Motorised Skateboard

Hello there. I’m Alex, the newest inhabitant of Pi Towers. I like to build things like modified Nerf guns and Iron Man masks (Team Stark for life! Sorry Liz), and when I’m not doing that, I get to search for all your amazing Pi projects and share them with the world via our social media. So keep it up!

Since arriving at Pi Towers my imagination has been running on overdrive, thinking of all the possible projects I can do with this incredible micro-powerhouse. I like to make stuff… and now I can make stuff that does stuff, thanks to the versatility of the Pi.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that my return from lunch on my first day with a skateboard under my (rain-sodden) arm was met with this project in an email from Liz.

A Raspberry Pi-powered motorised skateboard, controlled via a Wii Remote? What’s not to love? The skateboard, Raspberry Pi, and console gaming enthusiast in me rejoiced as I wrung rainwater from my hoodie.

raspberry pi skateboard

As part of a university assignment to produce a project piece that incorporates a Raspberry Pi, Tim Maier constructed this beast of a machine using various components that are commonly found over the internet or at local tech stores. Essentially, Tim has provided me with the concept for my first Raspberry Pi project and I already have the deck at my disposal. And a Raspberry Pi. Motors and batteries litter the cupboards at Pi Towers like dead moths. And I’m sure there’s somebody around here I can beg a Wiimote from.

What I really love about this project is that once again we see how it’s possible to build your own tech items, despite how readily available the complete builds are online or in stores. Not only do you save money – and in the case of a motorised skateboard, we’re easily talking hundreds of pounds – but you also get that added opportunity to smugly declare “Oh this? I made it myself” that you simply don’t get when opening the packaging of something pre-made.

Hats (or skate caps) off to Tim and this wonderful skateboard. Tim: if you’re reading this, I’d love to know what your final mark was!


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Welcome on board, Alex! (Badoom tish.)

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I’ve sat here for far too long, trying to think of a skate-pun in retort but have found no joy. I’ll just have to coast through with a simply thank you.

Fernando Verga avatar

Boosted Board! \O/

Alex, congratulations I was very impressed with its design.

I would like to talk to you about it.

[[Mode edit – please don’t post your contact details here. It’s a surefire way to get onto a spambot’s list.]]

Thank you!

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Fernando

Alex didn’t build this – she’s the person writing about it! If you click through the video and go to YouTube, you can leave a message there for Tim Maier, the maker.

Fernando Verga avatar

Liz thank you for the answer!

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AndrewS avatar

Next you need to add a GPS and get it to drive you to and from work ;-)

Martin O'Hanlon avatar

Love it…

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CASEY NEISTAT (youtube him if you dont know and SUBSCRIBE) would be proud! he uses boosted boards tho but this is awesome keep up the great work

Liam avatar

Wow. Just wow. It’s amazing the things we can do with a little tech nowadays.

Tim avatar

WOW! Thanks for sharing my project! I was wondering where all the sudden views where coming from. I haven’t received a mark for the project yet but showed my tutor that it made it onto here, he was impressed. I am currently working on written instructions and maybe even a video on how to build one and will be releasing the code with it. Again thanks for sharing my project made my week and has only enticed me to get these instructions out quicker!

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Tim – give us a shout next time you make something you think we might like the look of! (And good luck with that mark!)

Scott Turner avatar

Well done on this/

Alex Bate avatar

Glad it’s given you the push to get the instructions out quicker… the internet seems very keen on following along. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the future. Well done!

(And thank you too… what an awesome project for me to be able to write my first blog post about!)

Ewald avatar

Awesome project! Hope Tim will post instructions on how he did it, so we can build our own raspi controlled boards

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This is a really cool project! I got a laugh out of that gif of the guy running after the skateboard. ;D
Oh and it’s great to hear you’re on the team now Alex!

Alex Bate avatar

Thank you!

Tim avatar

Heres the GitHub page for those that wanted instructions and the code:

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Thanks Tim!

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That Skate board is so cool!

David avatar

This looks amazing, great job. How do i build my own!?!

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