the magpi front cover issue 137

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Robert Thomas avatar

What magazine do I need to order or subscribe to in order to learn how to use my Raspberry Pi? I have the book that came with the Pi 400 and keyboard and I want to learn how to use my Pi’s for ham radio applications. I want to learn how to use and program using the OS that came on my Pi SD card. Thank you!

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Celso avatar

Dragon OS is an operating system designed for SDR (if it is your thing).
Additionally, take a look at it:
Of course your ham club or ham forums can help you in details.

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FredC avatar

These are the links to the official magazine and books.
Apart from the most recent issues all are available for FREE download (though you can donate).

Also have a look at Hackspace magazine and books.

Again these are all free, except for the latest issues and you can donate.

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