A media player for Scott

Projects don’t have to be hugely complicated to make a huge difference. In Luxembourg, Alain Wall has used a Raspberry Pi to make a very simple media player for his autistic son, Scott. It’s very easy to use, very robust, and easy to clean; and it offers Scott a limited (so not overwhelming) but meaningful degree of choice. Here’s Scott using his player. Watch to the end for the best smile in the world.

Alain hooked up six big piezo buttons and some speakers to a 20-in monitor and a Raspberry Pi – this isn’t the most complicated build you’ll see around these parts. (You can see a how-to guide over at Instructables.) But it is one of the most effective: as Alain says, “Scott loves it.”

Here’s another video from Alain demonstrating the setup.

Thanks very much for sharing the project, Alain; all the very best from us at Pi Towers to you and the rest of the family, especially Scott!



Lorna Lynch avatar

That’s wonderful! Well done Alain, and I hope Scott has a wonderful time with his lovely player.

Damien avatar

This is really cool Alain. Awesome work.

Katharine Childs avatar

I love this idea both for its effective design and its wonderful impact. How fab it is to see technology making a positive difference in someone’s life!

ukscone avatar

That looks really cool, I hope Scott is enjoying his player

alex eames avatar

Lovely to see the Pi bringing joy to Scott and giving him a customised experience he can control. Excellent use of Pi. Well done.

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James Mitchell avatar

I wonder if you can make simple small interactions with wheels at the bottom too. I really love the work and care taken with this project! Well done!

Malachi Minks avatar

Great job on the build Alain! Scott’s smile at the end was the best part. ;-)

Martin O'Hanlon avatar

This really brings a smile to my face.

Childcare Nurseries UK avatar

Great article and great idea, well done, Alain. You can easily see how good Scott feels, when his attention is occupied that way. Great concept, this have to be tried!

Alan Mc avatar

Brilliant project. I know a few folks and families down here in the South of France who’d be interested in this. Bravo Alain and enjoy it Scott! [Think I spotted the start of Frozen in there too – I know that tune well] =o)

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