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TL;DR, sign up here to remotely join tonight’s hybrid Raspberry Pint event, held in London.

We are love, love, loving how many Raspberry Pi community events are springing back up all over the world. Everything you see on our listings page, from Melbourne to São Paulo, has been thought up, organised, and put on by local volunteers.

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If you attend or host a Raspberry Pi-focused meet-up that we haven’t yet listed, scroll to the bottom of this page to let us know some details and we’ll put out the Pi signal to alert others near you.

Highway to hybrid events

While it’s easy to suggest starting a regular meet-up yourself if you don’t see anything happening near you, it’s a lot of work, and you may just want to dip into one or two events a year. On the other hand, you might be super keen to do something every month, but live too remotely. That’s why we really like the hybrid formula of Raspberry Pint events – you can take part wherever you are in the world. Or if you’re in London, why not drop by in person? The next one is today and it kicks off at 19:00 BST. Reserve a spot.

raspberry pint hybrid event

Sweden calling

One of the presenters at a recent Raspberry Pint dialled in from Sweden. Emanuel Larsson filled the first hour presenting his DIY Kitchen-Based Light Tomography kit.

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You can watch the excellent in-depth presentation above, or if you prefer to read about it, we blogged about it back in April.

A suite of robots

UK-based Danny Staple, who you may know as Orionrobots, also presented at the Raspberry Pint. Danny showed off his suite of robots, all built around Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, and Arduino, sharing experience gained and build hiccups in the hope of inspiring more robotics enthusiasts.

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Fancy a sip of a Raspberry Pint?

Perhaps Emanuel and Danny have inspired you to dip into tomography or robotics? Or maybe you might want to have a go at presenting your own project at a future Raspberry Pint now you’ve seen that it can be done remotely from the comfort of your own sofa? Drop your presentation ideas or requests in the comments, and we’ll pass them on to organiser Richard Kirby.

Final call to reserve a spot to dip in to tonight’s Raspberry Pint. You need to reserve a spot even if you’re dialling in from afar. Or maybe not so afar if you live right by the venue in East London but have already had enough in-person socialising this week. Hard relate. Definite concur.

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